Day 5: Michael Shanks

Every one’s favorite archaeologist arrived Saturday night, signed autographs, and then had his Q&A today.

I was so very happy to see Michael looking bright and chipper! Both he and Amanda Tapping rescheduled their autograph sessions for last night so that they could leave earlier today to get ready for work early on Monday morning. Michael looked so tired. Remember “Chimera”? Remember how tired Daniel looked in that wonderful scene in the commissary with Sam and Teal’c, and how poor Daniel could hardly keep his head up? That is how tired Michael looked. When it was my turn to get his autograph and he saw me I said, “Hello again!” He replied, “Hi! Haven’t seen you for a while! Where’ve you been?” Despite my nerves and the fact that he was starring right at me, I managed to say, “Actually this is my first time in Vancouver, but I’ve been at Chicago 5 times and seen you!” The poor man muttered something about how tired he was, and then Amanda’s assistant told me to move over to her. I was holding up the line . . . 0: )

Fortunately for you, I took extensive notes of Michael’s Q&A. Unfortunately for all of us, I have a lot of work ahead of me before I’ll have it ready to post.

In the mean time my entire collection of pictures – minus the set tours which we are not allowed to post publicly – is available for browsing in my Photobucket!


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Day 5: Amanda Tapping

Mon Apr 6 , 2009
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