This was the first time I have ever seen Creation have an almost ComicCon style panel, and it was very interesting!

The guests were:

Fluvio Cecere

Heather Doerkson

Kirby Morrow

Michael Kopsa

Jody Racicot

and Patrick Currie

Each pratically admitted to looking themselves up online in preperation for the panel so they could give a full account of their work, so I have linked each of their names to their IMDB profiles!

I took copious and confusing notes which I promise to transcribe and post at a later date, but I have to post this one quote right now, just because.

When asked by an aspiring actress trying to get work whether it helps to be choosy about the type of things you audition for, Patrick Currie immediately answered, “Think long and hard because the internet does not go away.” Hmmm, I wonder what that’s supposed to mean . . . : P

It was sad that we couldn’t have more time with each of these actors. You could just tell that some of them had some great stories to share, particularly Jody, Patrick, and Kirby. Hopefully they will attend more conventions in the future and be given an hour all to themselves!

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