Connor was a little worried at first because as he said, “My standered StarTrek answeres won’t work here!” Connor has a TV movie coming up on Sci-Fi channel at the end of April. He said he’s watched some of those Sci-Fi originals, and as they go this one was pretty […]


Dan Shea is hilarious, but I tell you, the man does not know how to stand still!  Back and forth across the stage, he’s worse than an 8 year old kid on a sugar rush! One person actually asked if he was being treated for ADD! He thought that was pretty […]

Andee Frizzell played every one of the Wraith queens in Stargate Atlantis except for the last one, in “The Queen”. She has a very interesting take on her multiple characters, and thinks any one of them would have been perfect for advertising for a line of beauty products! Here are […]


Gary let some big news slip this afternoon from TPTB, please don’t punish him too hard! We love him!). He said he was allowed to say he would be on Stargate Universe, possibly the episode currently titled “Air”, but beyond that he was not supposed to say a word. He admitted […]


This was the first time I have ever seen Creation have an almost ComicCon style panel, and it was very interesting! The guests were: Fluvio Cecere Heather Doerkson Kirby Morrow Michael Kopsa Jody Racicot and Patrick Currie Each pratically admitted to looking themselves up online in preperation for the panel […]


The first event today was a visit from Valerie Halverson, assistant costume designer for season 9 of Stargate SG-1, and costume designer for season 10 of SG-1, and season’s 4 and 5 of Stargate Atlantis. Valeria was a new comer to the convention setting, but she did very well! She […]

The Auditorium: the place where nearly everything takes place. Auctions, trivia contests, video screenings, and most importantly guest appearances! These first six rows of seats are for the highest seat package holders. They get the best seats and have the most events included in their tickets. I’m in row 5! Farther back […]

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