Here’s the big news about Stargate Universe from Brad Wright and Robert Cooper! Currently, Stargate Universe is in it’s 5th week of shooting. There will be a healthy use of humour just like in the other two shows, and there will also be back references to the other series and […]


Connor was a little worried at first because as he said, “My standered StarTrek answeres won’t work here!” Connor has a TV movie coming up on Sci-Fi channel at the end of April. He said he’s watched some of those Sci-Fi originals, and as they go this one was pretty […]

Andee Frizzell played every one of the Wraith queens in Stargate Atlantis except for the last one, in “The Queen”. She has a very interesting take on her multiple characters, and thinks any one of them would have been perfect for advertising for a line of beauty products! Here are […]


This was the first time I have ever seen Creation have an almost ComicCon style panel, and it was very interesting! The guests were: Fluvio Cecere Heather Doerkson Kirby Morrow Michael Kopsa Jody Racicot and Patrick Currie Each pratically admitted to looking themselves up online in preperation for the panel […]

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