Day 3: Connor Trinneer


Connor was a little worried at first because as he said, “My standered StarTrek answeres won’t work here!”

Connor has a TV movie coming up on Sci-Fi channel at the end of April. He said he’s watched some of those Sci-Fi originals, and as they go this one was pretty good. It’s called “Termination Shock”.

When asked who was his favorite person to work with on Atlantis he complained that he didn’t get to work with most of the cast. He had the most time with Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, and Joe Flanigan. He did mention in particular that he didn’t really get to work with Jason Mamoa, Jason just got to beat him up!

Lots more to come later on! At the moment we are watching “Pegasus Project” but shortly Teryl Rothery will be putting in her appearance.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Connor Trinneer

  1. Oh yeah! Sorry about that! I could hardly get everything, though I did the best I could. Would you like to write a paragraph about how that happened? Or have your sister write something? I can’t recall the details myself, but I’d be happy to add an account of the events from either of you to Connor’s entry! Send it to!

  2. you left out my favorite part of his interview, when he hugged that girl, my sister

  3. Hi Writerdot!
    Wow, I have no clue how that happened! Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. Somehow more than half of the report disappeared! Thank goodness I had it backed up on my computer! Thanks so much for letting me know!

  4. Hi there!

    I was trying to read your transcript of Connor’s talk, but it seems to cut off right in the middle of a sentence when he’s talking about doing an audio book. I really like your account so far, and would love to read more. Maybe I’m viewing the page incorrectly? I apologize for not commenting on the topic itself, but I couldn’t figure out how to. Thanks!

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