The Listener: Season 2 – Episode 5 – Inner Circle

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Welcome back to another great episode. Again, sorry I am a tad late with this one, hope you still enjoy the read. Is it just me or does it seem like this show just keeps getting better and better? With the awesome performances from all involved, to the subjects that are great for debates, whichever the case, this show is enjoyable to watch each and every week.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Before I begin, if you haven’t seen this one for whatever reason and you don’t like spoilers, then STOP RIGHT NOW! If not, then by all means, enjoy.

The Listener S2xE5 Toby leaves on assignment
We start off with Toby riding his motorcycle along the streets of Toronto. I am not sure what it is with a guy on a bike, or wearing leather, that gets my attention, but this guy can really pull it off. I really need to go back and visit the city again. I would love to visit the places that they have filmed some of their scenes.

The Listener S2xE5 Toby meets up with Michelle

It was not long when we see the reason for Toby’s late night excursion. Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) had called Toby up to meet her for a troubling case. This is one episode that touches on a few things. Dirty cops, drug abuse, physical abuse, adultery, cover up’s. Of course Toby wasn’t that comfortable about the assignment. After all, cops and paramedics are like family, they look out for each other. But wanting to help Michelle, he took the case.

The Listener S2xE5 Toby and Michelle discussing case

The Listener S2xE5 Toby playing poolAnyway, Toby went to the bar (name was never mentioned), and taking Oz Bey (Ennis Esmer) with him, they soon met up with the two officers that Michelle is investigating. This is the kind of game that I love to do. Any chance I get, I go to a friends house and play pool. I find it a great way to relieve tension, hitting balls with a long pointy stick, LOL

The Listener S2xE5 Scott gets Toby's attentionAnyway, with Toby buying another round of beers (don’t ask, I don’t know the brand name, besides I’m a whiskey drinker), the two officers excuses themselves into the men’s room to talk privately. Now, you can figure what is coming next. Yep, Scott O’Niell (Steven McCarthy) comes rushing out, frantic because his partner Ross Miller (Richard Fagon) collapsed on the floor.

I think that’s enough of the play-by-play for now. Let us get on with my thoughts on this one.

Well for one, I think there’s corrupted cops everywhere, just that we never see it. And we hear about drugs being used in some way shape or form. I, however, never touched that crap. I may have tried a cigarette when I was in grade 7, I took one puff and nearly choked. So that was the end of that habit. Personally, I really don’t see the need for anyone to be “high” all the time. There are councilors out there that are willing to help, people just need to make that first step.

As for adultery, hmmm, well I can not say that it is a good choice to do, as long as you never get caught, all the power to ya. I have a husband, he is more then enough. Though, there are times, as many of you have read in my twitter rants, that I question that. But with all his faults, he does have his good parts.

The Listener S2xE5 Toby and Oz in meeting with Collins

Now this is an interesting part, and key as to how this episode will play out. Matt Collins (William MacDonald), Scott and Ross’s boss, shows up to have a little chat with Toby and Oz. This is not good. Apparently Collins came by to ‘inform’ them that what they ‘might’ have witnessed have been ‘wrong’. Now this is where the part of a “cover-up” comes into play. Besides the fact that drug use was probably the main reason for Ross’s death, and will be knowledge to all, Collins wanted to make sure that his ‘words’ were clear that Ross was a fine officer, and didn’t want his name being tarnished. Well, here’s a thought, instead of hiding the fact that Ross had a problem, they should have done something about it to get him the help he needed.


The Listener S2xE5 Toronto cityscape

Here is another awesome shot of my city. They show many different aspects of Toronto in this series. If for no other reason, just watch for the great place to visit. Maybe they will show Casa Loma at some point in the future. I have been there. It is an amazing castle that was brought over from England (I think, I could be mistaken) brick by brick and built again

The Listener S2xE5 Toronto downtownDowntown shot I do believe. If someone reading this can you tell me if this is the 401?? When I was there (at age 14), I was mainly looking around at the scenery and not on the signs of the names of streets. Although, my uncle thought it prudent to show me where Young Street was. LOL, thanks. OK, scenic break over, LOL

The Listener S2xE5 Scott roughs up Toby

So, with the ambulance “missing”, they run into a familiar face. And where there is one, there is the ring leader. Although, I have to admit, Scott is kinda cute too. 😉 But my first choice on this show would be Toby. Love those baby blues. 🙂

The Listener S2xE5 Toby and Michelle has a moment

Though, this is a nice moment with Michelle and Toby. She confided, somewhat, that she cannot afford to be wrong on this one. This situation took her back to when her father was accused of something he did not do, so she was hellbent on solving this one.

The Listener S2xE5 Scott and Collins chatNow you know there’s trouble when you see these two together. I do not understand why they just will not just inform Michelle and Toby of what they know, then they can get the bad guy together. Although, I figure I know why they won’t. To keep quite how they got their hands on the drugs and that much money in the first place. I think if Scott were to actually think for himself, that he would have asked for help.

The Listener S2xE5 Toronto at nightNight time scene of the cool city. Hopefully next episode I will have more to show off.

The Listener S2xE5 Michelle and Dev discuss potential suspectHere is Corporal Dev Clark (Rainbow Sun Francks). Sadly he is not in this episode much. But we see him more in office scenes. I think he likes being a computer geek. LOL. After all, do we not find them more interesting?

The Listener S2xE5 Jan waiting for mom at St. Luke'sThe Listener S2xE5 mom and daughter hugWhen I first seen this young girl, Jan Miller (Jasmine Richards), I took pity on her. Her father had died from an apparent drug overdose. Unfortunately, that pity soon turned to OMG!!! It was her who tainted the drugs, resulting in her fathers death.

Though, with the physical abuse she witnessed her mom had to suffer from his hand, I can only guess she had enough. Especially when she thought “I’m not sorry for what I did.” Of course Toby “heard” her.

The Listener S2xE5 Scott confronts Matt

Then we have Emily Miller (Rachael Crawford), the mom. The one who was cheating Ross. The only thing I can say is,, “why him?” Of all men to have an affair with, I would have chose Scott. But Matt??? Could not have been for lack of options, but to each their own I guess. Of course Scott knew about the affair. But that’s not the reason for this confrontation, it is to do with the money that Ross had hidden in the house. Though, no one got the money, Michelle and Toby came and talked Scott out of doing more harm.

In the end, the truth was found out. Well, somewhat. But our favorite people will be back to solve yet another mystery.

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