Webseries Alert! A Chat With Ryan Copple of Riese!


Riese Series - Kingdom Falling on SyFy!

Hello again Rieslings!

Click to visit and follow Ryan Copple of Riese Series!I know we’re all excited that Riese is back up on the web! 

Kenn and I recently were lucky enough to contain a phone interview with Ryan Copple, the co-creator of Riese: Kingdom Falling.

Ryan discusses a bit about how Riese started, what filming locations were like and the fans reactions to the new edits. 

I hope you enjoy listening to Ryan’s answers as much as I did!

Airship, Dismiss, Riese at Genius Factor Games!




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  2. Thanks for this interview Ryan. I caught the news on twitter. why with such great stuff like this do more people not leave more comments?

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