Hey Cliff Simon, Ba’al and Stargate Fans, I arrived a few minutes late for the panel appearance of Cliff Simon at the Los Angeles Stargate 2009 Creation Entertainment Convention held at the Marriott Hotel near the International Airport. The reason for my tardiness to see the infamous Ba’al was a […]


She’s been cursed with “The Black Widow Syndrome”, and the uncanny ability to speak technobabble flawlessly. She’s gotten to be both “The Girl” of the team and “The Man” of the expedition. We’ve literally watched her progress from Captain to full-bird Colonel. But despite all this, there’s still one question […]


Both GateWorld.net and RDAnderson.com have reported this week that the long awaited third Stargate SG-1 movie has been given the green light by MGM. In a note sent to RDAnderson.com by none other than Richard Dean Anderson himself, he writes: There are so few details beyond the ‘go ahead’, but […]

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