NaddyCat and I (ValaBlack) arrived incredibly early to the Auroris Entertainment Fan Click to visit Auroris Entertainment Dot ComParty – so early, in fact, that the room had yet to even be set up. We sat and chatted for awhile and tweeted, too.

Yes, we tweeted while sitting next to each other and some of those messages were directed at each other. That’s all I’m saying about that. We met a few other people while we waited and discussed shows like Fringe, Doctor Who and, of course, Stargate.

Click to visit Stargate on MGM Dot Com!The first celebrity guest to appear was Bruce Woloshyn, famed special effect wizard of Stargate and known most recently by Stargate fans for “Children of the Godsthe Final Cut” . Patricia Stewart-Bertrand owner of Auroris Entertainment introduced us and we gave him our cards. We didn’t get to chat with him much, sadly, but he was very nice.

Auroris Fan Party 2010 - Genevieve Buechner and Brianna

The next special guest we saw was Genevieve Buechner (best known as Tamara Adama in Caprica), along with her friend Brianna. NaddyCat went to talk to them first, but I joined her soon after – I had lagged because I was talking to some other fans at our table.

Auroris Fan Party 2010 - Genevieve Buechner and Brianna 2

Both Genevieve and Briana were really fun to talk to and we hung out with them for quite awhile. Genevieve was very easy to talk to – definitely not stuck up like some actresses can be. Both her and Brianna were very funny and I had a great time talking to them. Obviously I can’t tell you what exactly we discussed, as it was off the record, but they were a lot of fun!

Auroris Fan Party 2010 - Fans 01

Auroris Fan Party 2010 - Fans 02

We made the rounds among the fans and took some photos, then Patricia made aClick to visit the fabled Gateworld! speech introducing the guests, volunteers and press (which would be the two of us from WormholeRiders and Chad from GateWorld). WHR has long been an admirer of GW and it was nice to meet someone like Chad from the fabled land of Gateworld!

Click to visit the Canadian Royal Mountied Police

There was also a Canadian Royal Mounted Policeman there in which Auroris Entertaiment supports their charitable associations. Great charity work Auroris. I think it is true to say I was slightly over-excited to meet a RMCP Officer. I kept my cool, but I’ve never actually seen a Canadian Mounted Police before outside of cartoons! He was really nice – and he watches Stargate, so that was a definite bonus.

Auroris Fan Party - Dan Payne Peter Kelamis Patrick Gilmore

We then chatted a bit with Aleck Paunovic, Peter Kelamis and Patrick Gilmore of Stargate Universe (later from  Riese Series) . All I can say is that both of these men are hilarious! Patrick gave us his rant on Heroes and I was practically busting a gut with laughter.

After awhile, NaddyCat and I split up. I went back to hang out with Genevieve and Brianna, while Naddy chatted more with Peter Kelamis and Patrick Gilmore. I chatted, as well, with some other fans. If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of soap actress Crystal Chappell of Days of Our Lives and her new series Venice! I was stoked to meet another fan of hers who was also a Star “Gater” – essentially combining two of my favorite things in the entertainment industry all in one new friend.

Auroris Fan Party 2010 - Dan Payne MC Stargate Jeopardy

Dan Payne of Stargate and Human Target hosted a game of Stargate Jeopardy which was pretty hilarious. He was a great host. He made a lot of jokes about being illiterate. He called it a game for readers – and later a game for women, as the one male contestant was consistently getting no points.He knew some of the answers, but he didn’t say them in the form of a question.

Auroris Fan Party 2010 - Dan Payne MC Stargate Jeopardy 2

If no one got the questions correct, then the audience would yell out the correct answers, though some even the audience didn’t get. I was a bit disappointed when none of the contestants recognized that the actor who went along with the quote, “Can I get a hell yeah?” was Ben Browder. I suppose they aren’t Farscape fans, though. The table next to mine made me feel better when they yelled it out with me after no one answered.

Auroris Fan Party - Dan Payne Peter Kelamis Patrick Gilmore

After this, we were given a screening of some Stargate SG-1 bloopers, as well as some video clips of some of the actors. David Hewlett appeared in My Secret Identity, which was really old. It was actually kind of hard to recognize him at first. Also, I think all that needs to be said is: Richard Dean Anderson in a band. That was epic!

We also saw a few fan-made videos such as the South Park rendition of Stargate SG-1. There were a few of the scheduled guests who could not make it being they were working late at their studio acting jobs and we were sad that they could not make this fun event.

Auroris Fan Party - Dan Payne Peter Kelamis Patrick Gilmore

After the party ended we stayed to continue chatting with a few people until we had to leave. NaddyCat gave me a ride back to my hotel and drove Genevieve and Brianna home. We made plans to meet up another time this weekend. This party was a great way to kick start the weekend. If it’s any indication, this convention is going to rock!

Auroris Fan Party 2010 - End

Thanks so much to Patricia and Auroris Entertainment for hosting this party, and to all the guests who attended. It was so much fun!

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  • avatar Zoe says:

    That sounded so epic! Dude, that’s amazing! I’m stoked for you guys! 😀

    And “off the record” chats are the best, aren’t they? They make you feel so special. Haha.

  • avatar PBMom says:

    Thanks for the report. It sounds like you had a blast. I would have been able to guess the Ben Browder trivia, too! LOL.

  • avatar ValaBlack says:

    Zoe- It was totally epic! They are totally the best. Plus, they were jut awesome people. Like, you totally forgot who you were talking to… You know what I mean?

    PBMom- It was a total blast 🙂 Hahah nice! The Ben Browder trivia just made me sad for everyone else who didn’t get it… *Farscape* COME ON! 😛

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