Being Human Episode 106 – “It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong”

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Here’s this week’s review. SPOILER ALERT! Please read at your own risk. This review has detailed spoilers. You have been warned.

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As the show begins Josh (Sam Huntington) is being watched by Marcus (Vincent Leclerc) from across the street. Rebecca (Sarah Allen) is setting up a video camera in a hotel room for what looks like a night of sexual fun. Danny (Gianpaolo Venuta) is trying to part himself from Sally’s (Meaghan Rath) engagement ring. He takes the ring and throws it into the river.

Instead of it landing at the bottom of the river, Sally watches the ring reappear, bouncing down the staircase of Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Josh’s house. It lands right on the tiles where she died. Sally and Aidan try to figure out how the ring came back and how she shakes the house. She thinks the ring is connected to her, but she doesn’t know how she can shake the house. Sally talks about getting some revenge against Danny. Aidan tries to warn her that if she gets caught up in getting revenge it could lead to wanting more of it.

Marcus spying

Josh seems a bit more confident. For example, he is dressed to nicely and is wearing perfume. Okay, the perfume was by accident, he meant to wear cologne. He isn’t wearing his usual sweatshirt and jeans. Even Aidan and Sally notice. Josh beats around the bush about why he is dressed so nicely for a change. He doesn’t let them know why, but my guess is he wants to impress a certain nurse at work.

For Aidan DVD

While going through the mail, Aidan receives a DVD movie with a kiss with some red spots on it. Both Josh and Sally taunt Aidan about what kind of movie it could be. I found the taunting funny and how excited each of them were to huddle around to watch it. Usually it is poor Josh that gets embarrassed in this way. It was a nice change to see the tables turned. In the movie, it shows Rebecca luring a guy to a hotel room for some sex. Little do Josh and Sally realize what Rebecca can do in bed, but that she is also a blood-sucking vampire.

She soon shows her fangs and bites into the guy off screen. This horrifies Sally and Josh, but for Aidan it is completely the opposite. He does his best not to be turned on by the feeding. For a split second his eyes switch to his all black vampire eyes before he can get ahold of himself. Aidan pauses the video, which gets Josh and Sally to stop screaming. Josh asked him if this is something he is into, and Aidan denies that he is one of those vampires that do get off on something like this. Soon after, Sally leaves and Josh heads to work. Aidan stays behind to look over the movie again from the beginning. He noticed something in Rebecca’s eyes when she was adjusting the camera.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Josh continues to be nicer with Nora (Kristen Hager), the nurse. He’s trying to make up for being a jack ass the last time he attempted to ask her out. He lets her know that he enjoys cooking. He says he likes to torch a good brulee every now and then because it is a manly thing to do with a torch. I think she was surprised and a bit impressed by that fact. I like the fact that Josh is still taking chances to get back into the dating game. I think it’s cute how he stammers, but still is able to get come out the sweet guy that he is. The torching of the brulee line was great. I just thought it was cute and funny how he was trying to make brulee sound more masculine.

Aidan meets with Marcus and Rebecca

Meanwhile, Aidan visits Marcus and finds Rebecca with him. He wanted to talk with Marcus alone, but she insisted on sticking around. Marcus tells Aidan that he will take back the DVD and dispose of it for Aiden. To Marcus’s amusement, Aidan has kept it back at the house. Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) really wants him back with the family. He wants things to go back to the way they were, Bishop and Aidan, living like gods. Aiden refuses to return to the family. He tells Marcus that if he comes back, Marcus will lose his status. Aidan leaves on that note. Rebecca claims she can bring Aidan back to the clan. Still stung by Aidan’s last comment, Marcus lashes out at Rebecca saying that she continues to make promises she can’t keep. He wants to know if Rebecca is in love with Aiden. She shrugs off the notion, but I’m pretty sure he knows the answer.

Aidan shows up at the hospital cafeteria to find Josh in a hypnotic daze. Josh tells Aidan that he is confused whether or not Nora said yes to his dinner date. Aidan is happy that Josh has gotten that far with Nora and thinks the date will happen. Josh also talks about how it would be nice to be someone’s boyfriend again, but before they can go into more detail, Emily (Alison Louder), Josh’s sister, unexpectedly shows up. Emily has been crying and tells them that she and Jackie broke up. She has no where to go and asks them both if she can crash at their place until she can get back on her feet. Aidan says yes and reluctantly Josh agrees.

Josh comforts Emily

Danny held against his will

At the house, Sally is still wrestling with her feelings to get revenge on Danny. She has this revenge fantasy where Danny comes over to help fix a broken sink. She opens the door for him and Aidan is waiting for him in the living room. Before he can make his way into the kitchen, Aidan punches him in the gut and throws him against the wall. Danny is pinned against the wall by his neck and wants to know what is going on. Aidan tells him that he knows that he killed Sally. Danny struggles to get out of Aidan’s grip. As he holds Danny down he asks Sally what she would like him to do to Danny. Sally really just wants him to hurt. So Aidan flashes his vampire teeth and sinks them into Danny’s neck. Sally is watching with a smile of satisfaction on her face. Then the fantasy ends. The house is shaking as the fantasy ends in her mind.

Josh and Aidan arrive back to a shaking house with Emily and her bags. The guys try and come up with a reasonable reason, saying it is a train passing by. It doesn’t seem to bother Emily much, but instead she wants to know if there is any alcohol. Josh tells her to help herself and she finds some vodka and proceeds to drown her sorrows. Josh whispers to Sally to make the house stop shaking for his sister’s sake. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t found a way to control the shaking. Aidan comes down to ask what people would like to eat for dinner, but quickly corrects himself. Emily is still engrossed with the painful breakup that she doesn’t give these little mistakes any thought.

Josh and Emily catch up

While they wait for dinner to be ready, Josh and Emily sit on the front steps and have a nice little chat to catch up. She is concerned about her brother and just wants to know he is okay. It was nice to see Josh apologize to Emily for what happened the last time they had seen one another. She also takes this down time to let him know that she told their parents that she had seen him. He is not happy with the news, but Emily lets him know that their parents just want to know he is alive and doing well. Josh lets Emily know that he has asked someone out. She immediately guesses it is a nurse at work. Emily asks Josh is he wants another beer. While she heads back into the house, Josh looks across the street and thinks he sees some guy spying on him. I don’t think he recognizes Marcus, otherwise he would have said something to Aidan. I have to wonder what Marcus has up his sleeve. Why is he following Josh and not Aidan, or is he following them both?

The next morning Sally talks to Emily while she is having her breakfast, even though she knows Emily can’t hear her. Sally knows the kind of heartache Emily is going through. She talks to Emily about possibly getting some revenge. I guess in a way she feels comfort that she is not the only one having to deal with the same type of feelings and situation. I have a feeling that if Emily were able to hear Sally they would be able to help comfort one another through this difficult time.

Aidan comes down to the kitchen for breakfast. Emily heads upstairs to grab a sweater. Sally takes this time to confide in Aidan that she needs to do something. He tries tells her to get rid of the ring. She’s tried, but it continues to come back to her. He also knows that revenge will only make things worst for her. He doesn’t want her to be obsessed with constant revenge and not think about anything else. She shrugs off his warning and disappears. Suddenly the ring drops on the kitchen counter near Danny as he is having breakfast. He is really surprised as he shakes his head. Sally is standing nearby with a smile of satisfaction.

Sally's ring on Danny's kitchen counter

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Josh talks with Nora again. He wants to confirm that they really do have a date. She says yes and he excitedly sets it up for that evening. I think it’s cute he writes his address on her coffee cup and properly asks her on a date.

Danny confronts Bridget about the ring

Bridget comes to Danny’s place not knowing what had happened earlier with the ring. She calls out for him but he doesn’t answer. She is startled when she finds him in the kitchen. He asks her if she has been messing with him. He doesn’t understand how the ring got to his place since he knew he threw it into the river. Bridget doesn’t understand what he is talking about. Danny drops the ring on the top kitchen counter for her to see. As she reaches for the ring he forcibly grabs her by the arm. The fear in Bridget’s eyes makes me wonder what Danny is going to do next. She doesn’t know why he’s hurting her. She has that look of “what have I done to deserve this?”

Danny forcibly grabs Bridget's arm

Sally returns to the house to talk with Aiden after dropping off the ring at Danny’s. She appears in Aidan’s room and catches him watching the DVD again. He is obviously surprised by her appearance. She admits that she messed with Danny. She feels somewhat satisfied and accomplished with spooking Danny. Aidan once again lets her know that he hopes she doesn’t do anything to mess up her karma. She doesn’t see anything wrong with what she has done, so his words again fall on deaf ears. But she quickly turns the conversation around on him about asking if he has feelings for Rebecca. or as she calls her, Elvira. He admits he has some feelings for her. Sally doesn’t understand why he could and believes she can take care of herself. I found it interesting that he couldn’t come up with a better answer than ‘maybe.’

Sally and Aidan have another talk about revenge

Later, in the kitchen, Aidan is reading the paper, Emily is seen drinking heavily, and Sally is just sitting on the kitchen counter. Josh walks in with flowers and some groceries. He wants everyone to leave and lets everyone know he has a date tonight. He gives Aidan a hint to take his sister out, but he doesn’t want to. Aidan finally gives in since Josh hasn’t been on a date in years. But before they can leave, Nora arrives. Emily runs to the door followed by Josh and Sally. Nora is introduced to everyone, to Josh’s embarrassment. Sally doesn’t make things any easier on him when she comments on how hot Nora is and how she wishes she had her boobs. Emily asks if Nora would take a shot with her before they leave. Josh tries to intervene, but Nora agrees to his surprise. If I were there I would be like Sally saying Josh would have the best night before leaving the two alone.

Nora arrives and meets everyone

Aidan takes Emily to one of the bars he has gone to before. Aidan isn’t happy that he has to play babysitter. Plus, I feel that he is still feeling uneasy about his encounter with Marcus and Rebecca. He asks Emily if she would like a drink, but she admits she has been drinking since breakfast. Aidan just wants her to have fun, but be safe at the same time. Sally got lost on the way to the bar since Aidan’s description I guess wasn’t accurate enough for her. Sally eyes a cute guy, but realizes he can’t hear or see her. Aidan tries to reassure her that the guy is missing out. While at the bar, Sally meets Lindsay (Kaniehtiio Horn), a poltergeist.

Sally meets Lindsay

Back at the house, Nora is impressed by Josh’s cooking. He also tells Nora a bit more about his past. He lets it slip that he was once engaged. She doesn’t understand why he is folding hospital corners when he went to MIT. I think she likes the mystery behind Josh and wants to know more. I also like how she will call him ‘doe eyes’ every now and then. Josh lets Nora know how he met and became friends with Aidan. He tells her that they met in a fight and that Aidan was there to help him from being pummeled. She thinks it’s hot that he is more of an antiques person than a fighter. They soon kiss passionately.

Nora and Josh's first kiss

Aidan and Rebecca reconnect at the bar

Meanwhile, Rebecca shows up at the bar to talk with Aidan. Emily realizes that they would want to be alone so she leaves. Aidan tells Rebecca that she is a lost cause. He has a feeling she is there because Marcus or Bishop sent her. Rebecca lets him know that they wanted to send him that DVD because they think she affects him. Aidan confronts Rebecca about being scared when she made the movie. She admits she is scared because she is not strong enough to deal with the clan or living life the way Aidan does. Aidan wishes that he hadn’t turned her and let her live her life. She admits that she really wasn’t living her human life. She also tells him that Marcus brought her to the bar.

Marcus offering Emily a light

After telling him this, Marcus is seen at the bar and follows Emily into the back alley. Emily is trying to light her cigarette with no luck so Marcus offers to help. She immediately thinks he is trying to pick her up and lets him know that she is a “skirt chaser.” He lights her cigarette and slowly circles behind her and the scene ends. I can only think of a couple of things that can happen. Is Marcus going to turn her? Does he plan to feed on her and kill her?

Lindsay let’s Sally know that being a ghost is boring, but being a poltergeist is much more fun. Lindsay follows wherever Bill , her ex, goes. He can sense when she is around when he can see his breath through the cold she brings around him. She tells Sally it might be fun to have him think there are maggots or something crawling in his drink. She waves her hand in front of his face and Bill begins to hallucinate.

He runs off screaming to Lindsay’s delight. Sally is impressed and asks how she does it. Lindsay doesn’t really know but it took her five years to figure it out. Then Sally asks Lindsay about her door to move on. Lindsay has no idea what she is talking about and shrugs it off to go and find Bill. She said it herself, she is vigilant when it comes to messing with Bill. Sally seems conflicted with Lindsay’s answer about her door. She is somewhat glad that she knows she can mess with Danny, but at the same time will this keep her from getting to her own door and move on?

Back at the house, Josh and Nora are turning the heat up. Unfortunately, someone at the door interrupts their fun. Sally appears near the door; she decided to stay there since she knew Josh and Nora were busy making out. Bridget appears at the door. Sally says her name and so does Josh. Josh and Bridget have never met, but he tries to just wave it off. He introduces himself to her and she responds that he is the boyfriend. I think it’s funny that quite a few people think that Josh and Aidan are a couple.

Well the real reason Bridget came by was to return the ring. Josh makes the mistake and questions Bridget about the ring being Danny’s. Sally gets mad and says the ring is hers and the house begins to shake. Bridget tells him that he should just put it away someplace. Sally is horrified to see fresh bruises on Bridget’s arm and immediately feels guilty for what she did. Bridget leaves after returning the ring. Meanwhile, Josh checks the kitchen to make sure Nora is still waiting for him. Thankfully for him, she is.

Bruises on Bridget's arm

At the bar, Aidan and Rebecca start making out. They move on out to the back alley, but Aidan stops it because he knows he needs to take Emily back home. Rebecca lets him know that she is not doing this for Bishop and Aiden seems to believe her. As much as he wants to be with Rebecca, he really needs to make sure that Emily gets home safely.

A bloody and beaten Emily

As Nora is getting ready to leave, she and Josh make out a bit more. All of a sudden the door crashes open. Nora jokes about how all interruptions could have been planned. Before she can say more, Emily stumbles in, bloody and beaten. Even though she is hurt, she apologizes for interrupting their evening. It is amazing to see that she was able to make it back to the house and alive. Josh and Nora take her to the hospital. Sally is saddened by the events and waits behind for Aidan to let him know where they went. Before she can tell him, he smells fresh blood from where Emily was bleeding near the door. All she can say is “hospital” before he bolts out the door.

It is obvious now that Marcus used Rebecca to lure Aidan away from Emily so that he could attack her. But what I am wondering is, did he turn her? This all makes me wonder what is going to happen to Aidan and Josh’s relationship. Did Marcus plan this on his own, or was this part of Bishop’s master plan? What is Sally going to do to apologize for Bridget’s pain? I feel bad for Josh since he was on cloud nine for a while and then to have his sister beaten like that. Well, hopefully next week’s episode will shed more light on these questions.


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