AT5 Reverberation – A Different View of Friday with GABIT and Friends!

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The madness begins early here at the . The GABIT staff and stewards are starting the wind up to registration and Fans alone, not alone for long. The rest of us are milling around with an air of anticipation.

Its nothing to see people walking past wearing multiple hats, moose antlers, or Faux moustaches. Coffee’s are bought, names exchanged and hugs given. Every now and again there is an eruption of laughter as the humour and excitement boils over. We AT5 - Epic fail - Faux moustachesare all here from different walks of life. From different places. But gathered for one reason.

This my friends is the beginning of AT5 with none other than the wonderful Amanda Tapping!

Having seen the GABIT “G4” (Julia Hague, John Goode, Becky Preen and Mumsy [Kay Jacobs]) this morning, I had an opportunity to see the crew back together again for a second time for me. For them, this is the fifth GABIT event. They work like a well oiled machine. Mumsey has an air of calm about her at breakfast exchanging and lovely morning grin with me.

AT5 - Kate and Jandyra - Faux moustaches and Antlers!
You just wanna hug her. John and I shared a moment whilst waiting for waffles as we chatted, or rather I squeaked about getting Con Voice before the Con had started. I believe i am developing a nice case of Laryngitis!!!!

AT5 - Camping in reception area
After nipping out for a small wee bit, its back to camping in reception which becomes like a second home for AT’ers from around the world. Its a place to congregated. Taking crazy photos and exchange information about not only each other, but what Amanda Tapping story has bought them here. For some its Star Gate, for others its Sanctuary, which as we all know has been taken up for a fourth Season. So I am sure that there will be questions for Amanda at the Q&A sessions tomorrow!!!

The rest of the bulk of AT5 attendees arrived later in the day. So I am expecting more hugs, laughter and squee’s of delight. All slowly building up until we reach the Cocktail party this evening. Whilst unfortunately i did not get a ticket, the brilliant Zoe did, so we will be able to tag her in for a wonderful report on the going’s on in the cocktail party.

AT5 - Kate and Jandyra - A bit sideways!
I for one am super excited about the Q&A session tomorrow. With questions burning in my head to ask, and looking forward to the random questions that i know Amanda will have thrown at her. The woman seriously has the most amazing story reciting abilities, and I have pondered if she should try her hand at writing.

Lets not forget the Abnormal Ball!!! Which promises to be bigger and better than last time. The whispers I have heard reference costumes have been truly amazing, and I am sure that this time round it will be a mind blowing experience!

AS it unfolds…….so you will be told!!!!!!


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