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The WHR Sanctuary Team has long planned to roll all three Kali reviews back to back after the airing of Kali part three. It took a while to get the new team coordinated to bring this out to you, but good things are worth waiting for! And as I always everything in its own good time!

This is my review of the Sanctuary’s episode Kali Part 1. Parts 2 and 3 are being written up by my good friends and new Sanctuary Team reporters with WormholeRiders News Agency, SurrealVampi and Katie__5.

I hope you enjoy all our Sanctuary reviews.

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Kali part one starts off on a quaint little beach with boats of all sizes in the water and a lovely cityscape in the distance. The place is Mumbai, India. Kids running around in the alleyway, train moving along it’s tracks, people just moving about their business when around a corner runs a man, telling some kids to “run run”. With him is an older woman. Running through the very narrow alleys. Obviously trying to get away from whoever it was chasing them.

On the streets of Mumbai

Still being chased, they reach what appeared to be a dead end. Some sort of monument was before them. The man told the older woman to leave, hide, come back to this place after to retrieve whatever it was that he was going to leave behind. No doubt it’s what the men looking for him was after. With reluctance, the woman left and hid. Leaving the gentleman to discard his package. He then turned to the monument, lifting up the sculpture on top, turning it, it opened up. With him looking like he was going to get sick, he then holds out his hands to catch his package. The only way I can describe the creature is being like a spider.

This thing crawled out of his mouth and into his hands. He then inched this “spider” into what looks like a small ornament. The “spider” went inside and hid. Although, just before it did, it let off some sort of what appeared to be a sonic burst, which spread all over the world. It was even felt in space. That’s when the man closed up the monument and started to run away from it as to not bring any attention to it’s whereabouts.

Well it worked because when the men chasing him caught up, he was nowhere near his drop off point. The leader of the pack was displeased when he sensed that the man wasn’t carrying the bug within him anymore. Apparently the host, for a lack of a better word, once the bug leaves the body, the person dies. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to have a regular death as the mercenary, I guess you can call him, ordered his men to “take care of him”.

Arrival in Tokyo

Upon arriving in Tokyo, Japan, one of Helen’s contacts and an abnormal met up with them on what looked like the docks. Apparently a lizard-type creature, Szuki,  appears who has been living in the waters of Tokyo for a long time, suddenly woke up and started causing massive panic. They now have her sedated and is getting her ready to transport elsewhere.

As Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) and Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) walk through the streets of Tokyo, Will informed her that for now the people think that there was some sort of big Hollywood movie being filmed there and that everything has calmed down. That’s when Helen was starting to say things that really didn’t make sense to Will and he put up his red flags. Of course he asked her what’s up basically, but only to get told that she would tell him what he needed to know, when the time came for it. And no amount of coaxing is going to get her to give up any information. At least, not yet.

That’s when Henry called Magnus on her phone and told her that he had something he really needed her to see. So patching his video feed to her phone, she shared it with Will. Of course Will wasn’t too sure what he was looking at. But Magnus did. Now, I’m not sure if you all agree with me or not, but it looked like a pterodactyl, a very dead, very extinct flying dinosaur. That’s when they head back to London, England.

Back at the Sanctuary, the very big “bird” was caught and put into a think glass enclosure. Although, still a tad agitated, Helen informed them that she was getting reports from Sydney, Rio and Largos, all claiming that one or two abnormal were suddenly acting up, and for no apparent reason. They all knew, Magnus more so, that they had to figure out what was the cause of all these incidences and get it rectified before someone gets hurt. Luckily, no one has,,, yet.

Conference call with DeclanIn another section of the Sanctuary, Will, Helen and Declan Macrae (Robert Lawrenson) were having a video conference call of sorts with the other members of the Sanctuary, one of which is Henry. They were discussing what could effect some abnormals and not others. That’s when Terrance (Paul McGillion) jumped in and voiced his opinion that the debate of the cause is not important, they needed to put out a full global alert. To which Helen strongly objected, “we’re not there yet”.

Helen gave the member instructions as to what they need to do, when Terrance tried to interrupt. It didn’t work as Helen cut him off and ended the meeting. As they were about to just go about other matters, Ravi didn’t shut off his video feed and had cut in to inform them that, although he was unsure of any connections, but a man was found dead with the mark of the Kali on his leg. Helen informed Will of Kali and the beliefs of the people. Declan suggested abnormals but as Helen was unsure since she’s never actually met them. She thanked Ravi for the info and after saying that anything is possible and warranted some checking into, she subtly suggested that Will go to Mumbai and investigate – and to take Kate with him. This was going to be interesting.

Arrival in India Well they reach Mumbai and upon walking into their destination, sounding like a married couple, which makes me chuckle every time I watch it, they drop their bags on the floor next to an oversized arm chair. With much more discussion and looking around their new surroundings, Ravi walks in and greets them in their traditional manner, hands together as if to pray and a slight bow. With respect of course, Ravi greeted them with their respected names, Dr. Zimmerman and Ms. Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi).

Will and Kate greeted them in kind, then Will extended out his hand and told him to call him Will. Will was thrilled to have a shorter name to call their host for their stay there. Ravi informed them their rooms are ready if they wish to get some rest, Kate was going to until Will suggested that they get right down to why they were there and to go to the crime scene.

Meanwhile, in Eastern Desert, Egypt, Helen met up with one of the members of the Sanctuary to check out the rare creature that came to the surface in the middle of its hibernation.

Back to Will, Kate and Ravi, we find them at the crime scene. In discussion as to who and why could have done this. Ravi said that the police suspect that it’s drug related but Will had to disagree. With the way the blood splatter, was no way that the type of gun used in those kind of shootings would cause. Something more high profile. That’s when Will found a shell casing and used a pen to pick it up. Will handed it to Kate, she offered it to me a 9mil, most likely Russian and very pricey.

Dr Will Zimmerman investigating!

They left the taped off area and took a look around for some clues as to why this place was the mans end. Will came across a monument and when ask, Ravi told him that, that’s where the people worship their god – Durgod.

Kate walked up to the pedestal and noticed some markings and motioned to Will, he walked closer and gave it an in-depth look. Feeling around, he noticed that the top part lifts up and rotates, for which it opens to reveal a smaller ornament type figure. Will asked if the ornament was supposed to be there. Ravi told him no, and once Will took the object out of it’s holding area, the pedestal shut back down. As Will informed them about taking it back to the Sanctuary, neither of them noticed an older woman peering out from behind a metal storage area. The same woman from earlier.

With Helen in a make shift lab still in Egypt, she was studying the creature under a microscope. She offered her companion, Peele, (again sorry for spelling mistakes, I spell it as I hear it), to take a look and see if they had the same conclusion. The sample they were studying showed signs that it was in a lot of pain before it’s death. It was still all a mystery to them both, that’s when Helen informed Peele that she would compare notes when she got back home. As Peele was about to exit the tent, Helen asked of her opinion on Terrence’s new position within the Sanctuary, of which she answered,, “too much”.

Discussion of artifacts
With Will examining the artifact they were discussing on what connection this thing had to the “dead guy” as Kate eloquently put it. That’s when Will said he’d run some scans. Ravi entered the room calling out to Kate and informed her that there’s been no military of any kind on record to be in that area during the time of the murder. Which leaves them to check other outside sources as to why and what they were doing here. While their backs were turned to the object, a spider-type bug crawled out of it and went into Will’s jacket.

As the discussion turned to the man in the morgue, and the mention of an autopsy, that’s when Will found out just how tired he really was. Making his obvious squeamish exit, he suggested that they’d go over the results in the morning, leaving Kate with Ravi. After Kate told him that he’s not the type of doctor who likes autopsies, she left as well.

The illness beginsAs Will slept, with his jacket draped over the headboard, the spider crawled out of the sleeve and into Will’s mouth. Unbeknownst to Will, he jerked a little in his sleep, but didn’t wake up.

The next morning, Kate went to Will’s door and gave it a knock to get the day started. But when Will didn’t answer, she knocked a little louder, then a little louder still. She informed him through the door that she didn’t really want to venture in his room. Giving one last loud knock, Will opened the door. Poor dear didn’t look well. Will tried to shake himself awake, though it didn’t seem to work that well. That’s when Kate informed him that Ravi was downstairs and he’s got some information for them. Will turned towards his bed and get dressed as Kate left and headed down the corridor.

With the scans done on the bug’s housing container, which came up clean, Ravi then brought up the results on the man in the morgue. He informed them that he’s human, but when examining his internal organs, the man was over 200 years old. With Ravi running the scan three times and came up with the same end result. He’s one hundred percent human, but how he managed to reach 200 yrs old had them baffled.

Click to visit Sanctuary on SyFyBack at the monument, the “mercenaries”, for a lack of a better word, found out that only twenty feet away from the execution, is where the bug was hidden. Now finding it was going to be a problem, but not impossible. They then wondered on where the old woman might have gone. That’s when one of the men had a young boy by the arm and brought him before their boss. He was asked if the man that took the little statue was “white like me?” The young lad, terrified, shook his head yes. That’s when the ring leader flashed a bit of money and the young boy grabbed it and ran off. Only other person that could have taken it was one of Magnus’s men. Now the search begins.

Back in London, Helen was greeted by Declan and was being briefed that most of the creatures have calmed down and the effects of what caused it had disappeared. That’s when Declan brought up an atlas with the places highlighted in red of the areas that have been effected. The cities are too spaced out for them to have anything in common. Helen mentioned that she will get Henry on satellite to try and figure out the connection.

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After a little while, Henry informed Helen via computer that he used a Chinese weather satellite and he was able to track down the source. The signal originated in Mumbai. Only conclusion Helen can think of was that it’s connected to the cult of Kali.

Back at Mumbai, Will was feeling even crappier then earlier that morning. Kate offered him a bottle of water of which he graciously accepted. However it didn’t seem to help much. Kate noticed that Will wasn’t feeling all that great and told him he should go back and rest. From which he took her advice and headed back to their lodgings.

Click to visit Sanctuary on SyFyAs Will started walking back through the little alleyways, somewhat disorientated, that’s when weird things started happening to him. It was as if he was in a dream state, everyone around him seemed to fade out and then a women in a beautiful blue dress came into his view. She appeared to be looking for someone. Will started heading in her direction. The brisk walk turned into a run as he tried to catch up with this woman. The dream state disappeared and he found himself at a dead end. Unsure what to think about this encounter, he was about to head back when he collapsed. That’s when the old woman and a young man caught Will before he fell to the ground and brought him inside to get him out of sight. Fortunately, they hid him just in time as a group of men just came around the corner.

Now Helen joins them in Mumbai, curious as to where Will could have gone. Kate informed her that she had told Will to come back here and get some rest that he wasn’t feeling well. As Helen was making suggestions as to where to look, Kate had an answer to every one. That’s when Ravi informed the women that he’s got men out there in search of him, with a picture to ask around. Kate with the look of concern and Helen noticing, told her that they will find him. That’s when Helen asked for all the information they have so far, especially the holding container they found. Kate took her gun out from her backside and armed it. Helen knew that there was no talking her out of it, that’s when Kate told them that “he’s out there, so am i.” I think Kate cares for Will a little more then she’s wanting to let on.

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Back at the bad guys head quarters (cause I really haven’t got a name to call them yet), Charles informed the Boss that Helen is in town, that she just landed ninety minutes ago. He wasn’t all that pleased with the news. Things like this just doesn’t happen out of the blue, but to his dislike, Helen doesn’t travel by a regular airline, she has her own. And you’d think he’d know that, silly man. 🙂

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Helen read what was written on the artifact, a language she picked up when she was in Brazil, as she informed Ravi. That’s when Helen came across a word: Doot. Loosely translated it means Prophet or fortune teller. Then upon closer examination, she noticed that the patterns are somewhat different. Then she realized,, something’s missing.

Click to visit Sanctuary on SyFyBack at the old woman’s house, she was crushing some herbs to help with Will’s fever. That’s when Will went into his dream state again. Apparently this seems to be the only way to talk to the creature inside him. Will was standing in some sort of big gymnasium size room. To me, the place resembled something from the Greek era. With the tall walls and a rounded open ceiling. Very beautiful. Upon making his three hundred and sixty degree scan of the area, he stopped at the place where he began and there she was. Standing a few feet in front of him. She gave him the name, Dooda (forgive spelling again). She continued with her questions to him of which he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. Dumbfounded by this experience, he faded back to reality, from which we see the old woman sitting by his side, feeling his forehead, waiting for him to wake up. Even the young boy with her was concerned.

Back with Helen and Ravi, Helen was searching for a match with the scanned tissue sample from inside the housing container. To her surprise it was that of an abnormal spider who needs a warm-blooded host to survive – the Macrae. Something so rare, Ravi figured it would be worth a lot of money. Until Helen cut him off and told him that this is much worse. These types of spiders are the cousins to “big Bertha”, that there’s some sort of bond between both abnormals. And that the person who’s host to the Macrae has the potential of controlling the most powerful abnormal on Earth. To Ravi’s surprise, he’s been led to believe that Helen killed big Bertha four years ago, unfortunately, she had to disappoint him.

Ravi wasn’t that pleased that she had hidden that fact from everyone, especially those in the Sanctuary network. But Helen’s argument was that by killing her would cause much more damage then by keeping her under guard. With Bertha’s link to the Earth, who’s to say that by her death that there wouldn’t have been massive earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes. To Helen it was too much of a risk, so she let her be. Ravi still wasn’t pleased, but understood Helen’s point of view.

Siding with Helen

He sided with Helen and started suggesting that they get their ships out there in search of her but Helen’s main focus was to find Will. He was the link to Bertha weather he knows it or not and needed to be found before the mercenaries did. Helen is convinced this is what they were after.

Back in the little house, Will finally wakes up. Still a little confused as to what happened, the woman told him, that the former host to the Macrae was killed, so it sent out a call for a new one,, Will answered it, unknowingly. Unfortunately, that’s when the woman told him that it’s not safe for him to go outside, and the Sanctuary might not be all that safe either. He will need training. This confused the bejesus out of him, as he still didn’t truly understand what and how it all happened.

Just what Helen needed after a day she’s had so far, to get interrogated by Terrance, and via computer at that. He’s got news of what Helen had done and didn’t agree with her decision. Offering to come to Mumbai to help out, Helen told him she’s got it under control. He felt it prudent to inform Helen that not everyone agrees with having Bertha alive, but on the up side, told her that he’s on her side. Though something tells me he’s only saying that to catch Helen off guard. And I think deep down she knows it too.

Asking questions

Back with Will, he continues to ask questions as to who and what this thing is. That’s when Will came to the conclusion – Kali. He noted that, she must be the woman in his dreams, from which surprised the woman. It usually takes a long time to reach that level. She told him that their connection must be very strong for him to see her already.

That’s when the young boy rushed into the room and told the woman in their language that “they found us.” The old woman sprang up from her chair, opened the door slightly and peered out. A few houses down she can see the men coming towards them, checking each house as they come closer. She told the young boy to just go and hide. So leaving through a different door, he walked down the little alley and hid behind a couple of small crate-like boxes. He watched the men come closer, until one of them seen the small opening and went inside.

Back with Helen, we find her sitting having a conference video call with Henry, who’s back at the Sanctuary in London. She told him to get the weapon ready as quickly as possible and be on the next chopper to Mumbai. But Henry had to tell Helen some bad news. That with Bertha’s wakening, she answered the “call” of the Macrae. It wasn’t until Henry was able to do a full scan that he was able to pick up a pulse that had now altered the tectonic plates and shifted magnetic north by 100,000 of a degree. Now that’s power and definitely not something you want ending up in the wrong hands.

Now with Will captured by the bad guys, again, he really wasn’t sure their plans. They walked over to a back wall of some sort of warehouse and strapped Will’s hands together. Hooking it to a chain, they raised it up, forcing Will’s hands up over his head and his feet barely touching the floor.

Will asked on who he was, but knowing he really wasn’t going to get an answer. And he didn’t either, only told him that he’s “just a guy with a lot of money”. Just taunting Will is what he was doing, though for me, just being a royal pain in the ass. Then he gave the order to start up some machine. This didn’t look good for Will, more like painful if you ask me.

The connectionIt wasn’t until Will asked what they were going to do to him that he started to put two and two together. Poor guy. The most powerful creature on this planet and he’s only now realizing his connection to it. Unfortunately, the way the bad guy was going to get it out of Will was with a low level magnetic pulse, of which the little bug will definitely not enjoy. And unfortunately it’s painful as well to the host. But as Will tries to squirm, which doesn’t work, Charles picks up the devise with both hands and walks over to Will, who’s still hanging there. Situates the machine on Will’s abdomen and turns it on.

Of course the “just a guy with a lot of money” turns the device up full. Apparently the low setting wasn’t good enough for him. Will starts convulsing and screaming. As Will continued to scream and shake, the boss kept turning up the pulse, until Charles was given the order to stop. That’s when both the Boss and the old woman went over to Will to catch the Macrae, until the woman was pulled back out of the way, and Will is forced to “throw-up”, for a lack of a better word, the spider into the hands of the bad guy.

Once the spider was freed, it again needed to send out a pulse to “call” for a new host. Unfortunately, the pulse had spread global, and fast, no doubt Helen and her team had already pinpointed their location. Which means, they had to leave. He gave the order to pack everything up while he needed a moment. And we all knew what he meant by that. Yeppers, he was going to force the bug into him. Gee, i’m a smart cookie. lol

Eating Kali

The boss looked evilly over at Will, still hanging around, with the woman by his side, placing the bug in his mouth, forced swallowed it. Ewwww. He placed a mat on the floor, took off his shirt and was about to start to meditate when the woman interrupted him.

That’s when he told her that he’s been in fact training for years, eating their diet, doing the meditation, studying their ways. He’s been waiting a long time for this moment. With that, the woman went back to Will’s side.

Unfortunately, at the same time as the boss was starting to control Bertha, the Big Guy detected movement in her last known coordinates. Helen knew this wasn’t good. Even the sedative wasn’t working. “Bloody hell, they found her.”

Now in control of Bertha, Charles informed them that they, referring to Helen and her team, was tracking her. With that the boss opened his eyes and spoke, “watch this.” As we get a view of Bertha under the sea, her body starts to light up and she sends out a small burst. The tracking device have been severed. With the two Sanctuary ships now dead in the water, and the homing beacon nonoperational, he can now freely go about and continue with his plan without having to look over his shoulder for Magnus.

Helen tells the Big Guy to reboot the system, as she radios Kate’s position. With Kate and Ravi running through the alleys, she answers back, “almost there.”

Now with the Boss standing next to Will, he informs him that it’s just business, from which Will answers, “go to hell.” Charles intercepts and informs them that the Sanctuary people are closing in on their location. That’s when they were told to get put a move on it quickly, taking the old woman with them. When asked about Will, he just answered that he’s “already dead.” They walk away leaving Will still hung there.

With the re-boot done, it still didn’t work. Having Bertha use her pulse, they have now blinded the Sanctuary as to her location, even by satellite.

Kate draws down!

Kate charged into the warehouse door, gun pointed out as far as she can stretch, she turns and sees Will still hanging there. Tucking her gun into the back of her jeans, (Magnum P.I. style), she ran over to him to help as they lowered him down. They then checked for a pulse. None. Ravi then started chest compressions as Kate ordered the others with them to call Magnus.

The emergency begins

WormholeRiders - Click to visit and follow WHR on Twitter!Thus takes me to the end of Kali Part 1. I hope you enjoyed the read, and stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 by Surrealvampi and Kati__5 .

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