Being Human – Episode Four – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Detailed Review

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Hey everyone here’s my take on the latest Being Human episode on Syfy.

SPOILER ALERT! This review is full of detailed spoilers, read on at your own risk. Thank you..

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At the beginning of the episode, Josh (Sam Huntington) is running through the woods at night trying to find a place to transform safely away from others.

Being Human S1x04 - Running through the forest

He continues running into people camping. He thought he had found a spot, but realized he was being watched by a man in the shadows. So continues running until he finds a place far enough, at least he had hoped so.

Being Human S1x04 - Love in the forest

Being Human S1x04 - In the forest more campers

In another part of town, Aidan (Sam Witwer) is in a bookstore eyeing the pretty clerk. She also has eyes for him. When it is closing time at the store, Aidan is the last customer and the clerk dutifully goes to the door and locks it and shuts off the lights, hoping to have an exciting night with a sexy stranger.

Being Human S1x04 -Pretty girl in the book store

Being Human S1x04 -With the pretty girl in the book store

Being Human S1x04 -Turning out the lights

But when she turns around, Aidan is nowhere to be found. He had swiftly left the store before she locked the door. Aiden breathes a sigh of relief because he was obviously trying to fight off the urge to feed on her.

Being Human S1x04 -Aidan fighting the urge to feed

Sally (Meaghan Rath) finds herself at Danny’s (Gianpaolo Venuta), watching Bridget (Angela Galuppo), her best friend, and Danny remembering the good times they had with Sally. Then as they are saying their good byes Bridget gives Danny a quick kiss on the lips, to his surprise. Instead of saying anything he slowly moves in for a more passionate kiss. Sally is unable to stop watching as her heart continues to break before her.

Being Human S1x04 -Danny and Bridget

Being Human S1x04 -Danny and Bridget break Sally's heart!
Meanwhile, Josh awakens in the woods to find a man standing nearby, throwing him a bag full of clothes. The man introduces himself as Ray (Andreas Apergis) and lets Josh know that he, too, is a werewolf. I can not say their first meeting was on the best of terms, especially due to the fact that Ray knew Josh’s name without Josh introducing himself.

Being Human S1x04 -The morning after

Being Human S1x04 -Sunrrise the morning after

Being Human S1x04 -Ray finds Josh the morning after

He tells Josh that he’s been watching him for some time. I don’t know about you, but Ray screamed of being a stalker to me. I just find it creepy how he knew Josh’s name and where to find him. Josh felt uncomfortable with Ray and left quickly even though Ray offered to help him.

Being Human S1x04 -Ray the stalker werewolf
Josh finds Aidan at home and tells him about Ray. But before he could say more about him Sally pops in and tells them both about the hell she is in. Sally can’t stop thinking about Danny and Bridget together, and since she is instantly transported to wherever her mind wants to take her, she keeps ending up back at Danny’s, watching them.

Being Human S1x04 -Sally thinking about Danny and Bridget

Being Human S1x04 -Aidan and Josh back at home

While they’re talking, Aidan does his best to drink the hospital blood he brought home, but unfortunately it looks like an acquired taste.

Being Human S1x04 -Aidan and a cup of blood

Back at the hospital, Josh sees Aidan speaking with Ray. Josh is furious that Ray has come to his work. Aidan convinces Josh to spend time with Ray. He hopes it will benefit Josh in the end. Reluctantly, Josh agrees. On the way home, Aidan gets a surprise visit from Rebecca Flynt (Sarah Allen).

She sincerely asks him to help her figure out how to deal with being a vampire without killing any more people. She claims the rush is over when she kills and that she wants it all to be over. Though reluctant at first, he finally gives in after she reminds him of his guilt over her situation.

We go back to Danny’s apartment and see that Bridget and Danny are having dinner and about to watch the baseball game. Danny wants to know what happened between them the night before when they kissed. As they try to talk, Sally gets angry and sends a glass flying off the kitchen counter. Danny and Bridget were going to kiss again until Sally yelled for them to stop. Bridget gets spooked and leaves.

Being Human S1x04 -Dinner time with Danny and Bridget

Being Human S1x04 -Dinner sadness leads to yell

Josh and Ray spend time in the woods and go over the rules of how to survive as a werewolf. Like Josh, Ray does not want to hurt anyone once he changes, so he takes Josh to a shack deep in the woods. Another rule he has is to stay away from vampires, but Josh has already broken that rule. Ray tries to find out why and how he got involved with Aidan. Josh lets Ray know that not all vampires are bad and Aidan just so happens to be one of the good ones. In Ray’s experience that has never been the case.

Being Human S1x04 -Back in the forest - Shrugs
In the meantime, Ray shrugs off Josh’s answer and tells him more about how to survive. He shows Josh his backpack of gadgets, food, and water for almost any situation that may arise. The last bit of Ray shows him is a huge rump roast. He tells him that before he changes he goes around in circles to lay a scent of the roast for the werewolf to follow so that he won’t wander anywhere and possibly hurt or kill anything else. Josh is amazed at Ray’s knowledge and can’t wait to try it all out.

I think one of the funnier parts between Ray and Josh in the shack was when Ray asked Josh if his stomach had adjusted to the things the werewolf eats. Apparently, werewolves will eat nearly anything. Josh softly says that he thinks the werewolf in him eats his own poo. That’s a lovely visual for everyone, now isn’t?

Meanwhile Aidan tries to keep her clean by drinking blood from the hospital. Aidan warns her it would take some getting used to. Rebecca hadn’t eaten in days so I doubt she heard or didn’t care to hear Aidan’s warning. The blood was awful enough for her to throw it against the wall. Begging and pleading with Aidan, Rebecca wanted him to get her something more tasteful and hinted at having some of Aidan’s own blood. Ironically vampire blood is a pretty good substitute.

Aidan didn’t give in right away, but after looking at Rebecca’s pathetic state offered up his wrist. I thought the song, “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, was quite appropriate for that particular scene. They both fed off one another which lead to more fun in bed. Later Aidan regretted getting caught up in the lust of the situation. He tried to tell her the consequences of their actions, but she wasn’t going to hear it. She refused to live like an “anorexic nun”. Once again instead of following her better judgment she seduces Aidan into feeding off of her again.

Back at the house, Sally tells Ray what happened at Danny’s place. Both Josh and Sally are really happy with Ray being around. He has been helping Josh to be better prepared before transforming into a werewolf. He helped Sally learn to focus her ghost energy to move objects at her will. It is only Aidan that seems to be uneasy about having Ray stay with them.

A whirlwind romance begins between Rebecca and Aidan. Danny tries to get in touch with Bridget, but she continues to avoid him because she feels like she has betrayed her best friend.

Being Human S1x04 -A loevly smile

Being Human S1x04 -The three at the hospital

Being Human S1x04 -Who's that girl - Rebecca!

Ray and Josh are in the bar. Ray tells Josh how crazy it feels when it comes to having sex when they are still in their powerful werewolf state. Ray shows Josh how it’s done when he picks up the waitress at the bar. Josh can’t believe his eyes. Ray then begins to tell Josh how werewolves are better than vampires. He wants Josh to open his eyes and see things his way when it comes to vampires.

Aidan comes home in need of the blood he had stored in the fridge. He soon realizes that Ray has purposely thrown his blood into the sink. Ray plays like he is innocent in that he needed the room in the fridge for his rump roasts. Ray has this sinister side that comes out when it comes to vampires and the fact that Josh is living with one doesn’t help. Aidan tells Ray to move out immediately. Ray knows that Aidan can’t hurt him because it will prove to Josh what a true monster Aidan is instead of being his friend. Ray would once again play the innocent card and have Josh and Sally take his side.

Back at work, Aidan is trying to fight the urge to feed on humans. Josh tries to work the same magic Ray had on the waitress the night before on a nurse. Unfortunately, Josh strikes out badly to the point where she threatens to tell Human Resources if he attempts to talk to her again. Poor Josh can’t seem to get a break with the ladies.

At home, Sally asks Aidan if she is a jerk. She wonders if it was the right thing to do to stop Danny and Bridget from becoming more than just friends. Was she being selfish because she is a ghost and can still see what is going on? Aidan puts things in perspective for her. Even though she thinks that Danny shouldn’t be with Bridget, they deserve a shot at a normal life.

Being Human S1x04 -Sally and Bridget

After her pep talk with Aidan, Sally goes to Bridget’s place. While Bridget is showering, Sally lets her know that she gives her blessing to go to Danny. Bridget begins to hear Sally’s voice and parts of what she is trying to tell her. She looks around her bathroom but Sally is nowhere to be found.

Being Human S1x04 -Sally trys to tell Bridget

Being Human S1x04 -Bridget hears Sally
At a restaurant booth, Aidan and Rebecca are doing their best to not be led by their urge to feed on the people around them. They eventually head to the back alley of the restaurant to work off some of that pent-up energy. All of a sudden a restaurant worker taking out trash comes out and sees them. Rebecca makes her way to the guy and nearly comes in range to bite him, but Aidan grabs her before she can. He tells the guy to run and takes Rebecca with him and heads back to the motel.

Rebecca tells Aidan she can’t go without feeding anymore. It’s too difficult to try and resist the urge to feed. Aidan goes into the bathroom and turns on the sink. He doesn’t want her to see that he is suffering just as badly as she is. From the bathroom he tries to console her and let her know that with time she will get through it. But as he steps out of the bathroom, Rebecca has vanished. Aidan knows she has more than likely gone back to her old ways.

Being Human S1x04 -Werewolves and vapires fight it out

Elsewhere in the city Josh and Ray are in the midst of an industrial area to take on some vampires while the moon is full and their strength is at their max. Josh can’t believe what is happening as Ray unleashes brutal blows on a vampire. Josh tries to get Ray to leave, but more vampires begin to show up. He is forced to defend himself when a vampire comes to at him. Somewhere along the line where he is defending himself, there is a noticeable change in Josh. He is enjoying the raw brutality of clawing at the vampire.

Bridget immediately rushes over to Danny’s place. She plants a kiss on his lips to his surprise. She tells him that she felt Sally and let her know that it is ok to be with Danny. He can’t believe what he is hearing, so Danny heads back to the house to hopefully see or find some sort of sign that Sally is at the house. Sally sits at the top of the stairs listening to Danny ask her to give him a sign. I was surprised that she wouldn’t give him a tiny notion that she was still there.

Being Human S1x04 -Heading back home

Ray and Josh finally get back to the house. Ray is still riding the high from beating the vampires. Josh can’t believe he went wild on the vampire he was fighting. He begins to realize part of him did enjoy that part, but at the same time he can’t or just won’t admit it.

Being Human S1x04 -Ray gloats over beating the vampires!

Ray knows that Josh enjoyed some of it and will not let it go. How will this change Josh? Is Ray really helping Josh be a better werewolf or does he have other motives? I don’t know, what do you think?

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