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We are happy to announce Primeval coverage with our fellow crazy “Brit” HonestHunny (Tracy)! The a series is entering its fourth year and I will begin with a review of the pilot and the characters of this United Kingdom hit television series now available on BBC America!

Primeval Series one episode one.

Primeval Connor and Abby - Click to learn more at BBC America!I have loved Primeval since it started airing back in 2006, and now it is due to start airing the forth series, on ITV1 in the United Kingdom and BBC America in the United States. We are hopeful for world-wide airings showings, but am happy for the simultaneous launch of season four on both networks!

Episode one opens with a woman running for her life in an ASDA Car Park near the Forrest of Dean from… a Dinosaur?? She is being hunted, with many crunching of Cars and a nice explosion in the mix, this is a great way to capture the audience’s attention, and admittedly I was hooked as soon as I saw the Dinosaur! 😉

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Primeval is a UK based Science Fiction from extraordinary minds of the Emmy and Bafta award winning producers of Prehistoric Park and Walking with Dinosaurs. Two amazing shows that I would recommend everyone to watch!

Below is an introduction to the characters. The next posts will review/overview the past three series.

Professor Nick Cutter:

Portrayed by: Douglas HenshallsNick Cutter click to visit Primeval on ITV

Henshalls is the Scottish zoologist (Later Anomaly research team leader), Professor Nick Cutter is a nonconformist. He is rather pessimistic and has major issues rules. It seems that he would much rather spend time with fossils to the living.

He is is assigned team leader to investigate the anomalies which are opening temporary gateways from the past (and later future) into our world. The creatures from the past/future pass through the Anomalies, and cause havoc in the modern world.

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One of the biggest reasons that Nick agrees to head the missions, has very personal roots. His wife Helen when missing; and was presumed dead, for eight years. But she is discovered to be alive, and appears to be travelling through the Anomalies. She seems to be appearing every time a new anomaly opens.

Abby Maitland by: Hannah Spearritt

Abby Maitland click to visit Primeval on ITV

Abby is 24 years old. She is a zoologist and reptile expert who first meets Nick Cutter in episode one. Abby was requested to identify a lizard found by a young Boy in the Forest of Dean.

She initially thought that the lizard (who she names: Rex) was an entirely new species which, as it turns out, Rex had come through an anomaly. She rescued Rex (Who became trapped when the Anomaly closed) and now keeps him safe at her flat – a secret she’s only shared with Connor.

Conner Temple by: Andrew-Lee Potts

Conner Temple. Click to visit and learn more at ITV1!

Connor is one of Nick Cutter’s paleontology students at the Central Metropolitan University. He is a first class geek! (This is NOT a bad thing in my books!) He spent many years compiling a database of prehistoric creatures. (This comes in handy for the team when the first Anomaly opens).

Conner approached his professor during episode one with an article about a mysterious sighting of a creature in the Forest of Dean. He managed to join the investigation and has been part of Nick Cutter’s team ever since. It is evident that he thrives on conspiracy theories. Connor is a firm believer in UFOs.

Jenny Lewis by: Lucy Brown

Jenny Lewis. Click to visit Primeval on ITV

Jenny is a home office employee, who is working with Nick Cutter, since the first Anomaly was discovered. We find out that was had been engaged, but broke it off. She becomes attracted to Nick Cutter, and they seem to start hitting it off (a few kisses involved) but something at the end of series one changes everything.

Stephen Hart by: James Murray

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Stephen Hart is laboratory technician to Professor Nick Cutter’s Steven was one of his and Helen Cutters college students. Steven is fairly moody, snappy and sarcastic. He is a leading member of the anomaly research team he seems to know his way around weapons. It is revealed through the series that Steven Heart has a torrid affair with Helen Cutter!

Primeval Pilot Review:

Primeval S4 Exploding Banner - Click to learn more at BBC America!In the beginning of the episode Connor approaches Professor Cutter with a news paper showing a Dinosaur that looks very much like the one that was chasing the woman at the opening of the episode. (Who we find out is Cutter’s missing Wife Helen). This takes them to the Forest of Dean where Helen went missing.

Abbie who is a Lizard expert at the Zoo, goes to identify a strange Lizard. The young Lad Ben who had found the ‘Unique’ Species of Lizard named him Rex, and he is ever so cute. Munchy Proclaimed at the time that she wanted Rex as a pet. (She was four at the time and as nutty about Dinosaurs then as she is now!)

Ben and Abbie discover there are Cows there were hauled up into a tree, Ben thinking it might be a big Cat runs for his life leaving Abbie behind, on his way out of the forest he stumbles upon what will later be named an Anomaly, he bravely pears through and is amazed at what he sees, a prehistoric land. The Anomalies seem to be a gate way to the past, a tear in time…

The Dinosaur stalks Ben who cut himself on brambles, the Dinosaur trashes his house trying to get to him. His Mother obviously doesn’t believe him and tells him to tidy the mess. I loved how after scaring the Dinosaur off by throwing a lamp at him, that dazed him when it exploded, Ben picked up his Lightsaber before looking out the window.

Primeval Terror Bird - Click to learn more at BBC America!

Abbie while at night is still trying to find her way out of the forest comes across another Large Dinosaur, but it seems to be an herbivore. Cutter and the others find Abbie. She gets out of the Forrest finally. They visit Ben’s house, and he tells them he saw the past. But Abbie had to pretend that they did not see anything. They all go to investigate and discover the Anomaly. Cutter explains that these are creatures from the past, and the Anomalies are tears into the past, and these are allowing the Creatures to come into our world.

Connor identifies the Dinosaur offender as an Gorgonopsid. Steven tracks the beast to the School of Ben, the creature is still tracking him. ‘Gorgon’ is now in the school running down the corridors to get to Ben in his class room. Steven distracts Gorgon and runs as fast as he can, gets cornered and thrown through a fire escape door.

Meanwhile Cutter and a military team step thorough the Anomaly on a mission of discovery. They found a deserted Camp, people had been here before. Dead buried, and Helen’s Camera.

Captain Ryan knocks Cutter out and carries him back to the Anomaly barely in time. The Anomaly closes, but Abbie discovers a little visitor Rex came back. But Gorgon is still there they all shoot at him but Steven settles the score by running him over, then shooting him in the head!

Cutter is called into the A.R.C (Anomaly Research Centre) and Cutter is shown some Photos from Helen’s camera, it was her. But is she dead? Until next time, Never enter an Anomaly with out caution. You never know what could be lurking behind that shattered mirrored exterior.

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