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Welcome back to our ongoing reviews of V series, episode “Fruition”. If you have not seen “Fruition”, this is a full review with analysis and you are advised to stop reading now. Thank you.

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Previously on V: Kyle Hobbes is framed by the Dastardly Marcus, for the destruction of the Lyndhurst company warehouse.Lisa and Tyler sneak off in a Visitor shuttle, and consummate their relationship… She fails the emotion test that Anna had every Visitor take, and Joshua covers it up. Anna offers the world “Blue Energy”, the power source of all Visitor technology.

Lisa breaks up with Tyler as she find out that Anna has plans for Tyler that she is not happy about… She tells Anna she failed, so Anna decides that there is only one way to get Tyler back… A man likes nothing more then a damsel in distress… She brutally smacks Lisa and orders her legs broken (By none other then Herb Sommerfeld)

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We begin Fruition with a Tramp stumbling upon someone in a Peace Ambassadors uniform, badly beaten, we know this is Lisa… I was and was not shocked at the same time that Anna did this to her own daughter. On one hand I was thinking ‘How could she do that to her daughter?’ And the shock on Lisa’s face when her mother did this… on the other hand, Anna ‘is’ a heartless, emotionless Lizard and I would put nothing past her.

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Agent Malik How right was I when I called her as A Visitor infiltrator? Erica Evans enter the Visitor Healing Centre where they need to investigate the ‘Female Visitor’ who was attacked. Imagine Erica’s shock when she sees Lisa, she tells Malik that she knows her, that she is her son’s girlfriend, and it is a shock to her that she is a Visitor. Erica immediately goes into Motherly mode, to me this seems not intentional, but natural. She covers Lisa with a blanket, and tries to comfort her.

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Erica asks Lisa is she recognises the Men who attacked her, Lisa has a flash back of her Mother assaulting her and replies “No” but you can see the conflict in her eyes. Erica tells her everything will be all-right, and hugs her. Lisa reacts to this as if she is thinking, ‘wow this is how a mother should be’.

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Up on the Mothership Anna tells Joshua and Marcus that she needs to visit the healing centre, as her Daughter needs her Mother. Marcus informs Anna that they still have not healed Lisa’s injuries, Joshua says that he will heal her when they arrive. But Anna says No. He is to heal her legs but leave the bruises and gash on her face until she returns to the Mothership. She wants this to be seen. For the general population to be shocked that Lisa was attacked. “I want the whole world to see what the fifth column has done to my Daughter” She says.

Kyle Hobbes is in the basement of St Josephine’s church, where he sees on the news that he has been yet again framed by the visitors for something he has not done.

Now we are at Chad Decker’s office area at the ‘news studio’ someone comes over and turns on ‘his’ television and asks if he’s seen the latest news yet… It is being reported about Lisa’s attack and Anna is going to address the world about the said attack later today. Chad confesses that he knows nothing about this, he looks upset. “I thought you were the Voice of the V’s. What happened? Did Anna fire you?” *Wow I loved that line!

At St Josephine’s Church Jack is very concerned as the Church is full of people praying for the ‘attacked visitor’s sole’. He wishes they would spend more time praying for themselves.

Back at the Healing centre, Erica is with Lisa. *My eagle eyes noticed that Erica was holding Lisa’s hand*, as she was stroking her hair. It seems that she genuinely feels something for Lisa here*

Malik, the Visitor sleeper agent within the FBI comes into Lisa’s room with mug shots based on Lisa’s description, one of them is Hobbes. The other is non other then Stargate Atlantis Favourite Paul McGillion. Erica gently wakes Lisa, and shows her the pictures. Lisa positively identifies them as her attackers. Though it is obvious that she is lying. When Malik attracts Erica’s attention because Anna has arrived Also noted here that Lisa looked terrified at the sight of Anna.

Erica is I think a little unnerved, seeing Anna up-close and personal. And then Lisa says “Mother”… Oh my, the shock on Erica’s face is unbelievable… Her son has been dating the Queen Lizard’s Daughter?

Morena was outstanding at portraying Anna being emotional. “Lisa? What have they done to my Daughter?” And it really does look like she was about to shed a tear or two.

“Sweetheart, you’re going to be ok. You are safe now” She says, then hugs Lisa. *I noted here that Lisa, though she hugged Anna back, looked very awkward and uncomfortable, mirror image to how she has embraced Erica beforehand* Anna smirks that ‘evil grin’ we have come to know as ‘I am up to something EVIL here’.

Anna and Erica are in a room within the healing centre, Anna is looking through the photographs of Lisa’s injuries, nicely playing at having emotional responses. Again looking close to tears. She is saying how she can not understand how anyone would want to cause so much pain or suffering. “There are some twisted people in our world” Erica tells Anna “Fortunately the majority of Humans are kind, good hearted.”

Anna explained that ‘this’ (As in the apparent fifth column ‘attack’ on Lisa) is the reason why she had kept Lisa’s identity a secrete. She tells Erica that Lisa was on the way to see Tyler when it happened. And asked if he knew. Erica responded with a ‘yes’, and ‘he’s deviated’. *Erica is NOT believing Anna’s displays of emotion, she knows better with her dealings with Ryan* Anna tells Erica that Lisa has “…Grown very fond of him…” And that he was lucky not to have been with her when it happened.

“As a Mother I am sure you can imagine how I feel right now” Anna emotionally says “As a Mother I know that if anyone tried to hurt my son, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to stop them” Erica threatens Anna with out Anna becoming aware that Erica knows anything. Erica is heading up the FBI investigation into Lisa’s attack, she shows everyone mug shots of the men identified by Lisa, Lawrence Parker and Kyle Hobbes.

Paul McGillion as Parker with Charles Mesure as Hobbes

Erica manages to convince her boss to look for Parker. Tyler comes into Erica’s workplace to find out about Lisa. She Takes him to see her. Joshua is working on her injuries when they arrive. *Insert Erica, Tyler, Joshua and Lisa* As Tyler and Lisa talk, Joshua and Erica stand outside the room, he tells her that they have spoken on the comms devise. She immediately recognises him as Joshua. Joshua confirms what she knew was fact, that the two men Lisa identified are innocent. “Anna did this to her” He explains, The shock/repulsion on Erica’s face is evident.

Joshua obviously does not know why, but instructs Erica to find the Men so she can find out why. Lisa then tells Tyler, that she did not mean the things she has said, she really does want to see him. She proclaims that she was frightened as she has never felt like this about anyone before. He admits to the same.

Erica asks Joshua is Tyler is in danger, because her son is in love with Anna’s daughter. He explained that Tyler was just an assignment for Lisa in the beginning, but he now believes that her feelings for Tyler are real. And he does not think that she would hurt him.

Anna enters the room as Lisa is hugging Tyler and announces “Lisa it is time” She then puts Lisa’s shoes on. I noted how awkwardly this was done by Anna, as if she had never done this before, unless it was a wardrobe malfunction and the shoe was just a pain to get on and I am reading wrongly into it.

Please note in the image below that Lisa looks genuinely frightened. You can bet that Erica had picked up on that!

Anna is going to make a statement about the ‘incident’ to a live press. Chad Decker was there he asks Marcus why he had not been called upon, Marcus tells him Anna has been busy with the attack on one of their own. And that they have things under control. Once outside Anna turns to Lisa and instructs her not to look at any of the camera to make eye contact with anyone. Lisa asked why, Anna replies “The less you give them the more they want”.

Chad is like a little lost puppy *I agree on that point* Calling out for Anna’s attention, she ignores him, even Marcus asks why they have cut off Decker, Anna simply tells him that he will be brought back into this when the time was right. Anna approaches the podium, V security behind her.

“I come to you today with a heavy heart, A terrible hate crime has been commented against one of my people.  Members of a terrorist group-the fifth column has brutally assaulted a member of my family, My own daughter Lisa…”
With that Lisa is brought up to stand with Anna.

“Despite our best efforts to demonstrate our care and concern for the Human race to improve life on this planet; to share our resources and technology, asking nothing in return, There are those among you who wish to harm us. In the wake of yesterdays shuttle disaster and this brutal attack on my daughter… My People no longer feel safe here. I’ve come to a  decision. We are leaving”.

The crowd is in a state of shock and sighs/intakes of breath in complete horror at the mere thought of Anna leaving, Anna and the others make their way out of the crowd, Anna with a smirk on hr face. *I thought the wonderfully dramatic yet subtle music really added to the mood of despair that the crowd were feeling, Now everyone in the small New York resistance/fifth column coalition consisting of Erica, Jack, Hobbes and Ryan are meeting in St Josephine’s basement.

A very deflated Ryan makes the point that Anna is lying that she will never leave. As Hobbes rightly points out, it is all a show, the shuttle explosion, the Quote Hobbes: “The boohoo, the attack on the princess…” Erica tells everyone that they need to find out what the Visitors want Hobbes and Parker for. And she informs them that she had met with Joshua and he had told her that Anna had attacked Lisa, caused the wounds and broke her legs. Jack is shocked, and asks “How could she do that to her own daughter?”

Ryan answers that “Because she is not Human, she is a Visitor there is nothing that she wont do to get what she wants” Erica points out that what ever Parker is doing is important enough to Anna that she would hurt Lisa, her own flesh and blood *Or should that be scales and blood?* to get our attention and turn our sympathies towards them, as if they are the victims. It is decided that they look for Parker and try to get to him before the FBI find him.

Hobbes has a “nameless” contact who meets with him, he says that he was hired to Kill Parker four weeks ago, but the person who hired him did not pass his “Smell test” Everything about him was fake. His contact said that she found then same, but was more lucky on Parker, she has a location for him. He thinks that Parker must have something that ‘they’ want, and it was because if this that Anna was blaming Hobbes and Parker on the assault of her daughter. Hobbes breaks into Parker’s apartment, he calls Erica, and tells her the address. Parker is not there as they talked.

I just noticed in this picture how much the inside of the Mothership reminds me of the biomes At The Eden Project an amazing place, where in the ‘Bio Domes’ they have in one a Real Rainforest and the other the Mediterranean. This is just two parts of  The Eden Project, so please click the image link below to learn more about this amazing place that I love!

“I’m sorry Chad” Marcus starts to talk to Chad in an almost sarcastic tone “But dealing with the attack of her Daughter, and coordination the withdrawal from your planet has left her with time for little else” Chad tells Marcus that he does not believe that they are going to simply leave. So Marcus tells him that they really have no choice as the Fifth Column has become a big threat. Chad thinks he can help. *I am impressed with this man’s complete over-self belief in himself. He really does think  a lot of himself which is a credit to the Acting abilities of Scott Wolf*

“You’re underestimating ‘my’ influence Marucs” Chad says that he can reach out to the people of earth, to out pressure in the respective governments to ‘make’ them ‘go after’ the Fifth Column to keep the Visitors here on Earth. Chad Decker ‘needs’ them here, as before the Visitors arrived and Anna had him interview her, he was and would go back to being a ‘nobody’ if the Visitors are to really leave.

Marcus then goes strait to Anna and tells her that it is how she has foreseen, Decker is worried about them leaving.
“Good. I need him to be desperate to be convincing” She coldly states. Marcus states that Decker has always done as she has asked, so he is wondering why they have cut him off right at this point.

Anna explains that if Decker is desperate, and concerned that they are really leaving, he will make a passionate plea to the world. That in turn will cause a public outcry and “We will get what we want”… Anna orders that the Captain of the  Shanghai Mothership to leave. Immediately. We then cut to Shanghai and see the Mothership leave, to the despair of a young boy. The visual effects of the Motherships are unbelievably detailed, and really look the part. I really love the almost reptilian design of the Ships, looking very cobra-like. It really is a genius touch!

Chad Decker is now reporting on his new look ‘Special Commentary’ show. He makes an emotional plea to his listeners. “Just minutes ago, the first ship left from Shanghai in China, the first in Anna’s week long planned withdrawal and shutdown of all Sending waves of protest and outcry across the world…”

“…London, Moscow, Rio. People everywhere reacting to the fact that when ‘they’ leave the Visitors will take with them their gifts to Humanity. It is my job to report the news objectively, However today I can’t sit back and pretend that I don’t have an onion. Because I do!

“The V’s saved my life. We ‘the people’ must fix this. If you care about your future, the health of your children, the world made safe and peaceful by their technology now ids the time. Let your voice be heard. Show the world how much Anna means to you! Show our elected officials that you want Anna and the Visitors to stay” Anna seems pleased with Chad’s ‘emotional plea’ to the world as she watches his show on the Mothership. Anna is So sinister and manipulative, and will use Chad Decker to get the things that she wants.

Jack and Ryan are in a car stake out of Parker’s home, Jack decides to talk to Ryan as he has been so deflated since Val left.
Ryan tells Jack that John May had told him that Human emotion was worth righting for, but he does not think that anymore. He say’s that Val has changed him, and allowed him to see the beauty in Humanity the Love he had for Val was his way of fighting Anna’s bliss. But without her he is worried that he will fall under the influence  of the Bliss once more.
Jack says “With Faith we can, and with Faith we do”

Erica gets into the car briefly, as they see Parker entering his building. Erica states that she will go in and check it out, and orders Ryan and Jack to cover front and back.

She knocks on his door, and he lets her in. He is adamant that whatever the Visitors said he has done he has not done it. *Which we all obviously know* Erica says that she believes him, but wants to know why he is on the run. Parker says that it is because someone had found him, and had broken in and stolen all his research. I Love Paul! He is such an amazing actor. When Munchkin saw this episode she yelped “Oh My God it’s Carson Beckett!” It does seem strange hearing him with out his Scottish accent that I LOVE.

It is discovered that him and his colleagues were working on something to cut down on carbon emissions, but the bad side effects were it created algae, that caused problems with Marine life, causing a virus on the skin of fish, amphibians… Erica asks it… “What about Lizards?” Parker thinks possibly.

Erica asks him if the virus was deadly. Parker said yes potentially that is why they stopped. Erica asks him about the research, and if he has the formula of the compound. But he said he only worked on one part of the research, and who ever took his hard drive has it now.

Jack calls Erica, tells her to get out of there as the FBI was crawling all over the place. Erica tells Jack and Ryan to get out of there, and asks Parker to write down all the names of the ‘think tank’ she pockets a sample of the Algae. She takes the list of names and tells Parker she will do everything in her power to help him,, she tackles him to the floor as if to arrest him just in time for the FBI (Yes Malik) storms in. Paul Erica’s boss congratulates her, where Malik looks suspicious. Parker is formally arrested for the “Attempted murder of the Visitor known as Lisa” And is taken away.

Back in the FBI head quarters, Erica’s Boss proclaims that he has spoken with Washington. The Visitor are not going anywhere, the Government offered help in finding Fifth Column, the Visitors will continue to share their technology with us, in return the FBI will share their Intel of terrorists with the Visitors. Erica says that she doesn’t think its such a great idea. But they seem to have no choice. Even Malik pretends to be shocked.

The FBI are to form a Joint Taskforce with the Visitors to eradicate the Fifth Column. And part of that deal, all suspects will be handed to the Visitors for questioning, starting with Parker.  Ohhh no. Anna has started to get her own way now. Her plans are beginning to take hold

Erica on a conference call with the others tell them that everyone within Parkers think tank were reported missing, so this means Anna had got to them already, and Parker was the missing link. Erica says she will try to get through to Lisa. To try to save Parker. Jack asks if that’s a good idea. Erica says “If she’s going use my son, I’m sure as hell gonna use her daughter” She hangs up as Anna, Lisa and the entourage have arrived for the line up.

Erica asks to take Lisa to one side to talk her through what is about to happen, She gives her a photograph of Tyler, and says to her “Holding on to something that makes you feel safe gives you strength” She tells Lisa that the fate of that Man’s life and so much more depended on her telling the truth about her attacker.

She looks at be about to tell Erica the truth when Anna, obviously cottoning on that something was off, enters Erica’s office. In the Line up, Anna, I think sensing Lisa’s uncertainty steps up to her, and outs her hand on her shoulder, and to an outsider would look like she was being Motherly, showing support what she said “I’m here” It was more of a warning I am here, not do as you were instructed.

Lisa looks to Erica, then back to her Mother, and knows what she must do. She points to Parker. Erica asks if she is sure. Lisa says she is positive. Anna smirks at Erica.

Outside, Anna approaches Erica with Lisa, and tells her how much she appreciates her for helping bring her daughters attacker to justice. We see Parker being dragged off by Visitor security. Anna tells Erica that they intend to question him about his associates, and hopefully lead to other Fifth Column and Kyle Hobbes. Erica cleverly tells Anna “I want you to know that I’m going to make stopping the fifth column my top priority” So Anna replies: “Then I’m sure we’ll cross paths again soon” With an eerie smile. Erica replies with an unofficial threat “I’m not going anywhere Anna”

We now back with Hobbes in St Josephine’s basement. He is looking at the contains of Parker’s hard drive. He then calls someone, and says that he has what they are really looking for… “I’ve got Parker’s research, question is how much is it worth to you?” *Now, I have had my doubts about the Hobbenator (The nick name that I have come up with for Kyle Hobbes) From the first episode he was in (Welcome to the war), This really had me thinking, ‘Ah! I knew it…’

Up on the Mothership, Chad is waiting for Anna, she arrives, he is all smiles, and mentions that he has been trying to contact her all day, She said “I’ve had other things on my mind besides Chad Decker”. Giggle, I liked that line! She thanked him for his plea, and that it was through his help that they are staying. Chad finally sees that Anna has been manipulating him, that she shut him out of purpose, so that he would get frantic and make that public plea. Anna states that the only interest she has is her People’s safety.

Anna demands that he gives her the name of his source, the contact, who gave him information about the Fifth Column.  But once again he says no. But how long will that last? I am under the impression that when Chad had this ‘brain surgery’ he had his thinking modified or a “mild conversion”.  There is a little back and forth between Hobbes and Ryan, Hobbes accuses Ryan of not being on his game, and that he should out everything behind him so that Anna has nothing over him.

Back up to the Mothership, Anna is in the “Hatchery” with Lisa, We see the Eggs she had laid, are huge and squirming, *Lots of sound squishy (so Munchkin described it) sound effects. They really did sound disgusting, like there were Lizards ready to burst out of them* “The eggs are about to hatch” Anna says with s very big smirk.

Anna tells Lisa that Tyler’s Mother is their most important asset, as she is the head of the taskforce. Lisa said to Anna, that she will keep her close to her and have her believe that she has ‘real’ feelings fir her, like her son.

Lisa goes to Joshua, and questions him If her Mother’s eggs are aloud to hatch the soldiers will destroy the Fifth Column. Lisa is fully aware of her emotions, her feelings for Tyler and his Mother ‘are’ real. And she does not want the Fifth Column destroyed, She knows now for sure that her Mother is evil. Erica would not have done such a thing to Tyler to achieve her goals. Erica comes home to Tyler, he calls her a Hero. And hugs her, like everything was back to normal. You can see she is torn. She wants to tell Tyler the truth, but timing is everything. If she acts too quickly Tyler will run into the arms of her nemesis Anna.

Tyler asks her if she is ok with him dating a Visitor, she admits that it it weird but the will get over it. And then takes a different tactic. She tells him that she wants to get to know Lisa and Anna better. This I am sure is so she can get access to the Mothership, they have been trying for weeks now to destroy the Eggs on the ship. What a better way to get up to the ship in the pretence of friendship…

Marcus comes to Anna to announce that the Fleet she had sent for would be entering the solar system soon. And will be shortly in ‘Human Radar’ range. She said that they will use their technology to render our technology useless. “They will see what we want them to see nothing more” She says. Marcus then tells her that the fear of the Fifth Column is spreading through all the ships. So Anna tells him “They just need their queen to assuage their fears” She then enters the ‘Bliss chamber’ to brain wash her people.

Anna starts her Bliss speech. “Take comfort in knowing that I am here. There is nothing to fear. We will remain among Humans, but the Fifth Column will never harm you…” Lisa and Joshua look to each other and smile, they are immune to Anna’s Bliss. I almost expected them to hold hands there awe! But Ryan on earth seems to be affected by it and misses a text message from Leah saying that Val’s waters just broke.

On earth a car pulls up in a side street. Hobbes appears from the shadows. The window reels down, it is Marcus…

Marcus asks him what is to stop him from killing Hobbes. “Because I’ve got Parker’s research, and you wouldn’t be here if that didn’t scare the hell outta you” They come to an agreement, Marcus gets the research, Hobbes gets his slate wiped clean and lots of money. To me is seemed that Hobbes knows Marcus. And I have even gone as far as to call that Hobbes might actually be a rogue Visitor, neither with or against Anna.

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!And another crack-pot theory?? Yes? Ok. We have said before that maybe Lisa is John May’s child, but I have changed my mind after seeing this episode. I think Marcus is her Father… He is always seeming to be there. Always so loyal… And seemed genuinely concerned for Lisa.

And I am wondering if Anna kept him in the Dark about Lisa’s assault being in house. Ok, we might be totally wrong here.

And if I am, I will gladly admit I am wrong, but I did call Malik right! Thank you for visiting WormholeRiders News Agency and reading. Click to visit and follow WR_Systems (Kenn) on Twitter!

Best Regards,

WR_Systems (Kenn).


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  1. Superb review dearest. Great pictures, too. After seeing this episode, I was thinking Marcus was perhaps an unidentified fifth column member. But could be rogue, too. His face just doesn’t say, “I’m with Anna.” My husband thinks Anna is the best sci-fi evil person ever. I think perhaps Marcus was the one who asked Hobbes to kill Parker. I hope they can rescue Parker before Anna gets to him. Am also loving the news that the show was picked up for a renewal.

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