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A little fanatical about Fringe? Do not know what you will do during the seven hellish weeks of hiatus after the airing of this Thursday nights shocker Fringe episode on FOX NClick to visit Fringe on Fox at Twitteretworks? Contemplating being put into that special tank in Walters Lab for a little stress relief? Maybe even starting to consider ingesting large amounts of Coretexiphan for Fringe withdrawal therapy to open your minds?

No worries Fringe Addicts! Even more surprises are coming from our new friends running the outstanding team over at The Fringe Report – LIVE! You heard that correctly people, Levi, Ian and the gang over at the Fringe Report Live have a fantastic LIVE Internet VIDEO broadcast every week!

Click to visit The FRINGE Report Dot Com LIVE!Nina-4-Good-or-Evil?

How do we know? We went through the Fringe Alternate Reality “Gate”  and have witnessed it for ourselves. Simply click their banner above and be “Gated” to “The Other Side” at The Fringe Report Dot Com! And do not be surprised If special guests appear out of thin air at The Fringe Report LIVE! Naddy and I hope to seWalter Dreams of Centrifugese more of you there this week and every week during the Fringe Hiatus. Below are just a few of the questions on our Fringe racked minds!

Will Walter EVER get a new centrifuge?

Is Nina really good or terribly evil? Astrid, Astro and or Ostrich? Click to visit Fringe on FOX

Will Walter confess to Peter that he was an Alternate Reality kidnapper of the son he loves and lost so many years ago?

Will Walter ever call Astrid by her real name? Or will Astrid always be known as Astro or Ostrich?

What does the rebuilt White House look like in that Alternate Reality and why were the Twin Towers never destroyed “On the Other Side”?

Alternate Reality Twin Towers - Click to visit Fringe on FOX

Will Peter finally get to go through the “Gate” and see what is on the “Other Side” and meet his other father? Is there another Walter alive “On the Other Side”?

Peter Activates Fringe Gate. Click to visit Fringe on FOXLivia Saving the Children. Click to visit Fringe on FOX

Where will The OThe Observer IS everywhere! Click to visit Fringe on FOXbserver turn up next? Will Olivia be forever a product of Coretexiphan? Can Livia possibly save Ella and all the other children who were experimented on in order to save the World?

Is is true that Mark Valley will forever be a “Human Target” or does Nina Sharp just have him in suspended animation while on HumaMark Valley of Fringe & Human Target. Click to visit Fringe on FOXn Target and will Mark ultimately return to make love to Olivia in Fringe again (not just in real life)?

What is the Deal with Broyles? Click to visit Fringe on FOXWhat IS the deal with Agent Broyles and Nina?

And for goodness sakes, where in the Alternate Realities is William Bell and what is he up to?Is William Bell just going to continue “sipping” Oxygen from that danged tank at the top of the World Trade Center? Could it not be Oxygen, but is it really true William Bell is laughing his butt off because he is actually hooked on Nitrous Oxide? Is that why William Bell has that S__T William Bell S__T Eating Grin. Click to visit Fringe on FOXEating Grin on his face all the time. OMG!

What WERE Peter, Olivia Walter, Astrid, Broyles, and Nina REALLY up to in season two episodes thatAt the Fringe "Gate". Click to visit Fringe on FOX have boggled all our minds?

And how in the ALL the Alternate Reality worlds will we all be able to survive without new Fringe episodes every week?

Should we all try to jump through the Alternate Reality “Gate” to see if Fringe has 52 episodes a year “On The Other Side”?

Fear not Fringe fans, we will not have to go bankrupt trying to build

Click to visit naddycat on Twitterour own Alternate Reality “Gate”!

Nor will we have to make a deal make with the likes of the evil minions of ZFT to see the third season of Fringe!

Well Fringe Fanatics, have no concern! WHR has new special reports coming for you from Click to visit and follow WormholeRiders News Agency on Twitter!our resident expert NaddyCat and other confidential sources. YAY!

Stay tuned and read all about it here and be sure to join Team WHR over at the The Fringe Report LIVE and or on Twitter @FringeLive!

Best Regards Click to visit and follow Kenn of Team WHR on Twitter!

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