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This week’s episode recap/review is full of detailed spoilers so please do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. You have been warned!

Bishop and Aiden carrying one of the Dutch's coffins in 1955

In the opening, Marcus (Vincent Leclerc) and Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) are anxiously waiting at the funeral home garage for the delivery of three coffins. As they arrive there is a flashback to 1955 in the same funeral home garage. At that time Aidan (Sam Witwer) was still part of the vampire family and was helping Bishop unload the same three coffins. While they unload, Aidan is mercilessly teasing Bishop about his relationship with a human woman, Jane (Lena Kleine). Aidan believes Bishop’s relationship is a way of turning his back on the family. Bishop just thinks it is complicated and that he will find a way to make it work.

Before the Dutch, the vampire family elders, awaken from their sleep, Carlo (Lorne Brass), the head of Boston family, allows Bishop to go see Jane. It is interesting to note that the roles are reversed between Bishop and Aidan. Bishop was more understanding and open to love like Aidan is in the present. Aidan, on the other hand, was exactly like Bishop in the present with his attitude and way of thinking. Aidan was all about putting the vampire family first. To have anything put ahead of the family is considered shameful and turning one’s back on the vampire empire. Bishop did believe in the vampire family, but his love for Jane put her and his love before the family.

Aiden trying to comfort Rebecca

Back in the present, Rebecca (Sarah Allen) angrily shoves Aidan against the wall of the funeral home. Aidan tries to explain to her that it is difficult to control a vampire child so he had to kill Bernie (Jason Spevack). Rebecca doesn’t want to believe his explanation. She thinks he could have taught Bernie to control himself if he only would have given him a chance. This wasn’t easy on Aidan either. He hates himself for having to kill Bernie. Aidan does his best to try and comfort Rebecca. She reveals that Bernie was the closest thing she could have had to a son.

Bishop intervenes and lets them know the Dutch will awaken soon. Aidan is surprised to hear that they have arrived and tells Rebecca who they are and to be careful. She is still too heartbroken from Bernie’s death to care for her own safety and tells Aidan she doesn’t care who they are and refuses any kind of protection from Aidan. She runs out of the funeral home, leaving Aidan and Bishop behind.

Bishop invites Aidan to come along with him to welcome the Dutch when they finally awaken from their slumber. Aidan argues that he is no longer part of the family so he doesn’t need to be there and pretend to be on his best behavior. Bishop nonchalantly threatens Aidan that he will tell the Dutch what kind of lifestyle Aiden lives now. He tells Aidan the life he leads is an insult to the empire the Dutch have built and that they do have an interest in him.

Sally and Josh talking on the front steps

Meanwhile back at the house, Josh (Sam Huntington) is husking corn for Nora (Kristen Hager) while talking to Sally (Meaghan Rath) on the front steps. Sally is glad to see that Josh is happy with the way things are going with Nora. I think it was smart of Josh to put on his Bluetooth so he doesn’t look like a crazy person talking to himself when in actuality he is talking to Sally. Unfortunately for Sally, things didn’t work out between her and Nick. Josh lets her know that he feels almost like a person when he is with Nora. He also tells Sally that she is a part of something with him and Aidan. She wants intention or to do something to be more helpful. Josh tells Sally he will be right back and heads around the corner of the house when screeching wheels are heard. Sally calls out for Josh, but he is nowhere to be found.

Bishop and Jane kissing

Flashback to 1955, Bishop is in love with Jane. They are sitting outside while she is having lunch at work. Bishop tries to convince Jane that it would be a good idea for him to turn her so they can be together forever. She does want to be with Bishop, but she refuses because she believes it is not natural and that they would be cheating God. It is interesting to note that Jane worked at what looks like the same hospital where both Josh and Aidan work. I wonder if it pains Bishop to go back to that same hospital now that he is a police officer.

Aiden and Bishop talking at the hospital

Jane heads back to work leaving Bishop sitting by himself with a metal box. Inside is a diamond ring. Aidan whistles at the sight of it. He tells Bishop to just turn her and that way they can be together like they want. Plus it would end the “complicated” part of the relationship. Bishop wants to turn her, but respects her decision and her humanity. Aidan doesn’t seem to get what Bishop is talking about. He tells Bishop he has been summoned to help Aidan show the Dutch around town. Bishop doesn’t want go back right then, not yet. It is obvious he would rather try to convince his love to let him turn her. Aidan reminds him that turning his back on his family isn’t a good idea and that his family needs him now. Before Aidan leaves, he suggests that Bishop should just turn her and that she will thank him for it later.

Hegeman drinking while Marcus and Bishop watch

Back in the present, Bishop is nervously waiting for the Dutch to awaken. Marcus’s alarm on his phone goes off signaling the time the Dutch are to rise from their sleep. Hegeman (Terry Kinney) is the first to wake and asks for a drink. Instead of taking the cup of blood he takes the entire pitcher. Bishop welcomes him after 50 years of sleep. The other vampires finally wake from their sleep as well.

Josh caged in and meets Douglas

Meanwhile, Josh awakens in a cage. A man stands on the outside of Josh’s cage and introduces himself as Douglas (Vlasta Vrana), but the vampires call him the Professor. He tells Josh that they are both werewolves and that they are there to entertain the vampires. It is a sport the vampires like to watch. They love to watch them turn into werewolves and force them to fight each other to the death. Vampires make bets on who will win. The Professor says that they keep the winning werewolf locked up for 29 days until the next fight. Josh wants out, but Douglas lets him know that it is futile because the vampires are stronger than they are. Josh learns that Douglas has been kept there for the last 15 years and that he is the next werewolf to face him when he turns.

The elders question Bishop’s reasons for minor decisions made with the funeral home. Aidan walks into the room and welcomes the Dutch. Bishop announces the entertainment for the evening is wolves. He tries to tell the Dutch what else he has planned for the next day, but Hegeman cuts him off and tells him they will be leaving tomorrow.

The Dutch inspect Douglas and Josh

With that, Bishop leads them to where they are holding Josh and Douglas. Aidan is shocked to see Josh caged, but tries to conceal his true feelings. Josh is surprised to see Aidan taking part with the group. The werewolves are told to line up side by side. Aidan is the one giving the orders as the Dutch inspect Douglas and Josh. Douglas knows the routine and does what he is told without question. Josh, on the other hand, does question each order but in the end complies. While the elders approve of the werewolves, Bishop quietly tells Aidan that getting Josh was a spur of the moment decision. I highly doubt that, but I am sure Bishop just wanted to get under Aidan’s skin.

The Dutch kill Carlo as Bishop and Aiden watch

Flashback to the funeral home garage in 1955, the elders ask Bishop where he went while they were wakening from their sleep. He tells them it was because of personal business. Carlo comes back to the room and apologizes as he was attending to a viewing. Shortly after he enters the room the elders attack and kill Carlo as both Aidan and Bishop watch. Bishop had to hold Aidan back as Carlo was attacked. It would be Aidan to question why they killed him. The elders question Bishop as to why he didn’t stand up for Carlo since Carlo was the one who turned him and allowed him to have a romantic relationship with Jane. The elders tell Bishop that he has fallen, but they want to bring him back up. Bishop surprisingly says there is nothing they can do for him. They decide to give him the leadership over Boston on the condition that he give up the girl. Bishop surprisingly says no to Aidan’s disbelief.

Back to present day, Douglas realizes that Josh knew at least one of the vampires that were part of the inspection group. While locked up, Josh is angrily trying to find a way to get out and hopes Douglas will help. Then Josh realizes that the Professor isn’t locked up because he no longer wants to escape. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone if he does escape. In his mind it is safer to be locked up with the vampires. Josh takes a moment to breathe and notices Douglas constantly writing in a notebook. He wants to know what Douglas is doing with all his notes. Josh lets him know he had a notebook with all of his observations about being a werewolf. He thought he could find a way to stop the transformation. Douglas asks if he was able to find a solution. Josh simply doesn’t answer.

Douglas showing Josh his notebook

Back at the house, Sally tells Aidan that Josh is gone. He tells her that he knew that already. He is frantically searching for the keys to the funeral home, but won’t let Sally help him. Sally takes things into her own hands and finds Josh in the funeral home basement where he is being held. Sally lets him know that the vampires do not like ghosts and they tried to get rid of her with a tire iron. Meanwhile, Josh introduces Sally to Douglas. She is a bit bewildered that Josh is not freaking out or scared that he is imprisoned by vampires. He lets her know that he is, but is also a bit fascinated with what Douglas has written in his notebook. Josh also is not sure that Aidan is on his side anymore because he hasn’t gotten him out yet. Sally is shocked to find out that Josh has to fight Douglas in the arena in order to live.

Josh tells Sally he has to kill Douglas to live

Sally questions Aiden's loyalty

Aidan returns to the funeral home and finds Rebecca still mourning Bernie’s death. He tries to ask Rebecca for help to get Josh out. Rebecca refuses to help Aidan. She tells him to ask Bishop in a really nice way to let Josh out. Sally finds them and tells Aidan to find a way to get Josh out. Rebecca is amazed to know that Sally has seen her on the video she made for Aidan. Rebecca once again leaves in anger. She asks Aidan how he can choose those monsters over her and Josh. Aidan confesses that he is one of them. She reminds Aidan that he has committed to a new life with her and Josh, to be a good guy, not a monster. She wonders when he is going to take a stand.

Aiden lectures Bishop where his priorities should lie

Flashback to 1955 in the funeral home garage, Aidan tells Bishop that all he had to do was say yes and Boston would be his. He lets Bishop know that he is turning his back on the empire that the Dutch built for them. He calls Bishop a hypocrite for taking Aidan away from his family and his life. When he made Aiden a vampire, Bishop told Aidan that he was joining something special and it is a way of celebrating their immortality. Instead, Bishop is throwing it away for a woman. Aidan lets him know that he used to honor and fear him, but now he doesn’t see the same vampire anymore. Bishop quietly tells him that he can’t lose the woman he loves, to which Aidan replies Bishop will lose him instead. He can support him and that means the elders will kill him unless he kills her. Aidan says, “…either I leave you now or I’ll betray you later.” It is a very poignant statement or ultimatum for Bishop to deal with.

Back at the funeral home basement, there are bets being made and music playing before the werewolves are let in. Aidan makes his way to Bishop and tells him to let Josh go. Bishop brushes off his suggestion. Aidan finally tells him that he will come back to the family, more specifically to Bishop, but only if Josh is set free. Bishop smiles because he has been waiting for Aidan to come back where he belongs.

Bishop smiling, Aiden is returning to the family

Josh begins to turn

Marcus goes to Josh and teases him like he is a puppy dog. He orders Josh to undress. Sally stays by his side and tells him not to be scared by Marcus or any of the others. Marcus takes Josh and has him strapped down to a chair in the middle of the arena, naked. Josh stares at Aidan. I am not sure if he was hoping Aidan could do something to help him get out. As the last strap is placed on Josh he begins to turn. Once fully a wolf, he breaks free of his restraints and begins to circle around the arena snarling at the vampires. Bishop tries to tell the Dutch that the older wolf is sick and that it is not fair to have them fight, so Hegeman tells Bishop to have some of his men fight the werewolf. Bishop is not happy with the idea, but before anything happens, the Professor, now a werewolf, comes out to join Josh in the arena. Sally is there watching in horror. The two werewolves circle one another before clawing at one another. Not much is seen after Douglas makes the first strike and they claw at one another a couple of times. The only thing heard was the whimpering sound of a hurt werewolf. The fight ends early.

The two werewolves circling each other

Aiden telling Josh and Sally he's going back to Bishop

Back at the house, Josh is flipping through Douglas’s notebook. Josh killed him to get free. Josh tells Aidan he doesn’t know how he will live with himself for killing Douglas. Aidan lets him know that he understands what Josh is going through and that it will stay with him. Josh finally asks Aidan why they chose him to fight Douglas. Aidan doesn’t give a straight answer. He tells them that something in his past finally caught up with him. He also tells him Bishop did him a favor so he made him a promise to go back. Aidan said it is a code of honor he needs to respect. Both Josh and Sally do not understand where the honor is in going back to Bishop and the family. Aidan tells them that it was the only way to get Josh free, but Josh will not accept his explanation. Josh doesn’t know how he or Sally can trust Aidan again if he can’t stay away from the other vampires.

Bishop choking Jane to death

Flashback to 1955, Bishop goes to visit the woman he loves, Jane, at her work. He tells her that everything is alright. He admits it is not natural for them to be together. He also admits that she is a temptation and a weakness for him. He proceeds to place his hands on her face as they talk and slowly moves his hands to her neck. Once his hands are around her neck he proceeds to choke her to death, all the while looking into her eyes. He picks up her limp body and places it on one of the hospital beds and quietly slips away.

Bishop reveals shocking news to Aiden

Back to the present, Aidan catches up with Bishop to help him show the Dutch around Boston. He knows the elders are only there to judge what is going on. Bishop asks the Dutch if they are ready for dinner. They agree that they are, and walk ahead after a group of young women. This allows Aidan and Bishop to speak privately for a moment. Aidan asks what the real reason is for the elders’ visit. Bishop nonchalantly tells him that he is sure that tomorrow they will kill him like they did Carlo 50 years ago. Aidan is shocked by the news and, I am sure, by Bishop’s indifference. The episode ends with Aidan still trying to take in the news that was just given to him before walking after Bishop.

Well, that’s it for now. Make sure to check out next week’s episode “Going Dutch” on Syfy to find out what happens next. We include the promotional trailer for your pleasure

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