Tonight I’m Frakkin You – Break Dot Com feat Alessandra Torresani – A Parody Too Good to Pass Up Caprica, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars. Behind The Scenes, Richard Hatch and MORE!

2010-01-02 Caprica poster

Hey Battlestar, Caprica, music and parody Fans,Click to visit and learn more about Break Dot Com!

Well the one night I chose to go toAlessandra Torresani in Tonight I'm Frakkin You bed early while AT5 Reverberation convention reports were being drafted by the team and look what Break Dot Com, U-87 Zoe (Alessandra TorresaniCaprica) Amy Okuta of The Guild and Raj (Kunal Nayyar of Big Bang Theory) went and did for the fans of science fiction!

ZOMG -They went and FRAKKIN ROCKED IT with one of the finest parody music news videos we have ever witnessed!

And OMG Ms. Torresani’s in that Star Wars Princess Leia costume *FRAKKIN FAINTS* !!!






Battlestar Blood and Chrome artwork courtesy BLASTR!We do miss Caprica very much so we also include our original January 2010 Caprica coverage announcement music Alessandra Torresani - Click to visit her official web site!news video which features a lot of Zoe with music my Gwen Stefani music video for your enjoyment.

We here at Team WHR are very much looking forward to BattleStar Galactica ‘Blood and Chrome on SyFy so much we have already formed a new team to provide robust coverage of the pilot due out soon!

We are also hopeful that the wonderful actress Ms. Torresani will reprise her role as U-87 (Zoe) when BSG returns. You can also visit Ms. Torresani’s website to demonstrate your appreciation of her outstanding talent as an actress!




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