Press Release: Support “Agent Mom”, the Lovely and Talented Ms. Alaina Huffman!


Hey Alaina Huffman fans!

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Everyone here at WHR knows the wonderful Ms. Alaina Huffman from Stargate Universe as Lt. Tamara Johansen (TJ) and from Smallville as the characters Black Canary / Dinah Lance. Well although we are sure you may have heard by now, we have wonderful news coming out of New York Comic-Con this weekend. Per Ms. Huffman’s request we are spreading the news and we follow our orders! We respectfully ask that you do so as well!

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Ms. Huffman has a new project known as Agent Mom as illustrated in the MTV Network video below. Therefore we only have three words! SUPPORT AGENT MOM! Do it now! Got it? That is all for the moment!

Thank you for supporting this wonderful person and fine actress!

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Oh and did I remember to request that you support Agent Mom?

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2 thoughts on “Press Release: Support “Agent Mom”, the Lovely and Talented Ms. Alaina Huffman!

  1. Hi Woody!

    Indeed! As do we all! Best wishes to Alaina in her new project as super spy “Agent Mom”!

    And one day you will (make it to a con that is)!

    Best Regards

  2. I’m very excited about her new project and wish her much success. Wish I could make it to a con to get an autographed copy but will have to go the order on line route. Is the url out now or later to release date? Can’t wait is all I can say for now!!!

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