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Today is the day we have all been waiting for! The super new World Premiere of the DMAN and KYLE YOUNGBLOOD trailers from the wonderful screen writers, producers and directors, Ms. Patricia A. Beninati and Michael K. Anderson of “Are U Trippin” Films and Centerboro Productions!We include both trailers and high resolution images Click to visit Patti0713 (Patricia A. Beninati) on Twitter!for your viewing pleasure!

Both DMAN and KYLE YOUNGBLOOD are both fantastic new science fiction weekly episodic series that WHR and people all over the world has been waiting in avid anticipation for! Both DMAN and KYLE YOUNGBLOOD will be coming to a television network near you VERY soon. Stand by for the announcement from Are U Trippin and Centerboro Productions! We include the original Press Release below.

And now with our further delay, DMAN with a Wormhole “Gate” and Kyle YoungBlood where the midwest gets even weirder! ZOMG and enjoy!Click to visit WR_Systems (Kenn) on Twitter

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PRESS RELEASE – July 20, 2010 New Jersey / New York


Centerboro Productions – Patricia A. Beninati – Michael K. Anderson – WGA’ #s Copyright ©2010


WGA’ #s Copyright ©2010

DMAN (Sci-Fi/Intrigue/Action): A famed eccentric female scientist works with an FBI Agent and together they investigate a slew of bizarre murders, explore unexplained telekinetic phenomena, until the shocking arrival of Q7, a telepathic shapeshifting alien from another dimension, who helps her discover that it all may be part of a larger interdimensional conspiracy…

CONCEPT: The Fugitive meets Fringe meets Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

GENRE: Sci-Fi Supernatural Drama

Weekly Episodes: 1 hour episodes. Potential plots for episodes:

The series follows DR. KAREN FRAMER, a famed eccentric female scientist head of “The Psychokinetic Ability Research Lab” and her team, secretly based in an underground bunker at The University of Kansas, under the supervision of AGENT PHIL COX at The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “Paranormal Phenomena Unit”. The team uses peculiar paranormal science and FBI investigative techniques to examine a series of unexplained, often weird murders and occurrences that are happening all over the world, while a telepathic shapeshifting alien from another dimension suddenly arrives on Earth in her lab, who has a connection with Dr. Framer and telekinetic daughter MILEY, and helps Dr. Framer discover that it all may be part of a larger interdimensional conspiracy.  The show is described as a hybrid of The Fugitive meets Fringe meets Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


DMAN Trailer 01

DMAN Trailer 02

DMAN Trailer 04

DMAN Trailer 03


WGA’ #s Copyright ©2010

KYLE YOUNGBLOOD (Science Fiction): While the big city secret governmental organizations handle all the major paranormal/extraterrestrial investigations, small town America has its own protector in Kyle Youngblood and his enthusiastic (but perpetually under-funded) team of eccentric scientists.  Together with Deputy Kari Blake, their much put-upon liaison with local law enforcement, Kyle and his team investigate the strange goings-on in the weirdest corners of the rural Midwest, handling all the strange phenomena the government hasn’t classified as “world endangering” — at least, not yet…

CONCEPT: Fringe meets The Life Aquatic

GENRE: Science Fiction

Weekly Episodes: 1 hour episodes. Potential plots for episodes:

KYLE YOUNGBLOOD and his team must fight an insane, anti-government farmer who has built a giant robot in his barn to attack City Hall; a chemical outbreak causes the livestock to mutate, trapping Kyle and his team on a farm with dangerous zombified animals; an alien artifact is discovered which causes random time travel for one of the Team; Kyle and the Team must figure out a way to exorcise the ghosts of Confederate and Union soldiers who are fighting the Civil War all over again in the Town Square; an ex-member of the Team plots to kill Kyle and use the Team’s alien technology to take over all of Iowa.

Kyle YoungBlood

Kyle YoungBlood Trailer 04

Kyle YoungBlood Trailer 05

Kyle YoungBlood Trailer 02

Kyle YoungBlood Weirder

Screenwriters – Directors – Producers

Patricia A. Beninati * Michael K. Anderson

Are U Trippin Films

Centerboro Productions new site up soon!

O 201-369-9784


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  1. Yes Caroline. Centerboro Productions D-MAN and KYLE YOUNGBLOOD will be awesome! Thank you Patricia A. Beninati and Mr. Anderson (Michael )!

    Best Regards

  2. This looks like going to be great science fiction show KYLE YOUNGBLOOD with a touch of comedy and DMAN well this is my kettle fish dimensional doorways shapeshifting Psychokinetic dream power frakin awesome give me more and thanks Kenn for your effort well done and Patti and Michael don’t stop please.

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