Claudia Black and Stargate at the Constellation Awards!

Here are the winners of Constellation Awards, notably Claudia Black and her award and those Stargate received or were nominated for!


Hi Stargate and Farscape Fans!


WormholeRiders sends sincere congratulations to Claudia Black for winning the Constellation Award for her portrayal of Quetesh and Vala Mal Doran in Stargate: Continuum! The awards were given based on the percentage of votes received from fans. Claudia took home the prize with a whopping 48%! Amanda Tapping (also nominated for Stargate: Continuum) was a close runner up with 18%.


For those of you who don’t know, the Constellation Awards are Canada’s annual science fiction awards. Now in its third year, the Constellation Awards are the only Canadian science fiction awards where the fans get to vote for the winners!  

The Awards were presented at the Polaris 23 convention July 10th through 12th in Toronto, Canada. Claudia was present at the convention but unfortunately had to leave early and was not present to accept her award. She did, however, record a lovely message thanking everyone for their continued support.

An award was also presented to the Stargate Franchise for Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Science Fiction Film/TV! (Amanda Tapping was also nominated and so was her new show Sanctuary).

Stargate also received the following nominations:

Best Overall Science Fiction Film or Television Script (Stargate);

Best Technical Accomplishment in a Film or TV Production

(Stargate: Continuum- Special Effects);

Best Science Fiction TV Movie or Mini-Series in 2008

(Stargate: Continuum);

Best Male Performance in TV Film or Mini-Series

(Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate: Continuum);

Best Science Fiction Series of 2008

(Stargate: Atlantis);

Best Male Performance in a 2008 Science Fiction TV Episode

(David Hewlett, Stargate: Atlantis- “The Shrine”).


Stargate may have only won one category but it was nominated in nearly every category! Go Stargate!!! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled next spring to  for your chance to vote for your favorite stars and shows!

Stay tuned for a very special annoucement about WormholeRiders ‘live from the convention’ coverage from Atllanta Georgia about the upcoming DragonCon 2009!


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