Eureka “Lift Off” S4x11 – What We All Loved About the Series Return Back on The Little House on The Prairie!

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Hello, Eureka fans.

I love the introduction to the episode here. We see a balloon stuck in a tree with the words, “Congratulations” written on it, followed by an Fav SyFy Logo Chain Linksoutdoor shot of Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) at his underground bunker of a house.

The entrance is festively decorated and someone is finally getting married as Vincent (Chris Gauthier) prepares for the festive event!

Eureka S4x11 - Entrance heavily decorated for wedding

Eureka S4x11 - Vincent attends to wedding details

Eureka S4x11 - Romance for Carter and Allison

With the length of time we have all waited for Carter and Allison (Sally Richardson Whitfield) to get together, it is not a big stretch to assume that maybe Carter and Allison are finally making it official. Or perhaps it is Zane and Jo? Sorry human romance fans, not the case here, however.

Eureka S4x11 - Carter and Allison at wedding

It’s S.A.R.A.H, the house, and our loveable robot deputy Andy (Kavan Smith) who are tying the knot, sort of. The house gets cold feet and the wedding gets called off. The groom gets stomped on once again. Poor Andy!

Eureka S4x11 - Poor Andy

Later, Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) is still having issues with Zane (Niall Matter). Jo has given up on any future with Zane and is now attempting to ignore Zane. Fargo (Neil Grayston)is doing much better as leader of Global Dynamics (G.D.).

Eureka S4x11 - Back at Global Dynamics

He distracts Zane, reminding him he has a job to do. Fargo sends Zane off to deal with an Ion Damper, on behalf of a grateful Jo. Zane has taken to calling Fargo, “little big man”, a nickname that looks like it will become part of Zane’s repertoire of comedic gag lines when the “stuff hits the fan”!

Eureka S4x11 - Lift off
This episode highlights Fargo’s growth as a character in the series. Sure, there is the inevitable screw-up resulting in a technological problem that needs to be solved, but Fargo’s genius shines through and demonstrates why he is at G.D. in the first place, and why he should remain the leader. In this case, the screw-up is an unintentional launch of a rocket with Fargo and Zane inside. Both Zane and Fargo are unconscious for some reason, once they achieve orbit. I was a bit confused by this. Perhaps the emergency oxygen supply did not kick in right away. If this is the case, then the two unexpected and unofficial astronauts would indeed be unconscious for a short period.

Eureka S4x11 - Lift off ends in orbit
Eureka S4x11 - Zane and Fargo unconscience
The good news, there is enough oxygen to keep them alive for a few hours. The bad news, they are headed for the International Space Station. I kept expecting Zane to come up with the solutions to save them, but in this case, Fargo came to the rescue while Zane seemed to cower in the background. He uses the oxygen in the ship as maneuvering  thrusters, thereby narrowly  avoiding a collision and death. As they literally scrape by the habitable area of the space station.  Zane and Fargo look out their window at someone in the space station looking back at them.

Fargo’s best line, “I scraped the ISS. Now they’ll never let me be an astronaut!”

Eureka S4x11 - Bosun Cloud Exciter in action

Meanwhile, back at G.D, Carter, Allison and Henry (Joe Morton) are dealing with their own problems; how to get Zane and Fargo back down on the ground. Fortunately, a team had already been working on a device called a catcher’s mitt (Bosun Cloud Exciter aka the BCE) to slow them down once Zane and Fargo find a solution from their end.

Eureka S4x11 - Fargo and Zane work their solution

During this episode, we learn that G.D has already been working on artificial gravity and Faster Than Light (FTL) travel, some pretty advanced technology. However, Zane and Fargo also are forced to deal with some antiquated technology starting with an air sickness bag for Zane. Zane obviously does not handle stress too well. Also, at least initially, Carter’s problem solving skills are absolutely useless. His lack of information is grimly pointed out to him by Allison.

What does not change is Zanes’s and Fargo’s ability to needle each other. Throughout their ongoing spat, in the middle of a crisis that could cost them both their lives, Zane discovers Jo’s real feelings for him. Fargo’s big mouth strikes again.

Eureka S4x11 - Fargo and Zane decide to use FTL
Fargo decides to use the FTL system to get back to earth. The main problem is that a key component Zane was supposed to install in the capsule they are now trapped inside was also a key component for the Bosun Cloud Exciter. Without that key component, the BCE malfunctions, knocking out everything that uses electricity to function. Carter, Henry, Jo and Allison find themselves back in the horse and buggy age, or as Carter gamely ads, they are back on “The Little House On the Prairie”.

Eureka S4x11 - Horses to the rescue

Eureka S4x11 - Yikes it horsies
Luckily, Jo shows up with horses so that Allison, Carter and she can get around faster to save the day. Jo heads for Grace’s (Tembi Locke) lab to retrieve an energy generator. The problem is, it is 1000 feet underground.  Jo manages to descend safely where she runs into Deputy Andy. He’s been re evaluating his situation as the jilted groom. Together, they realize that Andy would make a great power source. So, again, it looks like Andy is about to be stomped on.

Eureka S4x11 - Waiting for the solution

When Zane and Fargo have prepared everything from their end to fire up the FTL, Zane apologizes for his uselessness earlier and acknowledges Fargo’s contributions. It’s nice to see Zane accepting that Fargo is not just a figurehead at GD. As Carter also solves their communication problem with the capsule, he also manages to regain Allison’s trust and faith in him.

Eureka S4x11 - Carter is trusted again

Eureka S4x11 - Allison trusts Carter again

Fargo receives an extremely long distance call on his cell phone. Carter tells him when it’s safe to fire up the FTL drive. Of course, they are successful, Andy collapses, Zane and Fargo make their way out of the capsule and Zane now knows why he and Jo had something special going on between them. Unfortunately, Jo doesn’t know that Zane knows. This could get complicated. The episode seems to end with Carter and Allison making amends over some of the leftovers from S.A.R.A.H’s and Andy’s non-wedding.

Eureka S4x11 - Carter eats non wedding leftovers

Not so fast! We segue to Fargo who has been summoned to a government hearing presided over by a Senator Macala Wen who is apparently in charge of the Global Dynamic program.

Eureka S4x11 - Fargo is summoned to Washington

Eureka S4x11 - Senator Macala Nguyen

The Senator does not look very happy with Fargo. Who is the unhappy Senator ready to grill Fargo? Why it is none other than the brilliant actress Ming Na that we all recently loved as Camile Wray from Stargate Universe! It is apparent from this ending sequence that we will see Ming Na again in the future! The question for Eureka fans to consider is whether MingNa become a regular recurring character as the Senator?

Eureka S4x11 - A none to happy MingNa as Senator Macala Nguyen

However, I think the episode would have ended more in keeping with the previous story arc with General Mansfield (Barclay Hope) hovering nearby as Fargo gets raked over the coals. There were other military officers on the Senators hearing panel. Hopefully, Mansfield will reappear in the next episode, perhaps in the Senators office to BBQ Fargo?!

Eureka S4x11 - Other military officers

Eureka S4x11 - Fargo ready for his own BBQ

Other fun in Eureka is that I really do enjoy the regular abuse of Deputy Andy (Kavan Smith). Despite Andy’s gamely being willing to endure anything for the team, he often becomes the punching bag. I wonder what is in store for him later on? In fact I think poor Andy the robotic deputy wonders precisely the same thing!

Eureka S4x11 - Kavan Smith is delightful as Andy

Last thought; this was also the first regular episode without Dr. Grant (James Callis). The series has invited some interesting guest stars in the past. I hope this continues with some more interesting interactions with the cast and especially Deputy Andy.

Eureka S4x00 - Cast Promo courtesy Syfy and NBC Universal

Eureka returns this Monday at 8 PM E/P 7 central on Syfy with another outstanding episode called “Reprise” featuring a wonderful guest star, Felicia Day of The Guild. Make sure to tune in and watch live to support your favorite science fiction television programs. In the meantime we include “Lift Off” courtesy of Syfy via Hulu. Enjoy.

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