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I know, this has been long past due, but I eventually got it up for all you Sanctuary fans to read. Seeing as this was the first review of a show I have actually had to write up, I appreciate everyone being patient with me in this endeavour. I hope you all enjoy what I have written up.
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Opens up with Henry on the second floor of an abandoned building looking through his binoculars.  “All clear from up here.”  Then it goes to split screen with Henry taking up most of the upper part, Will below and to the left, “Yeah, same here.”  and Kate to the right of Will, “Ditto.”  Henry fades away to show Helen walking on the sidewalk, “Copy that.  Heading there now.”

Henry watches through his binoculars as Helen takes the corner to head into the alley to meet her old time friend, James. He was an abnormal that had done some things that he regretted. Thanks to Helen, he was able to use his “talent” for good instead of evil.

Jimmy (James – played by our beloved Michael Shanks) came around another corner of the building, Helen turned around with a smile and walked towards him, “Nice to see you again.” they hugged and kissed each other’s cheek, upon which Jimmy comments, “Love the hair.” Helen smiled even more, “Thank you.” then they get on to business as to why he was there.

Then Will caught eye of two sedan cars pulling up on their position. Will gave Helen a heads up through their hand radios. Helen and James ran towards the opening of the alley to see who it was. That’s when Jimmy informed Helen of a group that he had done a job for in Chicago, Duke, a head abnormal. Apparently he was the one who hired Jimmy to get the elemental he is holding in his pouch.

Helen got slightly peeved, “You stole this from a Mob Boss?!” Jimmy’s reasoning was that he was afraid of what Duke would do with it. The other guys were baring down on Helen and Jimmy’s position, “Henry, we need a diversion.”

That’s when all hell broke loose and guns firing in every direction, with Henry starting it off by taking out one of Duke’s henchmen. Helen and James went into a building before anyone could see them. With the henchmen focused on Will and Henry, it gave Helen and Jimmy time to exit out of the building away from the shooting.

Running towards some crates, they were seen by one of Duke’s men and were fired upon. Jimmy managed to get a shot past and hit one, that’s when Kate drove around the corner and yelled out for them to get in. Helen told Jimmy to go and protect the package. Reluctant on leaving Helen behind, he shot of more rounds from his handgun and ran for the car.

As Jimmy jumped into the back seat, head first, Kate sped off. Jimmy broke the back window out of the car so he can continue shooting as Kate made the corner and onto the street. One of Duke’s men radioed that the car was headed north, another man answered the call and informed that he’s heading off to catch up to them. Then they broke off the firing.

Helen radioed for Will and Henry to meet up at the rendezvous point.
Driving along with Jimmy still in the back seat, he asked Kate where they were headed. After getting no response, he informed her that he believes they lost the bad guys, then wondered why they were apparently slowing down.

Kate passed out, resulting in the car hitting a parked truck, Jimmy reached forward and pulled Kate back upright, moving her jacket, he seen the reason. “Oh Crap.” This changes things a bit.

Back at the rendezvous point, there was no sign of Kate or Jimmy. After trying Kate’s radio, Helen suggested Will try her cell phone, of which it starting making a noise in the van that Will and Henry arrived in. Henry then suggested he call the “big guy” and see if they have checked into the sanctuary. When Will questioned on who the guys were, that’s when Helen informed him of Duke and of the fact that that’s who Jimmy stole the elemental from.

Neither of them were pleased of that fact but what was more upsetting to Helen was how they were able to track them down in the first place. She knew it wasn’t one of her own, and she knew Jimmy wasn’t that stupid to let that happen. Once Henry came back from his call to the “big guy” and informing them that Kate and Jimmy didn’t contact the sanctuary, Helen right away told Henry to get on the task of finding out how Duke was able to track them.

Jimmy found a safe location and with an unconscious Kate in his arms, he kicked open the door. Laying her on a mattress that was on the floor, (hoe convenient) drawing his gun to check and make sure they were alone, he then closed the main door and put a chair up against the knob to prevent anyone from entering (like that actually works). Then he knelt down next to Kate to check how much damage she did suffer from the gun shot.

He stripped off his jacket, then focused on her. Took the radio out of her jacket pocket, tossing it on the mattress as it wasn’t any use to them seeing as it had a bullet hole going through it. As Jimmy started to peel away her scarf, he focused on her injured area. Moving back the jacket and part of her shirt to get a better look, that’s when Kate started to wake up. Scrambling to get Jimmy away from her, he told her to calm down that he only wanted to help her. She calmed a bit and let Jimmy examine her injury.

Kate suggested on going back to the sanctuary, but Jimmy told her it’s a bad idea seeing as she’s been shot and there’s bad guys probably still after them. Then she suggested on radioing Helen, but again Jimmy informed her that her radio was “shot to hell.” All the while she was trying to move about and try and get up, Jimmy was ripping up an old piece of material to use to clean up Kate’s wound. Upon finding some alcohol as a disinfectant, he poured some into her open bloodied would, of which she let out a short scream. Then he looks at her and says, “we have to get that bullet out.” Kate wasn’t impressed. She definitely wanted to go back to the sanctuary now.

With heavy breathing, Jimmy pulled out his pocket knife to which Kate was definitely not going to let him touch her with it. But he made it quite clear that if she didn’t let him take the bullet out, she would die. That’s when he handed her his handgun and told her to point it at the door, should anyone come in, to shoot and not hesitate. Upon getting ready he told her to not try to move too much.

With Helen and Will driving around to look for Kate, they discussed on where they could have gone. Helen radios to henry who was back at Sanctuary doing his techno things, (gotta love the smart ones), when he informed Helen that Duke, the Mob boss is a Diacon. With a “just great” look, Will asked what it is,, of which Helen inform Will that he is a highly aggressive humanoid offshoot, they suffer from uncontrollable spouts of rage that they can’t contain it. With Will full of questions, Helen answers, Diacons have special glands in their hands that contains a form of radiation. When they get hold of you, it’s very unpleasant. That’s when Henry told Helen that with his further research on Duke, one minute he was strapped for cash and now he’s the leader of a Mob.

Duke was playing an office game of golf. After getting the ball in the cup, a knock sounded on the door. Duke nodded for the men in the room watching, to answer it, when the door opened and his henchmen entered he asked “How did it go?” That’s when one of the three men who entered told Duke they lost them, that he (referring to Jimmy) escaped with a member of the Sanctuary – Freelander, but they never made it back to the Sanctuary, but not to worry, that they will find them.

That’s when Duke started to emit radiation into the handle of the gulf club. Duke calmed down enough to walk over to the man, “I’m not going to worry,” and with that took the club and started hitting the man with it repeatedly.

That’s when Duke’s little devices attached to his temples started going off and seemed to give him a small jolt to stop. His second in command walked over to him and informed duke that they might need some tweaking and a diagnostic to make sure it’s still working properly. Duke took a few deep breaths and told his 2nd in command to monitor the situation, to watch out for Freelander, once they find her, they should find Jimmy.

“You have got to stay still.” Jimmy speaks up, letting her know that he can’t get the bullet out with her moving around so much. He stick the tip of the knife in and routing around to loosen up the bullet, Kate just couldn’t take it and grabbed his lower arm and does a rocking motion from right to left. That’s when Jimmy stops and pins her down on her shoulders, telling her it’s important that she not move. She then asks for morphine, of which Jimmy comments that he wishes he had that himself. He takes a quick sip of the flask, gives some to Kate and gets back at the removal again.

To take her mind off the situation, Jimmy starts a conversation to keep her talking. He introduces himself, forcing her to tell him her name in response. Of which it led to where she grew up. She informed him Chicago, of which he said the same. Then it got to a debate that his part wasn’t Chicago, which made him smile.

Driving slowly down the street, Helen and Will came to the conclusion that if they are not out in the open, then they must be in hiding, in which case, the car is not much good to them. They will have to walk. Helen suggested to Will that he go east and she will go west, do one block at a time and stay in radio contact. Exiting the car, they went in their designated directions.

With Kate screaming more, Jimmy tells her in a louder tone to get over her screaming that he’s almost got the bullet.

With bullet in hand, he tells her she can add this to her collection, of which he got no response.  Putting his head down towards her face, he couldn’t feel any breath coming from her.  Panicking, he rushes to do CPR on her.

Helen answers her cell phone knowing it was henry on the other end. Henry right away tells Helen to take the radio and stomp on it, breaking it into little pieces. Helen questions, “why did I just do that?” That’s when henry informed her that that is how Duke and his gang are able to track their every move.
Helen hangs up from henry and runs back in the direction of which Will was searching in. Just as she yelled out his name, she looked into the alley and seen Will’s radio on the ground. She walked over to it and picked it up.

After much CPRing (i know, that’s not even a word, but I’m known for making up new words, lol), Kate wakes up. In a bit of a daze, James tells her to just “take it easy”. she looks around the room and realizes that she haven’t been dreaming. (though with having Michael there with his hands all over her, I’d still be past out,, lol)
When James gave her a jokingly recap of what had happened, “you passed out so I took the opportunity to make out with ya.” knowing what really happened, she thanked James for saving her life.

Henry was very apologetic of which Helen told him that it wasn’t his fault. Henry then went on to say that he’d have to encrypt all the com frequencies, in which Helen acknowledged and told him that she would meet him back at the Sanctuary.

Stumbling to get up from the mattress, James limped a bit towards the window, (my guess is cause his foot was asleep, don’tcha just hate when that happens?) Trying to catch his breath, Kate asked what was wrong until he informed her of the cargo he was carrying around that was starting to heat up. (as if he’s not hot enough already, lol). And then going on to say that his pouch acts as a sealed container, and that he’s got about 6 to 8 hours before he’d have to take it out.

Not being that enthused, kate just rolled her eyes and then questioned by the other guys would want it. With jimmy telling her that it represents an unlimited source of energy, you can do a lot with that much power and someone like Duke should never get his hands on it.

That’s when Kate suggested that Jimmy just head for the Sanctuary now and leave her there. Knowing what that thing has the potential to do, she didn’t want to be responsible for it getting in the wrong hands. But Jimmy wasn’t about to leave her there,, besides, with men out there looking for him, they were safer just staying put,,, for the time being.

Will is forced into the meeting room by Duke’s henchmen, facing the man himself. The second in charge informed Duke Will’s name as he walked to Duke’s right side. (I guess this is where the concept, “right hand man” comes from, lol). Duke questioned about the others, but Will was the only one they could nab.

That’s when Will told them that he knew who they were looking for and that he couldn’t help them. Duke told Will that with everyone out looking for Jimmy, he was going to be his insurance policy on getting his hands on Jimmy.

That’s when Duke told his gang to put Will in the holding room. As Will was led out, he motioned for the other one to put more men out on the streets looking.

Henry tells the Big Guy (honestly, does he have a name???) that the encryption is complete, they should be safe now. Helen enters asking right away “any word on Will?” henry tells her that he’s found nothing yet, even tried his cell, but it must be ditched somewhere. Helen tells them that they have to look for Jimmy, in which case the Big Guy grunts with his disproval. Unfortunately, they don’t have a choice, it would be very bad if Duke got his hands on Jimmy first.

(Lightbulb moment) Helen mentions on the canister having to come out of James soon, then it hits her, that’s how they will find them. “Thermal graphic scanners.” That’s how they will find James and Kate. And hopefully before Duke does. Helen sends Henry to recalibrate their scanners. Helen tells the Big Guy to go ahead, leading him to ask what she has in mind, of which she says,, “stall.”

With Kate propped up against the wall, James was standing guard at the window. Looking over in her direction, he seen her eyes were closed. Knowing that he had to keep her awake somehow, he walked over to her, touching her chin and got her to take a sip of whatever he had in his flask.

With Kate now holding the flask, James sat on the floor next to her. After fiddling with his handgun, he was getting bored. With that, James looks at Kate and asks:

“Cubs or Soxs?” I don’t think she was too impressed. But with very little to do, James figured as they were both from Chicago, baseball was an ideal topic until either they were found or it got dark enough that they could make it back to the Sanctuary.

Kate told Jimmy that her dad was a Cubs fan, resulting in her being one too. I think this is when things starts to open up for the both of them. Actually I don’t think, I know because I’ve seen this episode before, but this is the key moment, I believe, how their paths would end up crossing.

Making light of the situation, that’s when Jimmy jokingly told her he should have left the bullet in, being a Sox fan and all. Kate chuckled, though short lived as her wound hurt with the small bit of laughter.

That’s when Jimmy revealed that his dad used to take him to games, but unfortunately died when jimmy was 12. Kate looked at him, then told him that she was 8.
(pic of james and kate, james looking at kate when she said she was 8)

Being curious and a bit surprised, James asked what happened, in a very concerned way. That’s when Kate’s guard went up and got a bit testy and just barked at him that he just died. A hint that she didn’t want to talk about it.

James apologized but all Kate could say was how the stuff they were drinking tastes like crap.

Duke gulped down his drink in a shot glass and was curious as to what happened for them to loose the connection with the Sanctuary. That’s when his #2 told him they must have found how they were able to track them in the beginning and is now blocking them. Relieved that the back-up plan was still good, his cell phone started to go off.

A very puzzled Duke, looks at his cell, curious as to who could be calling him now. As he flips up his cell, it turns on the speaker phone part so all can hear.

It was Helen and she was pissed. She immediately informed Duke that if Will was touched or harmed in anyway,, that there was no where he could hide. Personally, I wouldn’t test it.

That’s when Helen told Duke that she had Jimmy, which of course is a bluff but Duke didn’t know that. Duke wanted to talk to Jimmy, Helen came up with an excuse that he was injured. Not sure if he was buying it or not, but he wasn’t going to argue with her. She then went on to demand that he pull his men off her streets and to keep their hands off her people. Again, if Duke was smart,, I wouldn’t test it. After Helen hung up, Duke demanded his man to check if what she was telling the truth.

Henry and the Big Guy pulls up in their van,, honestly, there’s got to be a better name for him,, Tom, or even Harry. For my own sanity, I’m going to call him Harry. Harry asks Henry if he thinks this is going to work. Henry informs him that as long as the abnormal is still giving off it’s heat signature, then it shouldn’t be no time and they will have them found and back to the sanctuary. The trouble is they have to be within 35 feet of it to pick it up. Henry gave Harry a small hand device, I’m assuming a tracker, and they went their separate ways, Harry adjacent from the van and Henry parallel with it.

Jimmy started scratching at a tattoo that he had tried to get removed,, from what it looks like to me anyway. Kate picked up on that and asked if it was an old girlfriends name he wanted to forget or something other.

That when jimmy, reluctantly told her that it was dealing with his past that he wanted to forget. “Back in the day” he told her, he was apart of The King Town Gang. He asked her if she’s heard of them, and she answered with a puzzled look, “sounds familiar.”

That’s when Jimmy started telling her of his life’s story. Got hooked up with a gang after his dad had died and took him a while to get out,, though it didn’t help that he had a secret pouch so he could hide things in for the guys he was working for. Of course Kate could relate, loosing her dad at an early age.

As he was telling her, his story, she could tell that he didn’t like what he done in his past, but had to, to survive. Until his last job he was supposed to do and that’s when Helen had stopped him from killing hundreds of innocent people.

After he had finished telling his story, Kate couldn’t help but look at him in a different look. Jimmy noticed the look and asked, “What?” To which she said, “you just look familiar.” My initial thought, oh this can’t be good.

With his gadget in hand, Henry monitors for any possible signal of where Kate and Jimmy could be holding up for the coast to be clear. He stopped a couple of steps and was engulfed into the little machine, that he was semi-excited when he got a hit.

Until he got inside and realized that it was two homeless men heating up wieners above an open fire, using a rim for a car I’m guessing.

Not good,, he’s been spotted by the other guys.
With a pissed off Duke, he paces his room until the doors open. Will enters the room with Duke’s henchmen. Then with him snapping his fingers, his men left leaving a little frightened Mr. Zimmerman behind.

Duke was agitated… Will was getting worried. Duke wasn’t pleased that Helen had lied to him about having Jimmy, when her people were out looking for something or someone. But with Duke turning down the gadget on his temples, which worried Will more, he was able to interrogate Will more effectively.

With duke’s hand around Will’s neck and the little sample of radation coming from Duke’s hand, he once again demanded on knowing where Jimmy was. Now honestly, if Will was one of the ones out looking for Jimmy and Kate, how the hell is he supposed to know where they were if they haven’t been found yet. Think Duke. Duh!!!

Kate tried to stand up, being on the mattress all this time, I bet her arse was starting to go to sleep,, or just being drove off her head for being that still for god knows how long, I’d want to get up on my feet too. Jimmy eases her back to the dirty and heaven knows how old of a mattress as gently as he could. Moaning a bit and holding onto her shoulder,, he told her not to try that again. She hated just staying in one place,, she wanted to do something. Of course with her would, and not sure how much blood she actually lost, it was best they stayed put.

That’s when jimmy asked her y she left Chicago. Of course she was reluctant in telling him her life’s story. Growing up with such anger, she always had her guard up, trust was a huge issue for her.

Jimmy tried to get something out of her, saying that he had his “show and tell,” it was now her turn to give something back. Looking away and rolling her eyes,, she finally gave up,, “I left after my father died…”

She went on to say that cause this group was impressed in his robbery techniques, he was soon in with the gang,, “sound familiar?”

She told him that she and her mom, who was pregnant at the time, were on their way to post bail when he was killed, along with two policemen and three civilians.

As she continued on with her story, Jimmy was getting the look on his face that it sounded like something he might have been involved in. He shrugged it off and quickly got up off the mattress and from Kate.

Now with Jimmy all fidgety, Kate caught up on his sudden change of mood. She sensed how uncomfortable he was and couldn’t quite pinpoint what she could have said that would make him feel that way. Though I was getting a sense.

He walked around Kate and went over to a very old sink. He turned on the taps to get the water going, but nothing happened.

You can sense that Jimmy definitely had something to do with the explosion that killed kate’s father, but he wasn’t going to tell her that.

As henry continued his search, he kept looking at his gadget and noticed it beeping a different beep. Henry calls into the sanctuary and Helen answers. He questions her if she is doing anything to his system.

Of which she informs him that she hasn’t touched a thing. He tells her that for some reason, his sensor is moving too slowly…

“Oh no.”

That’s when henry told Helen that they much have had a backup plan to the first virus they found and gotten around it. They are now able to monitor their every move. Henry told Helen he will fix it when he got back and was surprised when Helen told him “no. if they are that interested in knowing what we are doing, lets show them.”

Pushing Will to the floor, Duke was getting more and more angry with each question not getting answered. Will telling him that he had no idea where they were, made Duke turn off his devices all together.

With Duke informing Will that he wasn’t much use to him, Will was definitely in trouble. That is until Duke’s man came rushing in and turning on the devices, stopping the attack.

Duke was annoyed and asked why he was forced to stop. That’s when his 2nd in command confirmed that Helen has Jimmy and that he was injured as she had told him in the first place. Dumb founded, Duke was at a loss for words.

Then they get a video call coming in on one of henry’s computers. Hoping that Duke bought the bluff, Helen opened the channel to accept the call.

Helen had to keep going with the bluff so jumped in and told duke that he was supposed to wait for her call. With Duke waiting long enough, he demanded that she send him Jimmy, or “pretty boy” dies.

After Duke shut the video call off, Helen and henry were discussing on their next move when she noticed the devises on his temples. That they were put in place to keep his anger and such under control. So if it’s so suppress some things, can other parts of his brain be open for manipulation? Namely the visual cortex. And that’s where a brilliant idea comes into play.

Then kate started asking questions about the gang Jimmy mentioned in his story. About the ones who set off the bomb that killed her father.

Then she started putting two and two together,

Then she realized that it was him that killed her father.

The Big Guy kept walking along his designated route and kept looking at his little gadget when he seen the missing car.

He radioed to henry, he found the car, but it’s empty.

Still recovering from her make shift surgery, kate managed to stand up, pointing the gun at Jimmy. Of course, him doing the same. Then he was trying to explain to her, that it was just a job and what he had to do.

He knew that no amount of explaining was going to be enough for her, so he decided to lower his gun.

Of course kate trying to edge him into keeping it pointed to make it alright for her to kill him, but he didn’t.

She very much wanted to kill the man who killed her father, she thought of this moment for a very long time.

‘Lucky for Jimmy, I think she would have pulled the trigger, but the Big Guy told Kate that Magnus needed their help.

Helen walked in and noticed Will being held in place by Duke’s two henchmen. Duke then demanded to know where Jimmy was, of which Helen stood her ground and informed him that she wanted to make sure that Will was alright and to let him go, she would stay,, but that wasn’t good enough. Duke demanded again on seeing Jimmy. So, Helen started over to the doors to allow Duke to “see” Jimmy.

Helen seemed to convince Duke that Jimmy was there, so then she repeated on letting her and Will go.

Unfortunately because Will was captured by Duke and the gang, he wasn’t in on the plan. “Jimmy” was only seen by Duke. So a satisfied Duke, let both Helen and Will go.

Ingenious plan if I do say so myself, 😀 of course, not so good once Duke finds out he’d been had.

Which didn’t take that long, but long enough for Helen to get Will away from Duke. That’s when Duke wasn’t messing around anymore,, he demanded for Jimmy and no funny business this time either.

With Duke and his men with their guns pointing at Helen and Will, the Big Guy pulls up with Kate in the passenger seat, with Jimmy in the back.

As the van stopped, Jimmy and Kate got out and pointed their guns at duke. Of course Duke wasn’t sure if Jimmy was Jimmy. That’s when Jimmy told them that he would go quietly with them but they had to let Helen and her team go. Duke asked if he had the container, he offered Duke to put his hand in and check for himself. He opted for that of course, and lowered his gun, as did his men.

Helen told him that he didn’t have to do this, but he knew he did. Looking at kate, only thing he could say was,, “I’m sorry.”

And he walked off towards the car, got aboard and looked back.

When Helen and her team got back to the van, they noticed the surprise that was left there, and something taken.

Duke then asked jimmy to show him “the goods”. of which jimmy was all to happy to oblige.

(pic of jimmy holding explosive)

Helen fills him in on how they were able to manipulate Duke into thinking he was seeing Jimmy when he wasn’t even there. Clever plan. Then Will asked what kind of gift you could give a mermaid. Of which Helen told him, just swim with her. Will mentioned about getting his trunks, when Helen speaks up,, no trunks. Kinky,,, 😀

Helen knocks on Kate’s door and asks to come in. Kate welcomed her in as she walked over and asked about Kate’s shoulder. Helen apologized about Jimmy, to which Kate told her it was ok. But Helen told her that for her it wasn’t. She tries to do a thorough background check on everyone she has coming into the sanctuary. She didn’t understand how she could have missed this crucial detail. They have a nice long chat about what had happened. I thought it was a nice bonding moment between Helen and Kate. It was nice to see Kate let the wall down and let someone in.

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!This episode couldn’t have ended in a nicer way. With Kate putting a picture of her and her dad on her night table.

Well that’s my review, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for visiting and reading although I didn’t mean for it to be this long. Trust me, I’ll try and sum up the next one as short as possible. Click to visit and follow Karen Ford on Twitter!

Until next time.



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