From SyFy: Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus! ZOMG!


Merry Christmas from Jack Bauer sent to us by a special person!

All our thsyfy-logo11anks to Craig from SyFy (click logo left to visit SyFy on Twitter) for this special Christmas tip … I know it is not directly wormhole related, but since it came from SyFy, we are sure they used a wormhole to get it to the fans and it was simply way too good to pass up!

By the way WHR are soon to be begging FOX Networks they will (next year) add wormholes to 24 so we can follow Jack as he tortures the bad guys and gals terrorists in whatever galaxy Stargate Universe is in!

WHR hopes that the Stargate on Destiny will dial up Jack Bauer from 24 in 2010 aboard Destiny so Mr. Bauer can interrogate Dr. Nicholas Rush properly (as soon as possible) in the way that is certainly needed! ROFL! 😛


Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukuh, Happy Kwaanza, or if you do not celebrate, have a nice day on December 25, 2009!

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