Stargate: “Liquidating the Gate—Everything Must Go…” An Exclusive Pre Event Visit!

Click to learn about Stargate Auction June 17-18-2011Hello Stargate Fans,

A sad day for all of us is about to occur.

This weekend at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia the Stargate may be dialing its last gate address and close for a final time, ending over 14 years of entertainment from the much loved franchise.

Friday and Saturday June 17 and 18 2011 between 10AM -6PM, thousands of items, all props, sets, costumes,–well, in fact everything really, down to the filing cabinets, paperweights, cans of Wraith-Be-Gone, and maybe a half-used tube of Joe Flanagan’s hair gel—will be liquidated in a public sale at Bridge Studios.

The Bridge Studios Entrance Sign

Today, Wednesday June 15, 2011, WormholeRiders News Agency was granted a private viewing of the contents of the sale courtesy of Click to visit Stargate Liquidation by Maynards Auctioneers!Maynard’s Auctioneer’s, MGM and Bridge Studios., The liquidation which will be taking place on the FX Stage, a place often viewed as the Motherland for not only Stargate fans but also for many Sci Fi fans in general. I know some of you have already made your Stargate pilgrimage with a set visit during a Creation convention in the past.

Click to visit MGM Studios the home of the Stargate franchiseThis is my first journey to Bridge Studios, which is situated in a light industrial area of Burnaby, not too far from downtown Vancouver. The studio’s façade gives no hints that this lot has been the birthplace of so much entertainment beloved by many; such a wealth of creativity, adventure, and alien wonder that has endeared and entranced fans for so long was brought to life in this very place!

I am amazed by all of the Stargate history around me as I walk among the massive amounts of offerings, some organized by type, some in rather odd combinations (there alien prosthetics stacked next to printers).

Stargate Liquidation --Knee and arm pad props

Stargate Maynards Liquidation - Metalprops

There were some items I tried to figure out but was left saying “WTF” (What the Furling!).

Stargate Maynards Liquidation --Huh

Each item has been tagged, categorized in some manner, and priced very reasonably. A few items include a reference to character, but most are generic. There is an entire section devoted to O’Neill, however.

Stargate Maynards Liquidation - O'NeillStuff

I also ran across an enormous amount of golf balls—I bet many of you can guess the episode where these were used!

Stargate Maynards Liquidation --more golf balls

Some of the uniforms are imprinted with character last names.

Stargate Liquidation Maynards -named uniforms

Here is another character-specific item from Mitchell’s office:

Stargate Liquidation - Mitchell's Plane

Memories line every wall and fill each table. It is a quiet, somber, somewhat chaotic hall filled with relics of the adventures from the more than 14 years of traveling through the Stargate, beginning with Stargate SG1, continuing with Stargate Atlantis, and ending with Stargate Universe.

Stargate Liquidation --plaques

Stargate Liquidation - Framed art

Looking at mementos of such a rich history of the franchise, I feel very sad. We all are sad, I am sure. The fans of course are heartbroken, but also sad are the actors, writers, producers, set crew, everyone whom this show has touched—for this liquidation marks the end of a very important, endlessly adored era.

It forces us to say goodbye to an old friend when none of us want to do so, and that is always hard. I hope that I will receive some solace this weekend at the sale when I return Friday to watch loving eyes light on an object that will be purchased, loved, and will become a timeless and treasured memory of the show for dedicated and passionate fans. When you shop the liquidation, consider the following:

Perhaps you would like a new alien theme to your living room?:

Stargate Liquidation --Alien living room set

Or, you could be in need of some warmer clothes:

Stargate Liquidation - Leather pants and jackets

And, who could use a new décor around the house….?

Stargate Liquidation -bones

Stargate Liquidation - Egyptian plaques

Or maybe you need some protection around the house:

Stargate Liquidation SL3--weapons props

Stargate Liquidation - Mask

And sometimes it is fun just to freak out the neighbors!:

Stargate Liquidation SL2--partial corspe

So, if you are in Vancouver (or can score a plane ticket in the next 48 hours!), come by Bridge Studios and claim your piece of Stargate history to love and cherish forever. I am amazed at how many bargains are up for grabs; these items would go for a fortune on eBay or at a convention. See you there! I will be back with a more detailed look at the auction itself after it concludes Saturday night.

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