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This episode of The Event opens in the White House as President Martinez (Blair Underwood) listens to the morning news. The newscaster tells the world that the crash was caused by a separatist organization, which released a biological agent, necessitating the emergency downing of the Jet. Michael Buchannan (Scott Patterson) died of his wounds suffered in the crash of Avias 514.

Next we go to the ‘War Room’ setting where President Martinez, Raymond Jarvis (Bill Smitrovich) and Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) talk about capturing Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes), Thomas and the others who are unknown as yet, who they refer to as “The Sleepers”. Blake points out they only knew of all this only days ago, and Vice President Ray Jarvis said this means they dropped the ball.

The Event S2x08 - In the Oval Office

I watch The Event and cannot help but wonder just how the country and the world would react to the disclosure of EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) actually living among us for what the series has scripted as sixty-six years, or sixty-six days. I was wondering how such a disclosure would be handled, as well as who would do the actual announcement. What this could mean to the world economy, Theology, Psychology of the masses. The fact the Government would know such a thing and we would not is rather disconcerting.

The Event S2x08 - The President wants answers
I recently discovered a book pertaining to this very question called “A.D.-After Disclosure” by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel. I am planning to begin reading this tomorrow night. I like how this book and the ‘disclosure’ that may be coming in “The Event” actually ties together in a sense.

There follows a scene where Michael Buchannan is in handcuffs and is being questioned by the president about the assassination attempt on he and his family at Coral Gables, FLA. Mr. Buchannan tells the President there had been phone calls and one came in at 1:08 instructing Buchannan to go through with crashing the Avias flight 514 into the resort. Buchannan tells President Martinez “they almost didn’t go through with it”, explaining the people who took him was waiting on a phone call. The call came before they put him onto the plane.

The Event S2x08 - Raymond Jarvis takes Dempsey's call

Flash back to the Day of the plane crash: James Dempsey (Hal Holbrook) is in his study and on his phone, speculating with Raymond Jarvis about the President’s plan to disclose the presence of the aliens. Ray is very hesitant about carrying out the plan, because there are many innocent people…. many of them children involved. Dempsey says they are doing this to prevent something worse. They have to stop the President from releasing the detainees, which Dempsey calls a “Dangerous, unknown enemy into our midst”. Dempsey says the plane will be in the air soon and instructs Ray to leave the compound at Coral Gables.

The Event S2x08 - Hal Holbrook as Dempsey

The next scene is where Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) , Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) and Madeline Jackson (Paula Malcomson) are trying to find out about the list of names and numbers Madeline found among Leila’s fathers’ belongings. Dempsey’s Agents came into the building firing away and trying to arrest –or kill- all inside, but Shawn and Leila got out just as an explosive devise detonated. This was apparently a booby trap the computer guy known as Peter who they were getting help from had set so that all his evidence would be destroyed. Shawn and Leila escaped Peter’s loft and wound up outside on a large rooftop-patio, but there were no signs of any of the agents. They both get to the street and start to walk very fast, as Leila speculates what they are to do now.

The Event S2x08 - Liela and Sean on the run

We notice a figure in dark clothes dropping down from a building behind them, and he shoots Shawn in the shoulder. They start to run and Shawn is hurt. But they hide from their pursuer and clock him unconscious, getting his gun. They hit it out to the street where Shawn gives Leila a crash-course in how to steal a car, and they’re off. Leila want to get help, but they can’t go to a hospital because no one thus far has believed them/ Leila rightfully feels they would not be helped if they went to an Emergency room like any of us might do.

These two are very resourceful. Considering a thief can, in fact steal a car in about 20-30 seconds, I found that to be fairly well played. Given the past history with hospitals in previous episodes, I too would avoid the conventional approach if I could in getting medical help. Leila is refreshingly strong in this series, as most of this type of series has depicted females, especially those who have lost those dear to them as extreme in their anger, or so heartbroken they lose all common sense. Leila seems to be a little of both. So far she has been able to pull some mighty fine escapes off. Shawn Walker seems to keep a clear head, where I would have most likely lost mine by now. Now they have kidnapped a doctor from a nearby hospital and are leaving.

President Martinez in his office, Blake Sterling comes in, Agent Lee is out of ICU and will recover. President Martinez brings up the phone records surrounding the time 1:08, which is when that fateful phone call came clearing the go ahead on Buchannan and Avias flight 514. Ray Jarvis reports in to James Dempsey and says he feel he’s been cut out of the loop. He is showing a lot of fear at being exposed. James Dempsey tells Raymond to make an appointment with his doctor and they will meet up in person, instead of talking on a telephone.

Ray flashes back to the election rally in which he was running against Senator Martinez two years earlier. Ironically, the theme of the rally is “Believe Again!”. This is where James Dempsey and Ray Jarvis discuss bridging the gap to a bi-partisan government.
–Based on the theme of the Event, I liked the use of “Believe Again” as the rally theme. If anyone is into reading about aliens and UFO’s, it is mainly about belief. Even if the writers did not plan that.

The Event S2x08 - The election rally

Back to the Present day, President Martinez is discussing the phone record on the day of the Avias 514 crash. There seems to be a discrepancy in the phone activity of Raymond Jarvis. Martinez instructs Blake to get Ray back to the White house. When they both go to the receptionist, she tells them Ray went to his doctor, but she doesn’t know any other details as he made the appointment himself.
“Find him.” Martinez orders and walks out.

I felt this was a bit lax. If the Vice President is going to a doctor or anything, it usually means the Secret Service would have to clear the building and know what the VP’s plans were. Could this have not been found out by Martinez himself?

Shawn and Leila are with their hostage doctor and they have gone to a pharmacy. The doctor orders supplies and –surprisingly- the pharmacy has everything he needs. Doctor paid in cash, and they come out to the car to find Shawn is no longer in it. One wonders if he left on his own, or was taken by someone.

I was impressed the pharmacy had all the things they needed. It was well done however, and I was still biting nails.

Back in Dempsey’s luxurious study and Dempsey having a silver service of coffee poured for him by his housekeeper, Audra. Once Audra leaves, a man enters with Ms. Roberts saying “Picked her up outside of Houston”. Ms. Roberts comes in and says “I had to take care of a few things. My mother needed help so I… I was going to report in the morning” Dempsey offers coffee, and she declines. As Dempsey puts something into his coffee, he says it is an herbal sweetener. Then tells Ms. Roberts he needs help with a problem. Sounds like he is of course hiring her to assassinate Raymond Jarvis. Because I watched the whole show first, I do suspect that is no ‘Herbal sweetener’.

The Event S2x08 - Coffee with the operative

The Event S2x08 - A chat in the study

Now at the medical center, the Secret Service tells Ray the building has been swept and is cleared for him. They all walk to the doctor’s office and Jarvis goes in alone. He then goes out another door into the back halls of the medical center. We see him in a utility room of sorts and Ms. Roberts comes out holding a gun on him. Two men came in behind Jarvis and one pulls a gun out. Ms. Roberts shoots them both. Holding the gun back on Jarvis’ head and says ‘I want out. Your life for Dempsey’s! You need to come clean, now. Tell them how he was behind trying to kill the President! Dempsey played us both-He sold you and betrayed us, but that is not what this is really about or what he is really after” Jarvis asks “What are you saying?”

The Event S2x08 - At the medical center

Roberts says, “Bury him! That’s the only way either one of us is getting out alive.” One has to wonder what James Dempsey’s stake is in the coming Event. I believe it is more than money, but money is a strong motivator for many, even the very rich as he appears to be.

Leila and the hostage doctor find Shawn in an ally and he is bleeding out rapidly. The doctor instructs Leila as they fight to save him. He used what is called a Marrow infusion to quickly bring up blood volume. I have rarely heard of such a procedure. Of course they save Shawn and he will be OK

The procedure that was used is called INTRAOSSEOUS INFUSION. the process of injection directly into the marrow of a bone. This technique is used in emergency situations to provide fluids and medication when an IV line cannot be used.

The needle is injected through the bone’s hard cortex and into the soft marrow interior which allows immediate access to the vascular system. An IO infusion can be used on adult or pediatric patients when traditional methods of vascular access are difficult or impossible. Often the antero-medial aspect of the tibia is used as it lies just under the skin and can easily be palpated and located. The anterior aspect of the femur, the superior iliac crest and the head of the humerus are other sites that can be used. I was impressed they used this in the show as not many do.

Raymond is under a stairwell and calls the Secret Service to come get him. Then places a call to the President. He is planning to turn himself in. Just as Ray is about to tell Eli who it was behind the entire plot, a blue van parks, driver gets out and walks off, The van explodes. Ray is down on the street.

The Event S2x08 - Under the stairwell

Dempsey gets a phone call from a man who said ‘It is done, but we had to use the backup plan.’ Dempsey says, ‘So Ms. Roberts didn’t come through.’The caller replies, ‘No sir, looks like she killed Lawner and Fulton’ Dempsey; ‘What a shame…. Thank you’ (Hangs up).

Now, during the phone call, Dempsey was placing the dropper of that ‘herbal sweetener’ into his mouth. After he hung up the phone, he got up and went to a mirror. Looking at his reflection, we see a much younger, vibrant James Dempsey, only for a moment. Is this ‘Herbal Sweetener’ not a ‘sweetener’ at all, but a developing youth serum? Could it be that this is a possible reason Dempsey wants the Event to not take place? We already know the “Others” from Inastronka do not age as we do, and they seem to stay the same age for decades. Have a few of the aliens found a way to bring this to us?

I wonder if the sleepers who are living here have found a way for Eartheaon humans to benefit from their technology of regenerating youth. If so, this could net a vast fortune for a rogue group of the EBE’s. It could also make people like Dempsey stop at nothing to keep the aliens’ presence under wraps.

The Event returns to NBC * PM EST/PST Monday March 07, 2011 for the exciting two hour season 1.5 two episode premiere. And now courtesy of NBC Universal here is the entire eight episode for your enjoyment

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