Hey Farscape Fans, All our thanks to Creation Entertainment and the lovely and talented Virginia Hey (best known for her role as Zhaan on Farscape) for granting an interview to WormholeRiders during Farscape Con 2009. Virginia talked with us about ten years of Farscape, possible upcoming projects, her line of […]


This Creation Entertainment weekend was, well, epic. There’s not really another way to put it, except perhaps to quote my fellow reporter, Meagan, and say that it was “excellentabulously Claud-frelling-tastic”, which may be a mixture of made-up words, but at least it’s an accurate one.  I doubt I’ve ever had […]


The Creation Entertainment Farscape Con Friday morning started kind of early for me.  The WormholeRiders team had a meet up in the hotel lobby at 8 am.  Once we were all introduced and sorted out our business for the day, I went to eat breakfast with the gang from claudiablackonline […]

Since the Friday night Abney Park concert was technically on Saturday because it didn’t start until 2:00 a.m., I’ll start with that. Abney Park is a really great Steampunk band led by the darkly charismatic Captain Robert. It took a little while to get the sound adjusted but soon they […]

Today was a day of crowded insanity. Apparently there are many people whodo not come to DragonCon until it is well underway, and Saturday is usually a big one. First, I have to give another big shout out to Dan Carroll and the DragonCon Media Relations team! We were in […]

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