It’s time for everyone’s favorite Gate Technician! I’ve wanted to see Gary Jones for years. He owes Chicago an appearance from a couple years back where he was set to come and then had to cancel. Everything I knew about Gary said he’s a wonderful comedian, and I knew he […]


This was the first time I have ever seen Creation have an almost ComicCon style panel, and it was very interesting! The guests were: Fulvio Cecere As Stargate SG-1’s Colonel Davidson, cammander of the Oddesy,  Fluvio is very proud that he is the only person to have commanded one of earth’s […]

I want to apologize for not posting the last couple days. Along with all the loot I picked up at the convention, I seem to have gotten a small cold free of charge. I’ve been forced to go to bed early, especially for me. That, and I had very little […]

I have determined that there is nothing sadder than having to leave a convention knowing full well that your chances of coming back the next year are pretty much nil. I cried this morning. I didn’t want to leave. I love the people, the atmosphere, and knowing that I’m surrounded […]


Isn’t she Beautiful?! I took an instant and complete liking to Amanda. As she signed my coveted poster – which has signatures from Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, and the late and great Don Davis, all of whom are pictured on it along with Amanda and RDA – I told her […]

Every one’s favorite archaeologist arrived Saturday night, signed autographs, and then had his Q&A today. I was so very happy to see Michael looking bright and chipper! Both he and Amanda Tapping rescheduled their autograph sessions for last night so that they could leave earlier today to get ready for work […]

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