Welcome Caprica fans. The title, “Reins of a Waterfall” describes this episode perfectly. The noun “reins” as a means to guide, control, check or restrain. In tarot cards, the waterfall represents emotion and the subconscious. In Chinese symbolism, it represents the feminine. In dream analysis, waterfalls are a symbol of […]


Hey Caprica Fans! Many thanks to the wonderful team at SyFy NBC Universal Comcast! Below is an extended Caprica preview of this Friday’s fantastic upcoming episode “Reins of a Waterfall”. From a news perspective Caprica reflects many of the problems and challenges in our own troubled world. It is a […]

Hi Caprica Fans, We continue our Caprica News Series with individual actor and character analysis starting the superbly talented Mr. Eric Stoltz! Eric won the role as Daniel Graystone. Eric Stoltz has a long history in the acting community, Grey’s Anatomy among his most recent roles. In this Paley Center […]

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