As a newbie to the Twitter craze, I had no idea how much info comes across that thing. I’m learning now that you can learn wonderful things from 140 characters! As such, WormholeRiders is now going to closely monitor Twitter for news from those we follow, and then list them […]

Taken during a No Minimum Bid Auction Greetings from Chicago! After a long morning, a short drive, and a long wait in line, the Chicago Creation Convention is under way and it is off to a great start! I’m pleased to say that there seems to be an increased international […]

Great news, everyone! As expected, Creation has announced new guest coming to the Chicago Stargate Convention! The Creation Entertainment Official STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS Convention is August 21-23, 2009 in CHICAGO and today we are pleased to welcome RACHEL LUTTRELL, Atlantis’ TEYLA and GARY JONES, Stargate’s Walter Harriman! Rachel and Gary will […]

You never know what you’re going to see at The Cabaret. It could truly be anything. Sometimes the actors will read poetry, or perform something that they have done for other projects. Others sing and dance, and still others pull volunteers from the audience and direct sketches. Last night was no exeption. […]


Connor was a little worried at first because as he said, “My standered StarTrek answeres won’t work here!” Connor has a TV movie coming up on Sci-Fi channel at the end of April. He said he’s watched some of those Sci-Fi originals, and as they go this one was pretty […]

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