Taken during a No Minimum Bid Auction Greetings from Chicago! After a long morning, a short drive, and a long wait in line, the Chicago Creation Convention is under way and it is off to a great start! I’m pleased to say that there seems to be an increased international […]

Great news, everyone! As expected, Creation has announced new guest coming to the Chicago Stargate Convention! The Creation Entertainment Official STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS Convention is August 21-23, 2009 in CHICAGO and today we are pleased to welcome RACHEL LUTTRELL, Atlantis’ TEYLA and GARY JONES, Stargate’s Walter Harriman! Rachel and Gary will […]

Update October 2009: New greetings video at http://www.WormholeRiders.com and http://www.WormholeRiders.net featuring Morena Baccarin, Amanda Tapping, Claudia Black reports from Chicago Stargate 2009, greetings from Stargate Stars @ DragonCon Atlanta 2009, the Alternative Press Expo, Los Angeles  and beyond! Dot Net archives scheduled for new upgrade in late 2009 Enjoy! 😛

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