A lot has happened over the last week, and Stargate fans have many reasons to be happy and excited! First, Joe Mallozzi did one of those those things that he’s so very good at: dangling a carrot in front of fans but keeping it just out of reach! The script […]


It’s time for everyone’s favorite Gate Technician! I’ve wanted to see Gary Jones for years. He owes Chicago an appearance from a couple years back where he was set to come and then had to cancel. Everything I knew about Gary said he’s a wonderful comedian, and I knew he […]


Both GateWorld.net and RDAnderson.com have reported this week that the long awaited third Stargate SG-1 movie has been given the green light by MGM. In a note sent to RDAnderson.com by none other than Richard Dean Anderson himself, he writes: There are so few details beyond the ‘go ahead’, but […]

I want to apologize for not posting the last couple days. Along with all the loot I picked up at the convention, I seem to have gotten a small cold free of charge. I’ve been forced to go to bed early, especially for me. That, and I had very little […]

Here’s the big news about Stargate Universe from Brad Wright and Robert Cooper! Currently, Stargate Universe is in it’s 5th week of shooting. There will be a healthy use of humour just like in the other two shows, and there will also be back references to the other series and […]

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