Sunday was an exciting and busy day for WormholeRiders. We started early, hitting the Walk of Fame at 10:00 to drop off our questions and schedule an interview with Gary Jones. We met Gary that afternoon on his lunch break and he was wonderful! Thank you Gary for taking the […]

Since the Friday night Abney Park concert was technically on Saturday because it didn’t start until 2:00 a.m., I’ll start with that. Abney Park is a really great Steampunk band led by the darkly charismatic Captain Robert. It took a little while to get the sound adjusted but soon they […]

I feel like I should post an entry seperate for our photo ops because they were just that great. Our pictures were taken by Craig Damon and the prints are just beautiful. I highly recommend his work. Friday night White Rabite and I donned our DRD costumes and had our […]

Today was a day of crowded insanity. Apparently there are many people whodo not come to DragonCon until it is well underway, and Saturday is usually a big one. First, I have to give another big shout out to Dan Carroll and the DragonCon Media Relations team! We were in […]

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