Great news, everyone! As expected, Creation has announced new guest coming to the Chicago Stargate Convention! The Creation Entertainment Official STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS Convention is August 21-23, 2009 in CHICAGO and today we are pleased to welcome RACHEL LUTTRELL, Atlantis’ TEYLA and GARY JONES, Stargate’s Walter Harriman! Rachel and Gary will […] is reporting this morning that actor and director Dom DeLuise passed away last night at the age of 75. He was in a Los Angeles hospital when “he passed away peacefully in his sleep at around 6 PM” ( is reporting that Dom was suffering from kidney failure and […]

Update October 2009: New greetings video at and featuring Morena Baccarin, Amanda Tapping, Claudia Black reports from Chicago Stargate 2009, greetings from Stargate Stars @ DragonCon Atlanta 2009, the Alternative Press Expo, Los Angeles  and beyond! Dot Net archives scheduled for new upgrade in late 2009 Enjoy! 😛


Three out of four of the original SG-1 team cast members have now been confirmed as guest stars on Stargate Universe! According to, SciFi Channel has confirmed the list of guest stars for SGU that now includes Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson,  Michael Shanks, and Gary Jones. Christopher Judge is […]

Every one’s favorite archaeologist arrived Saturday night, signed autographs, and then had his Q&A today. I was so very happy to see Michael looking bright and chipper! Both he and Amanda Tapping rescheduled their autograph sessions for last night so that they could leave earlier today to get ready for work […]

Here’s the big news about Stargate Universe from Brad Wright and Robert Cooper! Currently, Stargate Universe is in it’s 5th week of shooting. There will be a healthy use of humour just like in the other two shows, and there will also be back references to the other series and […]

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