What a whirlwind today was! We started out at 8:15 with the Sunday Breakfast and Silent Auction. The same format applies to this as for the Dessert Party – everyone eats and then guest stars go from table to table. Our guests this morning were Paul McGillion and Rachel Lutrell. […]


Hello WormholeRiders! I’m not going to actually tell you how many years it has been since I’ve been to a Creation Convention because it’ll make me sound older than I actually am. So let me just say that this has been the first in a LONG time. My friend White […]

Taken during a No Minimum Bid Auction Greetings from Chicago! After a long morning, a short drive, and a long wait in line, the Chicago Creation Convention is under way and it is off to a great start! I’m pleased to say that there seems to be an increased international […]

Hello WormholeRiders! Our undisclosed sources have informed us that Claudia Black is in the process of developing a new series! Not much is known about the project other than its title “Inc,” which was announced at this year’s ComicCon. The series is reportedly about “the power of the people.”  We […]

Hello WormholeRiders! Happy Monday! I don’t know about you but after a weekend of scorching heat here in Chicago, the air conditioning in my office is a sweet sweet thing. This weekend brought more than just ridiculous heat, it brought news of Rachel Luttrell being added to the Dragon Con […]

Hey Stargate Atlantis Fans!    We continue our pre Chicago Stargate 2009 music news video series with something exclusively for Stargate Atlantis fans, ‘Panic Switch Atlantis, featuring the great music of SilverSun Pickups set to Stargate Atlantis panic situations! Featured in our rendition of Panic Switch Atlantis are some of our favorite […]

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