Welcome back Transparency fans! Update September 07, 2010: Click to see news with images and promo trailer at WHR Movie Site! Having made its successful world premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival to much critical acclaim, Transparency (known as Takedown in Europe) will appear at the Oldenburg International Film […]


Early in April, Lou Diamond Phillips twittered to his followers that he was going to be at the Dallas International Film Festival to premiere his new movie, “Transparency.” Dallas is so close to Houston (about 4 hours). Being that the premiere was on a Friday and not being sure I […]


Hello Lou Diamond Phillips fans! On April 16, 2010, a new film called “Transparency,” starring Lou Diamond Phillips will be previewed at the Dallas International Film Festival.  It is a 96-minute action/thriller directed by Paul Inglis, produced by Matt Kelly, and also stars Estella Warren and Deborah Kara Unger. Summary […]

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