iTunes has a new 30 second Trailer featured in their “Free on iTunes” window of their store! It has all new footage and tells a much different tale then trailers we have seen so far. It features Robert Carlyle as Doctor Rush, David Blue as Eli Wallace, and one very […]


She’s been cursed with “The Black Widow Syndrome”, and the uncanny ability to speak technobabble flawlessly. She’s gotten to be both “The Girl” of the team and “The Man” of the expedition. We’ve literally watched her progress from Captain to full-bird Colonel. But despite all this, there’s still one question […]


It is with sadness that I must report that actor Jan Rubes has passes away at the age of 89. He was known to Stargate fans for his role as Nicolas Ballard, “the great explorer, the not so great grandfather” of Daniel Jackson, whom we met in the season 3 […]


Today, Monday June 29th, is the one year anniversary since the Stargate family lost one of it’s own. Don S. Davis suffered a heart attack while at home, and died at the age of 65. Don’s death was a huge shock to fans, shock that can be felt still on different […]


As someone who has dabbled in and hopes to continue to dabble in fan fiction writing for Stargate, I understand the level of talent, dedication, and perseverance it can take to write good fan fiction. For that reason, and also because I am familiar with their work, I want to […]

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