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Fringe: “Alone In The World” or “No One Is An Island”

Hi Fringe fans! This just keeps getting better and better, right? We recount Fringe with Walters Bishop (John Noble) in a dilemma at often seeing Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) in any reflective surface such as a television. Walter he thinks he is due for the mental home again. He also …Read the Rest

Fringe: “One Night In October” and “The Bridge” When an Obsession Can Ruin Everything!

Welcome back Fringe fans! for us. This week’s episode “One Night in October” was a peek into what season four of Fringe has in store The writers are going to not only bring the two universes together to save them both, but they are going to bring the two together …Read the Rest

Fringe: “Neither Here Nor There” Making Milkshakes with Gene the Cow!

Welcome back Fringe fans, FRINGETASTIC! Last Friday, September 23, 2011 was the day we have waited for to tune into Fox Television and kick off the fourth season of the “Mythology of the Fringe Universes”. According to TV By The Numbers (TVBTN), the new season of Fringe started with an …Read the Rest

Fringe: “The Day We Died” – A Complete Look Back and Forward to Season Four!

Welcome back Fringe fans! Fringe season four is right around the corner so I am going to review season three finale . Before beginning remember to include the #WhereIsPeterBishop hash tags to help make Fringe trend on Twitter! We also will include a series of special videos previews from Fox …Read the Rest

Countdown to Comic-Con Appreciation to Warner Brothers for Fringe and Chuck!

Howdy y’all! With the San Diego Comic-Con only hours away, many of you may have found yourselves wondering what exactly will be there this year and what you unfortunate souls who can’t attend will be able to read about in the coming weeks. I’m here to tell you that in …Read the Rest

Fringe: “The Last Sam Weiss” – Or Is It? Season 3, Episode 21 Analysis with Videos!

Hello again Fringe Fans! Before I begin, make sure you join the LIVE TWEET with Jeff Pinkner, Joel Wyman and millions of Fringe fans tomorrow evening on Twitter at 9 PM EST/PST during the east and west coast airing of “The Day We Died”! Included are great Fringe videos courtesy …Read the Rest

Fringe: 6:02 AM EST Review and Analysis with FOX Special Video, Full Episode and Comcast Now On Demand Too!

Hello Fringies! On a different topic before starting my review; the first commercial break featured an awesome delight for my senses. There was a preview for the Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds is Canadian and with me being a fan and Canadian also, this was an awesome Fox preview of the …Read the Rest

Fringe “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” LSD Season 3, Episode 19 Analysis with Episode and Special Fringe Videos!

*Furiously Rubs Hands Together* Everyone ready? LET’S MAKE SOME LSD!!!! FRINGE Fans! Hey Fringies! Did you catch the #Fringe hash tag at the bottom right hand of the screen above the Fox Brodcasting insignia! I think it is a shout out THANK YOU to the loyal  Twitter fans from Fox …Read the Rest

Fringe Analysis Season 3 Episode 18 “Bloodlines” with Full Episode Video and Science of The First People!

Greetings Fringe Fans! This has been a Fringtastic week for the Fringedom! Fringe was renewed for a fourth season with a full 22 episode compliment! This has set the Fringies into a frenzy of ecstatic joy! How can we not be, in an absolute, out of this alternate universe, bliss! …Read the Rest

Fringe Season 3 Episode 17 “Stowaway” Analysis with Observer Sighting / Promo Videos, the Effect of Obsession & Full Episode Video!

Welcome back once again Fringe fans! Fringe .. Really could not start this review without a discussion of ratings. For some in the fandom, despite the clear and evident signs that a renewal was a virtual certainty often with hints from and by TPTB of the series itself, people appeared …Read the Rest

Fringe Live Viewings Pale Under Japan Crisis While Anna Torv Trends Twitter Worldwide!

Hello Fringe fans! Poor Fringe ratings. For the second time in a month a devastating event pulled viewers away from the series. Initially pushed below 4 million viewers during the Egyptian crisis, the unprecedented catastrophe in Japan pushed season three episode “Os” viewing numbers lower dropping some 350,000 live viewers. However, …Read the Rest

Fringe: Season 3 Episode 16 “Os” with Observer and Featured FOX Psychic Spoiler Alert & Full Episode Video

Hello Fringe fans! We had a short break from Fringe and thankfully it is back. This week’s episode “Os” was a strong episode with a few surprise guest appearances. “Os” told the story of a father, played by Alan Ruck, who was willing to risk the lives of others so …Read the Rest

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