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Vancouver Stargate 2010 – VanCon Day 4 Blue Burgess Luttrell Levesque Smith: The Final Frontier

It’s been a few days since the Creation Entertainment Stargate 2010 convention ended and I’m still reeling from all the events of the last day. I’ll start from the beginning in a moment, but first let me say, though I enjoyed Stargate Universe before, I am definitely in love with …Read the Rest

Vancouver Stargate 2010 – Shanks Flanigan Hewlett – Day 3: Chaos

When I say today at Creation Entertainment’s Stargate 2010 was nuts, I mean it. Completely insane, wonko, off the rocker, downright crazy! Yep. I’m writing this report at about 1:40 AM and I just got in from the dessert party. I’m getting ahead of myself, so I’ll walk you through …Read the Rest

My Weekend at VanCon 2010

My Fellow Fans, This past weekend I attended the annual Stargate convention – colloquially referred to as “VanCon”  – held in Burnaby, British Columbia by Creation Entertainment. This was the first convention I have attended, and it was quite the eye opener for me. It was different than I had …Read the Rest

Vancouver Stargate 2010 Convention with Special Fan Interviews – Day 2 Recap: We Will Survive

Today VanCon was absolutely crazy! In a very good way, of course. The name VanCon is not really the official name of the convention. It is more of a fan name used on Twitter with the hash tag for tracking the tweets. The official name is really Creation Entertainments “Vancouver …Read the Rest

Vancouver Stargate 2010 “VanCon” – Day One: The Madness Begins

Hey Stargate and Creation Entertainment fans! My first day at VanCon Stargate 2010 morning began with preregistration at the Hilton Metrotown Vancouver located in Burnaby, British Columbia. It is a beautiful facility that Creation Entertainment selected for the convention . I received my convention pass and Press Credentials for WHR …Read the Rest

WHR Announces Exclusive Live Coverage of Auroris Entertaiment Fan Party 2010

New Breaking News UPDATE April 14, 2010 7:00 PM Pacific Time Genevieve Buechner: WHR has confirmed with her contacts that ‘Tamara Adama”of Caprica will “Crash” the Auroris Fan Party this evening and she has our total support in that regard! Another outstanding actress Ms. Buechner is also known for her …Read the Rest

Intimate Interview with the Charitable Josh Blacker of SGU & Human Target

Hey Josh Blacker Fans! We would like to ask that you consider making a charity donation to Mr. Josh Blacker’s favorite charity “Jest for Joy”. This is a wonderful charity organization that helps bring laughter and joy to those under hospital care who may be in need of “Clown Doctoring” …Read the Rest

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