Sanctuary Season 3 Surprise – An Interview with Agam Darshi!


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Sanctuary season three returns tomorrow evening in the United States on SyFy. To celebrate we include “The Sanctuary Experience” convention interview with Agam Darshi scheduled after the convention. Please note there were audio difficulties in the first 60 seconds which settle after about a minute.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy the Agam Darshi interview.




Agam Darshi at The Sanctuary Experience 2010!

Visit & donate to Sanctuary For Kids & Dare to Dream!Subsequent to “The Sanctuary Experience” 2010 convention and with the professional courtesy of Carole Appleby of Sanctuary Media Relations and Julia Hague of GABIT Events, I had the privilege of scheduling and interview Agam Darshi about the upcoming season three of Sanctuary.

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Be forewarned, this interview contains Sanctuary season three SPOILER discussions. If you do not want to hear about Sanctuary season three spoilers, please leave this video news video post immediately. Thank you.

Agam Darshi at The Sanctuary Experience 2010!

Agam Darshi at The Sanctuary Experience 2010!

Agam Darshi at The Sanctuary Experience 2010!

Click to visit and follow WormholeRiders News Agency on Twitter!I hope that you have enjoyed the interview with the wonderful and talented actress Agam Darshi. We will have more  Sanctuary news which will be posted just prior to the series return on October 15, 2010 10 PM on SyFy in the United States.

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2 thoughts on “Sanctuary Season 3 Surprise – An Interview with Agam Darshi!

  1. Hi Ash and Ms. Darshi!

    I very much enjoyed the reveals in the coming season of Sanctuary as much as I did watching the season three premiere of ‘Kali’ part 3! Thank you for the wonderful interview Ms. Darshi!!

    Best Regards

  2. OMG ASH…amazing, thank you!

    Absoilutely CAN’T WAIT for Season Three. The suspense is deliciously killing, thanks for feeding the Sanctuary frenzy :D:D

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