Comic-Con 2010 Sanctuary Red Carpet Video Press Interviews!

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WARNING: Interviews may contain spoilers for Sanctuary’s upcoming season.

The Comic-C Click to visit Comic-Con Internationalon 2010 Sanctuary Press interviews with Amanda Tapping, Ryan Robbins, Damian Kindler, Robin Dunne, and Josh Gates were held shortly after the panel that was moderated by Mr. Gates was over.

Thankfully the interview room was just across the hall from the Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. Wormholeriders News Agency sincerely thanks Carole Appleby of the Sanctuary Press and Media division for our access.



As I walked into the room several reporters were seated at a round table. Then there were the television reporters that had their cameras situated towards the entrance of the room. The photographers were set up at the end of the room with the Comic Con back drop or background.Click to visit SyFy!

Team WHR also includes a cool Sanctuary set image provided by Amanda Tapping when she posted on Twitter TwitPic from late May 2010.

Thanks Amanda!

Sanctuary S2 logo - Click to visit on SyFy

Sanctuary Set AT May 2010 courtesy Amanda Tapping

There was a flurry of flashes as Amanda, Robin, Ryan, and Damian were being photographed. They did a group picture together. Then Amanda, Robin, and Ryan were asked to take one together. Afterwards Amanda and Ryan were photographed together. Lastly, each was asked to do solo shots. I love how one of the photographers asked Amanda to do a model type pose. She gladly obliged. She looked like she was having fun.

Comic-Con 2010 Robin Dunne Amanda Tapping!

Comic-Con 2010 Amanda Tapping Sanctuary Press!

Both Damian and Ryan were pretty laid back when they took their solo pictures. Robin and Ryan definitely hammed it up for the cameras with his silly poses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Ryan in one of those pictures, sorry.

Comic-Con 2010 Damian Kindler on Red Carpet!

Comic-Con 2010 Robin Dunne in Press Room!

After their photo sessions each were split up to do interviews. I was seated with 10 other reporters. Before hand we were told we would get approximately 15 minutes with each individual. First up was Josh Gates from SyFy’s Destination Truth. Josh had moderated the Sanctuary panel which will be reported on in the near future. He talked about his show and what to expect from this upcoming season of Destination Truth (not included in the Sanctuary Press Room Red Carpet video below).

First up from Sanctuary was the lovely Amanda Tapping. Before beginning her interview she greeted each reporter, asked our names, and shook each of our hands. Time flew by too quickly during our time with Amanda!. It happens when she makes the interview fun. I was really sad that we did not have more time with her, but was happy with what she was able to share with us.

Comic-Con 2010 Amanda Tapping Red Carpet interview

Ryan Robbins was next up. Ryan said hi to everyone and was nice. I was really surprised at how softly he spoke with us. As you will see in the video he does reveal more about his character and what is coming up in the new season of Sanctuary.

Comic-Con 2010 Ryan Robins Red Carpet Interviews

Damian Kindler was interviewed next. Damian was relaxed and greeted each of us. He had fun answering the questions asked of him. He did his best not to spoil what is to come for the upcoming season. He is pleased with the direction the show is going.

Comic-Con 2010 Damian Kindler Red Carpet Interview

Last to be interviewed was the very funny, Robin Dunne. Like Ryan and Damian before him he too greeted each of us. Robin is a lively guy I have to say. Unfortunately, time was not on our side as he was only able to answer two questions before he was told his time was up. He was only able to answer both questions because he talked and explained quite a bit about what to expect this upcoming season.

Comic-Con 2010 Robin Dunne Red Carpet Interview

Ryan’s last duty of the day was to do his SyFy channel plug. Amanda, Ryan, and I believe Damian had each done their SyFy plugs. I wasn’t able to see or hear much of them as I was focusing on Robin’s interview. I stuck around a bit to see him flub his lines. It was funny to watch and I wasn’t the only one that decided to stay.

Damian and Amanda were watching from behind the camera teasing him each time he would mess up. They would not go and eat until Robin had finished. I think on the fourth take he was able to complete his task much to Amanda and Damian’s delight. Before leaving the room I was able to thank Robin for this interview. He was very sweet and I do hope I get another opportunity to see him again.

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I hope you all enjoyed the video interviews as much as I did being there to take them.

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  1. AWESOME report, thank you so much. Can’t wait for Season 3! 😀
    A HUGE thank you to Carole Appleby for assisting with this. Also thanks to the wonderful Amanda, Ryan, Robin and Damian for their time.
    Bring on Season 3!! \o/

  2. Hey Rigel.

    Excellent report. Lovely images. Nice video interviews with Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, Ryan Robbins and Robin Dunne of Sanctuary. Thank you Carole for your assistance in this.

    Best Regards

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