Convention News From Newfoundland Featuring Karen Ford! ZOMG!


Hey Stargate Fans from around the world!Click to visit Karen Ford on Twitter!

SFOTR - Click to visit SciFi on the Rock! Today is the day we have all been waiting for, the interview of our dear friend and Sr. Reporter Ms. Karen Ford of St. Johns Newfoundland!

In the cool video embedded below Ms. Ford discusses the plans she has next year for a Stargate Panel at the intimate and fantastic convention held each year in Newfoundland. Known as Sci Fi on the Rock (or SFOTR), this wonderful convention is sponsored by the wonderful convention team lead by fan video guru Mr. Darren Hann.creator of the original
movie: Starrgate Replication Dr. Who featuring Karen! Click the text link to  in the movie featuring the celebrity herself Ms. Karen Ford!

In 2011 at SOFTR the great stars include David Nykl from the MGM Studio franchise Stargate Atlantis!

Click to visit Newfoundland West Convention 2010!

WormholeRiders. Click to visit WHR on Twitter!Also included is a discussion of an upcoming convention WHR and team are looking forward to; The Newfoundland West Coast Convention or NWCC to be held in October of this 2010. We look forward to supporting both conventions and trust that you enjoy viewing this video as much as we did! Know that Karen will do an outstanding job at the next Sci Fi on the Rock just like she always does!

Go Karen Go!

Best Regards,

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