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If you haven’t watched “Mild Mannered” yet you’re in for quite a treat. This episode was written by Benjamin Raab and Deric A. Hughes. You can drop them a line on Twitter by clicking on their Twitter names here @wondermasons and @dblackanese respectively. They also wrote season one’s fan favorite episode “Duped” about Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Special thanks to Syfy!

Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? I know I have. I’m so jealous of both Sheldon (Firefly’s Sean Maher) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) for getting to do just that. The show opens with Myka and Pete (Eddie McClintock) checking in at the local post office to see if their personal effects have finally arrived. Myka’s have. Pete’s haven’t. While Myka is seeing the praises of having her fuzzy slippers and books, Pete looks sad. Meanwhile, Artie (Saul Rubinek) is seeing things. More accurately he is someone: MacPherson (Roger Rees). Artie needs closer over the death of his former friend/enemy. I think he does get it. However I believe this isn’t the last we’ll see of MacPherson.

Artie and ghost MacPherson

The agents are sent to Detroit, Michigan to investigate a string of thwarted criminal attempts. Someone has been protecting the good citizens of the motor city by taking matters into their own hands. Myka and Pete are wondering if the artifact allows the person to do all sorts of things ranging from super strength to bullet invulnerability.

"Now that's a hole"

Pete and Myka get suspicious when questioning Loretta (Stargate Atlantis’ Jewel Staite), the owner of a pie store and her assistant, Sheldon. They decide to keep watch on the area and don’t need to wait long before another crime is being committed. A masked man dressed in a purple super hero type of suit has the criminal over his head. Before the agents can apprehend the do-gooder, he leaps over a building and disappears from view. Myka wonders if the mask the man is wearing is the artifact.

Sheldon and Loretta

When Sheldon quotes a super hero from a comic book, the agents peg him as their number one suspect. After questioning him, Sheldon proves the agents’ assumption correct by using the artifact to fly away. Pete is amazed. Myka is concerned. She points out that Sheldon has hand tremors and could be suffering neurological damage from the artifact. The agents need to find Sheldon and get the artifact before he suffers permanent damage or worse.

The Iron Shadow

Back at the pie shop Sheldon visits Loretta to confess his love for her. He confides in her that he has been masquerading as a super hero. Pete and Myka arrive and warn Sheldon about the dangers of the artifact and demand he hands it over. Sheldon refuses and then realizes, too late, that he can no longer control the power of the artifact. Loretta is almost injured by the artifact so Sheldon flies away to keep her safe.

Claudia's gauntlets

Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) shows up with a couple of things to help take the artifact from Sheldon. One is a type of suit that absorbs all forms of kinetic energy. The other is a pair of gauntlets that channel the absorbed energy from the suit and allow the wearer to re-direct it. After Pete learns the gloves cause impotence in men he steps aside to let Myka save the day. Claudia warns the agents the artifact Sheldon is using is pulling such massive gravitational waves that an entire city block might be flattened.

The team tracks Sheldon down to a closed automotive factory. Pete calls Myka in to deal with the artifact. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely jealous of Myka in this scene. She even puts Trinity from the Matrix to shame. I do wonder how the suit would have looked on Pete though. It seems tailor made for Myka. Seriously, this is the way to rock the super hero look.

Super Myka!!!

Myka lets Sheldon know she’s there to help him and keep everyone safe. She asks Sheldon to take her hand so she can absorb the power. She then uses the gauntlets Claudia made to shoot the energy into the sky. Pete grabs the belt around Sheldon’s waist, assuming that it is the artifact. Unfortunately, he is mistaken. As it turns out, the trunks are the artifact and they are gaining more power.

Myka to the rescue!

As Myka absorbs more energy from Sheldon, Pete is able to take the trunks off and bag them. Hooray! The team has worked together and now, as Pete says in his super hero voice, “Once again, the city is safe!” The trunks had belonged to Angelo Siciliano also known as Charles Atlas, the famous body builder.

Back at the warehouse, Pete gets Myka to admit she loved being a super hero. Myka has a surprise for Pete at Leena’s (Genelle Williams) B&B. Because Pete’s stuff has yet to arrive, the team got him a flat screen TV for his room. Myka found the only issue Pete was missing in his favorite childhood comic book colletction.

Better than home.

There is so much to love about this episode if you’re a fan girl like me. Obviously there are plenty of fan boy gems, too. I thoroughly enjoy watching people play super heroes, hearing fantastic one-liners, seeing cool artifacts and finding a slew of super-hero references. For those of you who couldn’t tell by my screen name, I am a massive Dr. Who fan. To hear Claudia yell out, “Allons-y” just as the tenth Doctor always did, made my day! We get to see Pete’s fan boy side. We even get to see a bit of Myka’s feminine side. I think I identified with Pete the most. I often say, “Quick! To the Batmobile!” And “ Oooo! My spidey-senses are tingling.” Not to say that Myka didn’t have some great lines as well. I had to chuckle when she asked Pete, “Don’t super heroes ever use the stairs?”

The episode ends on a sweet note when Myka asks Pete, “So do you think this feels more like home, now?” “Nah,” Pete says, “It’s better.” The two agents have come a long way. I love the relationship that they have. They are a bit like brother and sister and a bit like best friends.

Now I’ll be wanti
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