Scifi on the Rock 5 for 2011

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I am away on a family camping trip, but I wanted every Science Fiction fan out there to know something! I’m happy to announce our line up of guests for April 2011 are finally up on the official SciFi on the Rock web site!

After helping out this year with SOFTR and a Dr. Who Stargate cross-over fan movie Starrgate Replication Dr. Who , I have been contacted by Darren Hann from SFOTR to have my own Stargate Convention Panel and Workshop for the convention!

I’m so excited so if anyone is in the neighborhood, pop by and say hi. Click to visit Karen Ford on Twitter!

WormholeRiders - Click to visit and follow WHR on Twitter!Thank you for visiting with me and the team here at WormholeRiders News Agency. I look forward to Tweeting with you all when I get back from our family trip!

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Newfoundland, Canada

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