MinCon’s Many Marvelous Moments for Stargate Minions!


MinCon Creation Stargate 2010 Minnesota

Hi Fellow Convention Fans!

I’m back home now and far, far away from Minnesota. No more Uggs and hoodies and 60 degree weather — I’m back to flip flops and tank tops and scorching heat. I’ve had a couple days to look back on the entire Creation Entertainment Stargate convention and one question that stands out is, “Did I REALLY play Rock Band with Brian J. Smith while Alaina Huffman and Gary Jones (among others) watched?” I’m glad I’ve got pictures as proof that it did happen!  It’s too bad you can’t see the massive grin on my face right now, however it looks much like my avatar below!

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MinCon 2010 - Brian, Alaina and Gary!

MinCon 2010 - Ready for Rockband!

MinCon 2010 - Rockband Roadies!

MinCon 2010 - Rockband Brian Alaina and Whovian!

MinCon 2010 - Rock on Rockband!

There are usually things at a convention I wish I could have done if I’d had more time or things I may have skipped if I could have traveled back in time and changed the past. I don’t feel that way this time. This was a much smaller, more intimate convention. I was fortunate enough to see all the guest panels and even catch the costume contest.

MinCon 2010 - Costume Creations!

MinCon 2010 - Dessert Party Happiness!

Of course there was that fantastic dessert party, the autograph sessions and the photo ops. I did it all. I just realized there is one thing I would change — I would play Rock Band before the convention and give Mr. Smith a run for his money. I would have to play it a lot though. And maybe get a little tutoring. Yes, he’s that good. Plus, he’s a good sport — the kind of person with whom you want to play video games. During the Smith/Huffman panel it was mentioned that David Blue has Rock Band parties. How fun would that be?

MinCon 2010 - SGU Star Brian J Smith!

MinCon 2010 - SGU Stars Alaina and Brian!

MinCon 2010 - SGU Star Brian J Smith!

I’m also very curious about season two of Stargate Universe. I’m wondering just what stunt Mr. Smith gets to do that’s so fantastic. You see, they wouldn’t tell us. They whispered to each other up on stage and both agreed that this mystery stunt is spectacular.

MinCon 2010 - SGU Stars Alaina and Brian!

I suppose we’ll all have to tune in to the show to find out. I’m sure Ms. Huffman is happy she can now “speak Stargate” as she calls it. She said it had taken her a good two to three months to learn it. It sounds to me like the cast and crew at Bridge Studios will be setting the bar even higher for the next season of SGU.

MinCon 2010 - SGU Star Alaina Huffman!

MinCon 2010 - SGU Star Alaina Huffman!

It was great to see Gary Jones again. He is a comedian for a reason: he’s hilarious. I keep thinking about this one story he told us and I can’t help but laugh. Mr. Jones was “on the set of Stargate SG-1“. He was doing a scene where he walks backwards off the set. The director asked him if he could leave the scene “in a manly way.” Mr. Jones’ then demonstrated his “unmanly” walk and it was quite funny. He calls his experience working on Stargate SG-1 “the most fantastic gig.” I have no doubt that it was.

MinCon 2010 - Stargate legend Gary Jones!

It was great watching a clip of Mr. Jones doing a Walter scene as William Shatner. Creation Entertainment had surprised him with the clip. The expression on his face was priceless. Later Mr. Jones said he’d never before seen it. He explained that Peter Deluise (Stargate Director) always made him do the scenes as Shatner and that’s why the clip exists.

MinCon 2010 - Stargate legend Gary Jones!

If that’s not proof of a fantastic gig, I don’t know what is. If you’re wondering, Yes, Mr. Jones does a side-splitting William Shatner impersonation. I recommend seeing him perform live wherever you can. Fortunately, Sanctuary fans can look forward to seeing Mr. Jones in an upcoming episode.

I’m thrilled I got the chance to meet Brian J. Smith and Alaina Huffman. It was so much fun to hear stories about the cast of Stargate Universe. It seems that, like Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis , the cast and crew of Stargate Universe are like a tight-knit family!

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis David and Joe!

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis David and Joe!

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis David and Joe!

I was equally thrilled to see Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett again. I’ve never seen them together in a panel and I have to say that was a special treat. They are snarkastic, funny and unpredictable. Both actors discussed future projects. Joe is trying to work out the next TV show that shoots in LA so he can stay close to his family. He is also working on a western/thriller type film called “A Good Day for It,” as well as being in discussions with SyFy for a show. Mr. Hewlett is in the newly released movie, “Splice” and says there has been renewed interest in “Starcrossed.”

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis David Hewlett!

When asked if either actor would appear in Stargate Universe both Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Flanigan said that they would. My fingers are crossed for season two! It makes me wonder, who would win in a battle of the brains, Rodney or Rush? I’d say Rodney. Not that I’m biased. Or what about Rodney versus Eli? My two favorite geeks. And think of Sheppard vs. Telford. Or Sheppard and Rush. There are so many ways to have fun with those two.

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis Joe Flanigan!

I was also fortunate enough to ask questions to the guests at the panels. I asked Joe how many dogs he currently owns and if he’s ever had six at once. It was a question I received on Twitter. Joe said he grew up with six dogs, two Swiss Mountain dogs and four St. Bernards. I own two Great Pyrenees myself and all I have to say is WOW! If you don’t know, those are all very large dogs. With lots of fur. And slobber.

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis Joe Flanigan!

Joe told a story about the ranch he grew up on. He said it was his job to make sure the grass on an island on the property was mowed. He hated going over to the island and mowing it. He happened to own a rabbit. He realized if he put the rabbit on the island it would keep the grass mowed for him. He put the rabbit on the island and went off to boarding school. When he came home a few months later the island was filled with rabbits. Apparently his mother had also put a rabbit on the island. Mr. Flanigan said the six dogs could see all the rabbits on the island and it drove them crazy. One day the dogs could not take it anymore and swam to the island. “No more rabbits,” he explained.

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis David Hewlett!

My question to Mr. Hewlett is one many fans have been asking: Will he be attending Dragon*Con 2010? He has said yes on twitter but Dragon*Con has not listed him officially on their website. Mr. Hewlett said that his agent has been handling it. As far as he knows he is all signed up and set to go to Dragon*Con.

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis David Hewlett!

I took a chance this time with my photo ops. I’ve always done serious ones. One exception has been group photos. It’s always easier to look like a major geek when your friends are with you. I’m going to be taking more chances in my photo ops in the future. I sincerely thank Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Flanigan for being such good sports.

MinCon 2010 - Stargate Atlantis David and Joe!

I have one last funny story to tell. Every squirrel knows about the yellow rubber ducky. It’s become a sort of mascot for the squirrels. This is because there is a hilarious bathtub scene in the movie “A Dog’s Breakfast.” If you haven’t seen this movie yet what are you waiting for?! The bathtub scene alone is reason to watch the movie. One of the squirrels brought something very special for Mr. Hewlett to sign. I must say his reaction was quite priceless.

MinCon 2010 - Rubber Ducky

I’m not sure where this squirrel found such a massive rubber ducky. The entire autograph line burst out laughing when she pulled it out of her bag to be signed. I think Mr. Hewlett was genuinely shocked to see it. And then he recovered and asked, “WHERE do I sign it?” He decided to sign it right under the tail. That’s the Squirrel King as I know and love him.

MinCon 2010 - Group Photo Op

Moments like these above are why conventions are heaps of fun to attend. This is especially true because a fan never knows when such a moment will happen — not to mention getting to geClick to visit Whovian99 (Trish) on Twitter!ek out with dozens of fans who feel just as passionately about the genre as you do. This con was no exception.

Until the next one fellow sci-fi fans, please feel free to contact me on Twitter by clicking my avatar (right) or by leaving a comment here at WHR! Thank you.



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  1. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also dig the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

  2. Hi Forumla,

    Thanks! It was a wonderful journey. I have to agree. And the experience was priceless if you ask me. Thanks for reading my report!


  3. Hi Hilda,

    LOL! I wish you could have been there to play RockBand with Brian Jacob Smith and Alaina Huffman! It would have been a battle between you and Brian for sure! And as far as singing goes, well, I’m the last one to criticize a singer. 😉 Thanks for the wonderful comments. I appreciate them. 😀


  4. Hello Edna, Wow thanks for the compliment. 🙂 I’m not exactly sure what conventions I’ll be covering for the rest of this year. However I’ll always try to get as much video as possible. 😀 I do try to make people feel like they’re with me.

  5. I love reading your con reports! I am really eager to see the D*C video (please get as much as u can) and read the reports for this year’s Dragoncon. OMG Michael Shanks and David Hewlett, Corin, and Pauly! I can’t wait to see what kind of megapanels they put together and what shananigans ensue as a result of this.

  6. Hey Hilda! That is way too funny! Envy … like grease dripping off bacon! ROFL! Yes. Trish’s report was wonderful! My first chance to comment been away all day! Thanks!

    Best Regards,


  7. Can you see the envy dripping off of me like grease on bacon? I love to play Rockband. I even groove to the music while playing (on the easiest setting of course). Guitar is easier to do; drums harder. I don’t like the vocals even though I used to sing and took lessons professionally; had an opportunity to go out on the road as a backup singer, but turned it down for stability. My voice is more of a Broadway/opera/Barbara Streisand/Celine Dion sound to it. I can maybe pull off a B52’s Roam, but hearing myself sing R.E.M. or Weezer just does not sound right, you know?

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