Unparalled Fringe “Telephone” Video Event “Over There”!


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Alt-Livia is a BAD GIRL and Naddy is a good girl who has a fantastic report coming soon! In the meantime, here and now we will see and hear about a terrible  devastating FRINGE EVENT about “Telephone” streaming to you in a just a very few seconds from “Over There”!

Over There Zepplin

Fringe Over There Red

What event? Well Alt Broyles knows about it! An entire restaurant filled with dead people after simply eating pancakes with Honey “B” maple syrup and listening to this song! Worst of all two ladies have apparently escaped who can still the “crack” that Walter and Gaga talk and sing about in that F______” reflection that has split asunder the universes! From Alt-Livia’s expression it appears that we all doomed?!?!

Over There with Alt Livia stunned by her reality

What the heck is going on? Well we at WHR know that it must be Newton and the evil minions from the “Other Side” who interfered with our “Ability” last week with The Fringe Report, but be sure to dial in Wednesday May 26 in evening for a special LIVE review of the fantastic Fringe season 2 “Over There” at The Fringe Report!

Naddy's Over There Notes on Fringe Recruiting!

Click to visit NaddyCat on TwitterTake your Cortexiphan NOW because Naddy and I will be there with a new recruit from WHR andthe detailed notes shown above prove it!! Let us all be there to discuss and chat about FRINGE theories about our already being “Over there” and getting back alive!

ZOMG what do we all think about future Fringe episodes in season 3 with Walternate, Evil Bad Girl Alt-Liva, our poor imprisoned Olivia, Peter, and the “Real” Walter. AND what the dickens happened to William Bell and Alt-Astrid?And for goodness sakes is Alt-Livia as much or more of a “Bad Girl” than is Lady Gaga! Let’s consult with the Department of Defense. BUT oh NO below is Walternates reality not ours!

Over There Dept of Defense in Distance

Over There Bronze Statue of Liberty

Over There with Alt Livia and Charlie

Over There with our Dear Livia

Over There with William Bell

And while thinking (singing) about the crack in the realities with one of our fav hit songs “Telephone” by Lady Gaga in the Alternate Universes, Wormholes maybe even “Lady Gaga” will be able to help save the universes her FRINGE GAGA TELEPHONE EVENT (featured here) all brought to us by Adria the Click to visit and follow Kenn of #TeamWHR on Twitter!Cat and “Gene the Cow”! Tune in tonight to The Fringe Report Dot Com’s fantastic and gracious hosts Ian, L evi and Craig and their LIVE television broadcast perhaps Gaga will be able to call in this week too! YIKES!

Included are several hot Fringe Finale screen caps from “Over There” including images with Walternate, Alt-Livia, William Bell, Alt-Charlie and  the fantastic events which culminated in being “Over There” last night!

Over There in Walternate's Office

Over There with Peter

Over There with William Bell and Walter

Over There with our Livia looking scared

The Fringe Report Gate opens at 9:00 PM Eastern and 6:00 PM Pacific time! How to get there? Simply click the banner below to be “Gated‘ directly to The Fringe Report where Naddy, our secret recruit and I will see you “On The Other Side” at The Fringe Report if you click the banner of link!

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Over There with Alt Livia

Over There at Harvard University

Over There Livia and Alt-Livia

Over There the Gate activates before Walter

Over There the Gate activates by William Bell

Over There Gate Activation by William Bell

Back Here with Alt-Livia's Tatoo

Back Here with Alt-Livia in Comm Room

Over There Walternate and Trapped Livia

Over There Our Poor Trapped Livia

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