V Series “Hearts and Minds” – Preview Analysis

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Well after Click to visit Warner Brothers Television!some horrific events including the death of our beloved Georgie played by David Richmond-Peck, with Chad Decker as he struggles to comprehend the beautifully twisted Anna portrayed by the lovely Morena Baccarin and Laura VanDervoort deals with her emotions, much more is about to be revealed!

Of course we all MUST run in terror from the coming army of Anna Visitor. We can only say that this Tuesday evenings “Hearts and Minds” episode will mark a potential for a counterstrike moment for the V Resistance and the Fifth Column and contain a revelation not to be missed!
V Series Hearts and Minds - New V Logo
The extended promotional trailer I have just reviewed indicates that this may be the first time the Freedom Fighters  on Earth have sufficient advance warning to fight back against the evil Anna and minions including the dastardly Marcus Visitor played by wonderful actor Christopher Shyer. Keep looking to the sky and watch your back!

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V Series Hearts & Minds - The Resistance!

We will try to avoid direct spoilers, but can say this: The series is following the fine tradition of the original V but with far more attention to detail than the previous incarnation. In “Hearts and Minds”, will Chad Decker continue to be blinded by the V’s and their notorious scheme to enslave us all?  I think not!

V Series Hearts & Minds - What is Chad saying to Father Jack?
With where the new series is going does not mean that the original V by Kenneth Johnson was not deficient. Quite the contrary. The original had a large ensemble cast as does the current version of V. The major difference in my opinion is  that as a episodic variation from its inception, V Series 2009-2010 allows the Single Effect of each episode  to contain a deeper characterization or “look inside” into the creators have in store for us and what the Fifth Column, the Resistance and the evil minions of Anna are up to as the forces of good and evil battle for control of the planet.

V Series Hearts and Minds - Mark Hildreth as Joshua

With the help of Joshua portrayed by Mark Hildreth picture above, the Resistance has more than a fighting chance and with Erica putting on the boxing gloves in “Hearts and Minds” let’s just say it is almost a done deal!

V Series Hearts and Minds - Erica Evans with the gloves on!

As far as WHR and our other V Series reviewers are concerned, this show richly deserves to be renewed for several seasons and perhaps even a big screen theatrical version as well. We fully support the team of very talented people led by several individuals we chat with regularly and hope that such is under consideration. Heck I would even confess the same to Father Jack when given the chance as Chad is doing below.

V Series Hearts & Minds - Scoot Wolf as Chad Decker confessing?

We have included several images from tomorrow nights episode for your enjoyment and what kind of news site ere we not to include a picture of Morena Baccarin as the crafty Queen of the V’s?

V Series Hearts & Minds - What is Chad Decker telling Anna?

Make sure to tune in tomorrow to ABC and every Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern and Western time zones to watch the magic of the delightfully evil Anna as she continues her plans for the domination of Earth while the forces of good attempt to do everything in within their power to stop her. And who is Chad Decker actually loyal to? The people of Earth or has he been seduced by Anna?

V Series Hearts & Minds - Is Chad Decker loyal to Anna?

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!In closing, WHR will announce a secret Special Project for V Series tomorrow May 04, 2010 at 3:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM Eastern, 11:00 PM GMT time.

Until then take care and protect your family from the plot by the V’s to not only take over the world, but feed us as snacks to the hungry Morena Baccarin, Errrr Anna!

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