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I have been a Stargate fan since the original Roland Emmerich movie all those years ago (1994). I own all seasons/TV movies of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis ever made; I am what you call a Gater! *The official term for a self-confessed Stargate Fan* Yes! It’s true I have a Stargate inspired tattoo. Who told you?? *Smile*

I think the casting of the Stargate Universe show has been chosen well, they seem to have gelled thoroughly, and the interaction of Characters within the show is great!

A brief summary of this episode: We started knowing that Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) was purposely left on that planet to die by Young. Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) lied and said he didn’t make it. He has flashbacks of the event whilst shaving…

2010 SGU S1x11 Young Flashback

So we are at a stale mate, everyone knew that Young didn’t like Rush, and many of them are guessing that the ‘truth’ is fact. (Colonel young played by Louis Ferreira. Louis is Portuguese-born Canadian actor, who portrays Young with a rough gritty edge, yet companionate. He is simply wonderful, and I totally understand why he wanted rid of Rush. Rush is just so creepy and secretive, and knows way more then he has ever let on)

Colonel Young is preparing to go file a report with the SGC, Camille corners him; she tells him how she feels, but unfortunately there is not enough evidence to prove the ‘truth’…

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Young and Wray

It’s apparent that Camille Wray (MingNa) feels that she is the better option to be in command then young; it has been proven that civilians can be in command of military operations (within the Stargate Universe… Yes I know! It’s a pun *smile*) Weir did a great job on Atlantis then after a brief interlude of military command Woolsey a civilian and fellow IOA member took over!

I think if I was stuck on Destiny I would feel more comfortable with a civilian in charge! Not rush mind you! But Wray; yes I could deal with that! Ming Na is such a competent actress; she is fantastic! And I ‘love’ how she makes young uncomfortable just by merely standing in his presence!

So young goes to file his report any way, during the setting up of the stones, I had a giggle Lt. Vanessa James (Julia Benson who is a trained dancer for those who didn’t know) and T.J (Alaina Huffman she is wonderful, she makes TJ believable and so very likeable she remains one of my favorite characters, along with Lt James)

Enter the observation room above the ‘stone room’ and initially ask Eli to fix the showers… But (not realising that the comms were open) Lt James starts babbling about how “sexy” Dr Cain is…

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Dr Cain

He says: “I can hear you” Her face says it all, hilarious! Tj. Eli and us laugh!

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Eli TJ and Lt James


2010 SGU S1x11 Space Eli TJ laugh, mortified Lt James

Young activates his stone, but instead of being at the SGC he is in an alien craft, he is obviously shocked to see an Alien walk by him.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Young sees the Alien

Meanwhile back on Destiny, the Alien now possessing Young attacks Scott, something happens the transmission is ceased; Young is back everyone is shaken.

Wray thinks it’s a little too convenient that the stone usage in ceased. She was about to file her report to make Young look bad…

Eli (played by David Blue… I adore Eli! He is so cute and geeky! We ‘so’ would be friends! I love his comic relief; David is a great actor!! Lots more Eli Please!! There is never enough Eli!), is spying on Hydroponics with a Kino where the Civilian uprising is starting… Wray and others discussing the way the ship is run by the military.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Eli Kino spying

Destiny drops out of FTL as she detects a planet with a Gate, when the crew are alerted of an Alien Ship…

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Alien Ship

In the control room, Eli brings the Alien craft up on the HUD. He sends a message, they almost immediately respond with: “Surrender” in English. No translation (Scary)

An amazing space battle ensues. The visual effects were outstanding throughout this sequence, the VFX of Destiny and the Alien craft, then the in space shoot-em-up between the smaller battle craft and the Shuttle… the word ‘Epic’ describes this nicely.

 2010 SGU S1x11 Space Space Battle

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Space Battle.

Several people are injured, when systems short out because of the heavy fire they are taking from the Alien craft. Lt. James stands out, as a hero when she chances running through the electrical surges to turn off the power in that section of the ship, so no one else gets hurt.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Brave Lt James

As everyone is distracted with the onslaught, one of the small alien craft latches on to Destiny, and cuts a hole through. Silly Chloe (Elyse Levesque a very skilled actress) looks up in curiosity and gets abducted.

Chloe looks into the light

The Aliens retreat, young orders Scott to stand sown as Chloe may be on one of the ships.  The Aliens retreat into FTL. Young takes it upon himself to go after them using the communication stones.

Chloe: She regains consciousness, to find that she is held within a chamber filled with water, she is wearing alien attire and a breathing apparatus, she flips out when an alien reveals itself in front of the chamber. This alien has a scary, animalistic edge… and blue is always a good colour in my books…

2010 SGU S1x11 Space Chloe on the Alien Ship

When Young inhabits the Alien’s body, discovers a Human held within a chamber of Water, Chloe?? He smashes it open, oh my gosh it is Rush, alive…

Rush alive

Robert Carlyle is such an astounding Scottish Actor! (Everyone remembers “The Full Monty” right, and some may not know that he voiced Durza in the “Eragon” Video Game)

Of course Rush sees an Alien not Young. So Rush has the ‘alien’ put on some kind of alien tech, neurological implant to attempt to communicate. Rush sees flashes of everything that has happened from Young. Then Young looses the connection, it’s unclear why.

Rush after getting the information about the information about Chloe and an escape route; kills the alien, with relish behind his eyes.

Rush kills the Alien

Young tries to establish communication once more, but it doesn’t work, obviously because the alien is dead. They engage in another space battle, again I can not say enough nice things about the VFX in the space battle sequences.

Rush rescues Chloe. And they make their escape.

Rush and Chloe

Destiny is firing at the alien craft, but every time they fire the shields are closer to failing. The aliens retreat into FTL all but one craft, which latches of and cuts a hole. Chloe drops through, and then Rush… To Greer’s surprise (Jamil Walker Smith is fantastic as Greer. You really don’t know what way the character is going to go next. He has me pondering what is really going on in his head).


Scott and Chloe are happy to see each other, and hug…

Brain J. Smith shows real emotion in his portrayal of Lt Scott throughout this episode. He really is a talented actor, showing ‘real’ emotions making his character ‘lovable’ and ‘believable’.

Brain Jacob Smith as Lt Scott

Rush tells everyone that Young had told the truth, and shares his theory on why the aliens are interested in them. He is sure that the Aliens are only interested in them because they are on Destiny. The aliens want the ship not them. They are just an obstacle between them acquiring Destiny and unlocking her secretes.

Rush pays a visit to Young they discuss why Rush didn’t just tell everyone the truth, that Young had attacked him and left him for dead… They decide to agree that everyone does not need to be distracted by the truth; they pretend nothing happened, “For the sake of the crew”.

Rush and Young

Dr Cain (Tygh Runyan) sits with TJ they talk about Lt. James- he explains that he could not deal with being stuck on a ship with someone he had a bad relationship with (Which obviously hits home with TJ as she has an affair with Colonel Young). Young sees them together; my friend Lele has an interesting theory, that Dr Cain may cause a love triangle Kane-TJ-Young…

Young sees TJ and Dr Cain

Eli shows Young the Kino footage of Wray and the others plotting.

I really liked the song used during the montage scene here:  “Now Comes the Night” by Rob Thomas <~~Link to the video for“Now Comes the Night” by Rob Thomas

The lyrics really fitted the mood.

We end this episode with Wray and Rush discussing Young in hydroponics.

“The Colonel is dangerous” Rush says

“We need to do something about that,” Wray agrees

“ I tried, he damn dear killed me” Rush declares

Wray and Rush

“Next time will be different” Wray states.

Rush and Wray

I think it is wonderful that the SGU actors are active twitter users and interact with the fans!

There have been some confusion about the use of the communication stones, I have had some DM’s via twitter, but it is hard to explain the functionality of the communication stones in 140 characters. So here is a brief history of the communication stones and their function within the *forgive pun again* Stargate Universe!

In Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 of season 8 : “Citizen Joe”

The character Joe Spencer

2004 SG-1S8x08 Dan Castellaneta in SG-1

(Better known as Dan Castellaneta the voice of Homer Simpson) buys a ‘stone’ from a garage sale, he immediately picks up on images from Stargate SG-1 Missions, seemingly like flash backs. We find out that Joe had the same ATA (Atlantian technology activation) gene as General O’Neill and he activated the link once he touched it. O’Neill had activated the corresponding stone, and they were transferring thoughts to each other. It is explained that they are ‘thought’ to be long-range communication devices, these being a set.

Then in episode 2 of season 9 (SG-1) “Avalon part 2” we see the full potential of the communication stone’s. The ATA gene is not required to use the stones, they only need to be initialised by someone with the gene. The stones are reset to be used by Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran, now they initially think they have been transported to another galaxy, but soon realise that they have not, when they see the reflections of the owner of the corresponding stone not themselves.

2005 SG-1 S9x02 Daniel Vala, Stone device

So this shows the vast distances involved, the stones are in fact: “interstellar communication devises”. So we know that the person using the stone can only exchange consciousnesses across the vastness of space with another person, the body remains on Destiny/SGC. So therefore nothing but knowledge can be exchanged.

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!They cannot bring anything back with them. On that note, once the ammunition runs out, they will have nothing, unless they can acquire new weapons from this new Alien enemy or a friendly race they can barter with, it’s impossible to bring anything back with them.

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I’m not going to recap the episodes of SG-1 mentioned, as this IS my SGU review, but of course feel free t o watch the referenced episodes!

By Vala The Great


I Love to watch: V, SG-1/SG-A, T:TSCC, Primeval *I have been accused of being a sci-fi geek* :0)

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  1. Excellent article. Its well written as always. It does seem that SG:U is getting a little better now, and I hope it continues so I can read more of your reviews.

    I also loved how you explained the stones and revisited the encounters with SG1. It might make people new to the Stargate franchise understand what the stones are about.

    Amazing review, and as a reader (and fan of Stargate, and of yourself) I thank you for your hard work.


  2. Really? WOW! Glad that people like it! *hugs* to everyone that has taken the time to read my post!

    No Karen You Rock My Socks!

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    It is a wonderful review with a perspective that the readers love. Server has been humming since your post went up. Great job! Thank you!

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  4. Hey Karen,

    All the reporters do an outstanding job here including you and the entire team!

    Each is an inspiration because of their exemplary skills with perspectives that lend to the excellence of the entire team!!

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