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Well first of all let me just say that this isn’t going to be a full length review of a blow by blow of what happened in the show,, I feel the others have accomplished that wonderfully, but instead this is my Click to visit Stargate Universe on MGM Dot Com!thoughts on the episode itself and some things I found both funny and shocking (but in a good way).

If you are in the United Kingdom or Australia or another location where Stargate Universe “Space” has not yet aired, you should stop reading now as this report is a detailed recap review. Thank you.

Well with watching the first bit of the show,, I knew there was going to be tension among people as to what really happened with Young and Rush, but for Young to put everything on poor Eli, I was waiting for him to blow up.  And he did in a way with his little dig at Young that he shouldn’t have gotten rid of Rush.  That was a great moment, for me anyway, not sure if anyone feels the same.  And again, keep in mind that these are my thoughts of the show and the first time I have written up anything based on any show before so keep that in mind too when you read this.

I have to confess, I did not get to sit and watch the show on Friday (April 02, 2010), I didn’t really sit and watch it until the Saturday night (April 03), mainly because of family things going on.  But after watching it that night and then heading to bed,, I started realizing some comparisons of certain things from the episode to a kids movie I have seen lately.  And I think that when I mention “Lilo and Stitch” you will all see what I’m talking about.  If not,, here, let me clarify it for you.

2010 SGU Space - Alien and Lilo-Stitch Alien

The facial features of the alien looked a lot like the alien in the “Lilo.”  then there’s the alien ship,, it reminds me of  the alien ship on movie too,, coincidence or fluke, not sure, but I had a great chuckle with it.  I just wish I was able to find the pictures to have them side by side to show you what I’m talking about,, but I couldn’t find any.  When I realized how similar they both were, I starting laughing to myself.   LOL!!!

2010 SGU S1x11 Space - Young and Wray

Then there’s Camile Wray (MingNa).  I like how she’s asking the questions in a way that is not making her out to be ruthless.  She questioned Young on the Rush situation, of which he still sticks to his story of how he got left behind.  Never mind the fact that he was having flashbacks of what he had done to Rush and seemed to regret his actions.

2010 SGU Space - Eli TJ and James

I loved that there was more interaction with the characters, like with Julia Benson as Lt. James and Alaina Huffman as TJ.  And especially the awkward moment when Benson was talking about a new guy they had working with them, and she not realize that he was able to hear her.  I thought that was cute! The crew are starting to relax more, which is what they needed in a way.

2010 SGU Space - Lt. James Mortified
Though I did find it weird how the stones didn’t connect Young with someone back on Earth, but an alien race out there in their regions of space.  I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

2010 SGU Space - Louis Ferreira Col. Young

And I can see why they wanted to wait till mid-season though, they couldn’t have Rush gone for too long, and I found it interesting how they brought him back.  Kidnapped by the same race who took Chloe (Elyse Levesque).  Whoops, sorry getting ahead of myself.  I tend to do that a lot.

2010 SGU Space - Elyse Levesque as Chloe

Speaking of Chloe, she is given a bowl of baby tomatoes and just her excitement alone was enough to have me think that they are not going to taste right, and sure enough, I was right! But I felt bad for Eli though.  Being pushed by Young beyond his tolerance, he started snapping at Chloe.  They all thought the same thing about Young, but didn’t dared to say anything to him.  That’s when they started to hear another table of castaways talking about the whole situation.  If you’re not on Young’s good side,, would he find a way to get rid of you too?? That seemed to be the question lurking everyone’s head.

2010 SGU Space - The Crew Wonders

2010 SGU Space - The Civilians Plot

Then there is a small group headed by Camile Wray discussing things that’s been happening since they got stranded and unknown to them all, they were being watched.  This I bet is to be their downfall later.  However when asked on what they should do about the situation, her only answer was “I don’t know.”

2010 SGU Space - Coming out of FTL

Coming out of FTL, they were scanning a planet that they could potently get some edible plants or berries, at least it wasn’t something that was “grown” on the ship and taste like it’s supposed to, when Benson’s search led her to Young and Scott, in which case they were told that they have com across something they haven’t seen before.

Stargate Universe S1x11 Space - Alien Ship

An alien ship.  Just after Young had his encounter with their race from the stones, coincidence? I think not. And not long after they send out their “hello” they get a reply back – “surrender.”  But who’s surrender, the aliens or theirs,,, didn’t take long to figure out who…

Stargate Universe S1x11 Space - They are coming

With Lt. Scott (Brian J. Smith) and Sgt. Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) in the shuttle to fire at the little ones, they managed to stop some of the little ones from getting at the Destiny.  But like most battles when you have one ship against many, things are never going to go as planned.  Especially seeing as Rush wasn’t there to help.  And even Eli was wishing he was there so all the pressure wasn’t all on him.

Destiny was taking a lot of fire.  People were starting to panic a bit, that’s when Benson asked everyone to get away from the observation area and to go elsewhere.  But with power surges being reported all over the ship, some casualties are bound to happen.

SGU S1x11 Space - Power Surges

I think my best Eli (David Blue) moment was when he was demanded by Young to fix the ship and Eli spoke up and said “Well you should have thought of that before you got rid of Rush.”  The look on Eli’s face said it all.

SGU S1x11 Space - You should have thought of that

With no thought to the dangers to her own life, Benson went to one of the power rooms to try and cut the power so TJ could get to the injured.  After succeeding, she then helped where needed as the battle proceeded.

SGU S1x11 Space - Battle Sequence

Now see everything tells me from the picture above is to run in the other direction, not go towards it.  But Chloe being curious, ventured into the lighted area emitted from above.  Now you can guess it,, she was taken.

As Scott and Greer were on pursuit and were going to continue firing at the enemy ships, that’s when Young told him to stop and to come back to Destiny.  Chloe was most likely on one of those ships.  The look on his face said it all.

SGU S1x11 Space - Chloe Trapped

The picture above I found was very cool.  The thought that these aliens held there prisoners or study subjects in water with breathing tubes, makes me question as to what type of planet they are from?  Though you can guess that Chloe was thinking,, what the $%*#?  I know I would.  Next thought – how to get out?  Then she seen her Alien captors.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space - Up close and personal

Camile Wray came running into the medic area asking what she could do.  I think that with everything that’s going on with the sudden aliens attack, that this should pull them all together, but we’ll see.  That’s when Wray informed TJ that Chloe was taken, Benson spoke up and asked how.  Hopefully this is the beginning of how they will pull together and get themselves home, or find a new home.  Either way, I think this is the pivotal moment for the women. Just my personal opinion.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Lovely MingNa as Camile

That’s when Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) decides to use the stones again to locate Chloe.  Scott objects saying that it should be him, but of course, where Young has already seen the ship and sort of seen the layout,, he would be the obvious person to go in and get her out.  Placing the stone on the pad, Young opens up his eyes and he’s aboard the alien ship – again.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Col. Young in the know

So while Young was searching for Chloe, Scott and Greer were questioning the alien who possessed the Colonel’s body.  And getting nowhere may I add.  The thing only seemed to get more and more agitated.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Alien ticked by interrogation

Young came to a room where he seen a figure suspended in water container of sorts, with breathing apparatus’ connected to it, he decided to investigate,, it could be Chloe.  But as he wiped the condensation from the outside of the glass, he viewed someone he wasn’t expecting.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Col Young find Dr. Rush

Looking around for something to set him free, he then starts beating the tubing of some sort against the glass.  After a few smacks out comes Rush with gallons of water with him.  After he gets his bearings and pulls off the rest of the hoses connected to his suit, he sees the alien standing there.  Not sure as to why, he starts to try and ask it questions.  That’s when Rush tries to talk to the alien about the devices that goes onto their heads to be able to read their minds, or something like that.

The alien connects the gadgets to his head and that’s when Rush realizes that it’s Young.  But by that time, the stones linking the alien and Young was severed and Rush senses he’s in trouble.  But because the device is still attached to the alien’s head, Rush was able to see that they indeed had Chloe and he found out where they were keeping her.  After Rush was able to get what information he needed from the alien, there was a fight, somewhat, in which in the end Rush won.  But because the alien was now dead, Young couldn’t connect back aboard the ship.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Col Young unde fire

Now the aliens were firing at them again, Young commanded that they fire everything they had at the mother ship, Scott wasn’t too happy about that, and I can’t blame him, Chloe was still aboard and he needed to get her back.  So of course you know what had to happen,,,, Scott left to get her himself.  Greer went with him, he wasn’t about to let Scott go alone.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Chloe is saved

All the while, Rush went around the ship in search of Chloe.  Once he located her and got her out of the water prison, he took the transmitters and breathing things off her.  Not really sure what the hell was happening she was shocked as to who it was who saved her.

With the shields about to give out, Young was more determined on to destroying the big mother ship even more so now.  My guess is because he didn’t want to have Rush back aboard the Destiny to go against his report as to how he got left behind on the planet.  But Scott wasn’t about to let him kill Chloe, so he started to power up the shuttle.  All the while Rush was looking for a way for him and Chloe to get off the mother ship.  Talk about confusion! But you have to love the action!

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Lt. Scott and Greer search

Just as they were to head out, Scott notices that they were retreating.  Except for one as Greer pointed out.  That’s when they unstrapped themselves from their seats and headed out of the shuttle and down the corridors.  As Eli was powering up the main weapons again, the alien ship went into FTL, or kicked in their hyper drives, and left.  With Scott and Greer searching the hallways, they heard a noise as if something was burrowing into the ship. Lt. Scoot and Chloe are reunited.

2010 SGU S1x11 Space -Lt. Scott and Chloe hug

They headed towards it and watching a red circle being etched from the roof, then with a loud THUD, the roof fell to the floor.  Scott and Greer backed away, not knowing what was going to be coming down next, they got their guns ready for anything that might appear from the hole.

2010 SGU Space - Do not mess with Sgt. Greer

First was Chloe to jump down from the attached ship.  As she ran into Lt. Scott’s arms, Greer kept his gun up and ready.  Then the next person emerged from the alien ship, someone no one was expecting. After Rush clarified that he didn’t die, Greer reported to Young through the radio that he needed to get to their position.  Something he needed to see..

2010 SGU Space - Dr. Rush Clarifies

With Rush now eating, probably has been awhile too, he then told his story of how he tried to make the crashed ship work and that he may have his a distress signal or something and that’s how he was taken by the aliens.  Of course he was questioned on if Young left him on the planet to die, in which case he denied the accusation.  But few believed anyway.  I figure Rush just wanted to keep some sort of order, no matter how bad he just wanted to put Young down and create a mutiny, but I guess that time will come.

2010 SGU Space - Confrontation

Now is the best part, Young and Rush together again.  Rush informing Young that he didn’t deny the story about the rock slide, and Young informing Rush he knew about  setting him up for Spencer’s death.  So where does this leave these two men?  Good question.  I don’t see them being best buddies with all the stunts they were doing to each other, although Young leaving Rush on the planet tops the cake.  I can only assume that more rivalry is bound to come between them in future shows.  But you know what they say, too many cooks in the kitchen.  Either way, something is bound to happen again, and it’s going to be interesting as to what.

2010 SGU Space - On the Observation Deck

2010 SGU Space - Alaina Huffman and Tygh Runyan

Then there’s a nice touching moment with TJ and the new actor Tygh Runyan. She asked him about he and Benson, and that’s when he told her that he didn’t feel it would be appropriate on them having a relationship, cause for the main fact if it didn’t work out, then they still have to see each other on the ship in some form or another.  And it would be awkward.

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!Interesting moment between Dr. Rush and Camile Wray.  I think with the two of them teaming up, that Young better watch his back, cause I can see them plotting to overturn the power and control aboard Destiny in “Divided”.

I’ll end off my report with a sequence of pictures as they have done during the ending of the show with the song playing in the background. Know the song? We have discussed it in previous pre-reviews

Many thanks to MGM we feature a brief fair use news clip of the music for your pleasure. Click to visit and follow Karen Ford on Twitter!


So that’s my report, I hope you enjoyed the read.  And here I said that I wasn’t going to write it as a play by play. I guess it couldn’t be helped to write it this way, though I have to admit, it was a learning experience for me.  This being my first detailed report on any episode, I just hope you keep that in mind when you read it and be gentle in your comments.  I’ve never ever done something like this before.  Now on to the next one.Click to visit Karen Ford on Twitter

Karen Ford


Newfoundland, Canada

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  1. I agree with your observation about Eli and what he said to Young about Rush. I have never watched Lilo and Stitch, but the picture comparison is fantastic. They DO look alike, don’t they? I never thought of that infirmary scene as a pivotal scene for the women of the Destiny, but I agree with that. You are right on target. I think you did a fine job for your first report.

  2. i think this is a great review. even though i havent watched the episode, i seem to get a very good understanding of it. good on ya girlie!!

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