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Here’s the recap from last weeks episode of “Chuck”  and a preview of this week’s upcoming episode “Chuck Versus The Other Guy” thanks to NBC for providing the images and previews for us!

Chuck, now an official spy, heads to D.N.I. headquarters in Washington D.C. to meet with General Beckman and he’s trying his best not to be nervous.

2010 Chuck Becomes an Agent

However, unbeknownst to Chuck, Monty, a Ring agent, has made his way down to the morgue where Perry’s dead body (Chuck’s target in his Red Test) is about to be examined.

2010 Chuck - Hunter Perry

2010 Chuck - General Beckman

Monty easily kills the pesky morgue attendant and retrieves a metal capsule from Perry’s body using a magnetic scanner. He then confirms via Ring Phone with an unknown source, “The package is intact.”

2010 Chuck - Monty Kills Morgue Attendant

Chuck meets with General Beckman and he gets his next assignment: the C.I.A. wants him in Rome right away. He will pose as an independently wealthy ex-patriot, and will stay in an extravagant villa, in addition to a yearly stipend. Chuck thinks things are moving too fast for him, but General Beckman is not sympathetic. Instead, she gives him a week off to go wherever he wants, but after that, Chuck is expected back and ready to assemble his team. Chuck’s ears perk up at the idea of picking his own team. So he heads to Burbank with some agents in mind–a pretty blonde one in particular.

2010 Chuck - Devon & Ellie talk Doctor without Borders

Now that Chuck is out of the picture, Ellie and Awesome plan to go to Africa to do Doctors Without Borders–and for Awesome this means an escape from hiding Chuck’s spy life from Ellie.

2010 Chuck - Ellie Bartowski

However, Chuck is in Burbank and knows that he only has a week to win Sarah back, so he asks his best friend Morgan for help. Awesome sees Chuck and is not happy about his unexpected return, because as long as Chuck is still in town, Ellie won’t go to Africa. Awesome understands that Chuck won’t go anywhere without Sarah, so he decides he’ll do his best to help Sarah and Chuck get back together. When Casey finds out that Chuck can choose his own team of agents, he also dedicates himself to helping Chuck win Sarah back from Shaw. Morgan’s also hoping Chuck will choose him to take to Rome.

2010 Chuck - Morgan Wants Rome

At Castle, Chuck finds Sarah and tells her about his next mission and that he wants her to go with him. However, Sarah says she is going to Washington with Shaw, but Chuck is confused–he thought his becoming an agent would mean they could finally be together. But to Sarah, Chuck is not the same guy she fell for; she saw him kill the mole, Perry. Even though Chuck tries to tell her that what happened on the train tracks that night isn’t what she thinks, Sarah doesn’t believe him. Shaw interrupts and steals Sarah away–and he’s more than happy to tell Chuck anything he needs to know about Rome.

2010 Chuck -Casey Says No to Telling Sarah

At the Buy More, Chuck tells Casey he has to tell Sarah the truth about what happened on the Red Test, but Casey tells Chuck the consequences could be fatal. Chuck feels defeated but Morgan and Casey aren’t going to let their only chance (Chuck) to escape the Buy More just walk away. Morgan tells Casey that “love is a battlefield” and asks Jeff to borrow his van (Loretta). Later that night, Awesome, Casey and Morgan use Jeff’s van to find Chuck and convince him he can’t give up on Sarah. Their plan: to interrupt Sarah and Shaw’s dinner date. They give Chuck a nice suit to wear and make their way to the restaurant.

2010 Chuck -Casey and Shaw Tell Chuck

While in the van, Morgan tells Chuck that he’ll distract Shaw so Chuck can talk to Sarah alone. However, Monty the Ring agent has found Shaw.

2010 Chuck -Monty Finds Shaw & Sarah

Morgan calls Shaw at the restaurant, pretending to be a Ring agent, unaware that a real threat, Monty, is there to capture Shaw. Shaw falls for Morgan’s phony phone call and Chuck takes this chance to beg Sarah to come with him to Rome. Chuck can’t tell her who really killed the mole on his Red Test, but he promises he will never lie to her about anything again. Shaw catches Morgan in his “act” while Chuck tries to convince Sarah that he’s changed, but for the better. Chuck wants to be a spy and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

2010 Chuck -Morgan Gets Tasered

The real Ring agents catch up to Shaw, who uses Morgan as a human shield against their tasers. Shaw runs to find Sarah and is stopped by Monty, who tells him the director of The Ring wants to meet with him. Awesome thinks that Shaw is out to attack Chuck. Awesome, being the hero that he is, tackles Shaw through the glass window of the restaurant. This scares Monty off for the time being, but it also ruins Chuck’s chance to tell Sarah he loves her.

Ellie bails Awesome, Morgan and Casey out of jail and Casey says that they were helping Chuck win Sarah back. Although Ellie is amazed at the story, she believes it. At Castle, General Beckman informs Shaw that Monty removed a data drive from Perry’s body and it holds valuable information. Shaw’s mission is to retrieve the stolen drive. Shaw says Monty wanted to take him to the director–he thinks he should go and act as a bull’s eye and paint a target on The Ring. Once Shaw meets with the director he’ll suggest to Beckman to launch an air strike. To Shaw, decimating the entire Ring operation is worth the risk. Even though Sarah begs him to reconsider, Shaw says he would trade his life for the man that killed his wife and that it’s not Sarah’s choice. Using the Ring Phone, Shaw tells them he’s ready to come in.

2010 Chuck -The Guys Confront Ellie

2010 Chuck -Ellie is Defiant

Ellie confronts Chuck at home and tells him he didn’t go far enough to get Sarah back. He needs to do everything he can to convince Sarah that he loves her.

2010 Chuck -Ellie with Chuck at Home

Meanwhile, Sarah still tries to talk Shaw out of going to The Ring. They kiss passionately, just in time for Chuck to see them.

2010 Chuck -Passionate Kiss

Shaw swallows a tracking device so they can find him and give the coordinates for the air strike. Shaw asks Chuck to take care of Sarah for him while he’s gone. An emotional Sarah tells Chuck that Shaw is sacrificing himself to The Ring.

2010 Chuck -Jeff and Lester Plan

Jeff and Lester are mad that Morgan took the van (Loretta) and left them behind, because they are stalking professionals. When they see Shaw, they take this opportunity to show Morgan and Chuck their stalking abilities and follow him. Down at Castle, Sarah is determined to help Shaw, but Chuck locks her in and says he’ll go after Shaw because he knows how much Sarah cares about him.

2010 Chuck Chuck Locks-Sarah In

The Ring meets Shaw and painfully takes out the tracking device he swallowed, as Jeff and Lester watch from the van. Down in Castle, Sarah sees Casey in the Buy More and uses Morse code to get his attention. Although Casey has helped Sarah escape, she can’t let him stay down in Castle because he is still a civilian. Chuck follows Shaw’s tracking device but finds no Shaw. Lester calls Chuck and says that he and Jeff have eyes on Shaw–he is in some kind of warehouse. Once Chuck gets their position, he takes off in Shaw’s Porsche.

Chuck meets Jeff and Lester at the warehouse where Shaw is supposed to be. Chuck’s impressed with their stalking abilities–and with that, Jeff and Lester leave. Chuck enters the building fully armed and flashes on a Dr. Jibb soda machine and realizes it’s a passageway to The Ring’s secret lair. General Beckman gives the order to drop the bombs and calls Shaw an American Hero. Shaw meets with the director and he shows him videos of Shaw’s wife, Eve. Then, the director shows Shaw the video of who killed Eve: it was Sarah (her Red Test). When Shaw goes to attack the director he finds out that he is only a hologram and then Shaw is knocked out. The air strike is en route and Chuck is racing to get to Shaw before the building gets blown up.

2010 Chuck -Kung Fu Flash

Chuck skill flashes on kung fu and takes down two Ring agents. He then sets off a small white flash bomb that disorients the agents, but Chuck is able to stay strong. He finds Shaw passed out, as Sarah arrives to see the B-2 bomber drop the missiles on the warehouse. Just when Sarah thinks the worst, she sees Chuck carrying Shaw over his shoulder. Back at Castle, it seems as though Sarah is set on going to D.C. Chuck decides to tell Sarah that he loves her over and over again, and begs her to leave with him and meet him at the train station at 7:00. Then he kisses her.

2010 Chuck -Chuck and Sarah Kiss

Before Sarah can decide what she is going to do, Shaw wakes up seemingly angry and puts his wedding ring back on before answering a phone call. Casey visits Sarah and tells her all about how he killed the mole, and not Chuck. Sarah seems relieved and thanks Casey before he leaves. Chuck patiently waits at the train station. Sarah seems like she’s made her decision to meet Chuck, but Shaw comes to her and says that they have to leave right away for a trace on the director of The Ring. He rushes her out the door before she can call Chuck to tell him where she’s going.

Beckman orders Chuck to come to Castle immediately. The C.I.A. recovered the videos from The Ring and she shows Chuck the video of Sarah killing Eve Shaw. They are not sure if The Ring showed this to Shaw, but if they did, Sarah could be in serious danger. Beckman needs Chuck to find out where Shaw is taking Sarah.

2010 Chuck -Shaw Plans Retribution for Sarah

Meanwhile, Sarah fails to get a signal on her cell phone and when she asks Shaw about where they are going, he only replies that they are off “to settle an old score.”



Next time it’s “Chuck vs. the Other Guy” Chuck, Sarah, and Shaw team up to find the Ring operative behind the death of Shaw’s wife.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks recap and preview. As always I enjoy getting feedback from all of you. Until next week,

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